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Welcome to the April Issue of China Li-ion Battery E-News.

This newsletter will help you stay ahead of the game in this fast-changing market with real-time reporting on the entire Li-ion battery industry chain, from lithium ore and brine markets through anode and cathode materials and electrolyte to the downstream consumer electronics, EV and energy storage markets. It includes breaking news from China and abroad, the latest market data (price, import & export, production, consumption, operating rates, etc.), in-depth analysis of market trends, Chinese government policy, performance of Chinese producers, M&A, new technology, and expert commentary from industry insiders.

Here is the Editor's Note for you to know about the April issue specifically:

China's Li-ion battery market polarised in April 2018 as the digital and mini powder cell market entered the traditional peak season while demands for vehicle power battery had not recovered yet. Domestic demands for small digital cells were large even after price hikes in March; while power battery producers suffered high energy density requirements of new subsidy policies, causing outmoded production lines being halted. Some industrial insiders commented that the transitional period of new policies were set to be 12 Feb. and 11 June, 2018 and only 70% of subsidies for alternative energy vehicles during this period would be distributed. Once this transition ends, high-quality batteries are estimated to be widely accepted and the polarisation of this industry will be even more obvious.

Notably, after the successful launch of initial public offering of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd. on 4 April, China's mainstream large-scale power battery manufacturers have all been listed in the stock market.
  • Cathode materials: Domestic prices of ternary materials remained high but few transactions were made in April. Key enterprises kept selling products, while other companies did not see recovered downstream demands. Lithium carbonate prices were pulled down by low-end products. Although large-scale manufacturers tried to stabilise quotations, some small ones lowered their prices for sales production.
  • Anode materials: April witnessed scarcely changed anode material prices and market. Since demands for power batteries were sluggish, downstream companies appealed for lower anode material prices. However, the prices were supported by high raw material costs and the shortfall of graphite. In this context, mainstream producers enjoyed balanced supply and demand, but small- and medium-sized companies were largely restricted by slack demands.
  • Electrolyte: Few trades were seen in the market and quotations of some companies declined in April. The prices of electrolyte kept decreasing due to falling lithium hexafluorophosphate prices and the depressed market.
  • Separator: China's separator market was in depression as demands for vehicle power battery hardly recovered in spite of the prosperity in the digital and mini power cell markets. Separator manufacturers were pessimistic about future market.
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Column 1 Market Dynamics
China's energy storage battery market to develop rapidly in 2018
Acceleration in development of silicon-based anode materials business in 2018
Huge decline in sales volume of alternative energy buses in 2017
China's AEV market booms in Feb. 2018

Column2 Company Dynamics
Easpring achieves significant net profit growth in Q1 2018
Meidu Energy to acquire Ruifu Lithium with USD457.76 million
CITC partners with German Continental to develop low voltage battery system
Ganfeng Lithium facilitates rapid expansion through multi-channel financing
Shenzhen Sunrise to acquire 2 power battery companies
Do-Fluoride's net profit down 46.10% YoY in 2017
Capchem to increase investment in electrolyte
Dalian Energas to acquire Jiangxi Zhengtuo
Guangdong Dynavolt to set up company for Li-ion battery purpose new materials

Column 3 Upstream Dynamics
Shanghai Energy to construct world's largest wet process separator production base
JSMC's wholly-owned subsidiary puts lithium mine into operation
Panasonic's China-based plant begins Li-ion battery supply

Column 4 Downstream Dynamics
AEV battery recycling pilot scheme issued
Dongfang Precision receives big battery order from BAIC BJEV
GSR Ventures to invest USD500 million in NEVS
China’s passenger AEV makers get 989,500 positive integrals in 2016

Column 5 Import & Export
Import and export of major Li-ion battery materials and Li-ion batteries in China in Jan. 2018

Column 6 Price Update Ex-works prices of major Li-ion battery materials in China in Mar. 2018
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  • Camel Group Co., Ltd.
  • Chengtun Mining Group Co., Ltd.
  • Shaanxi J&R Optimum Energy Co., Ltd.
  • Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium Co., Ltd.
  • Inner Mongolia Yingxiang Carbon Co., Ltd.
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