Future Brain. The 12 Keys to Create Your High–Performance Brain

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Future Brain reveals how you can expand your brain′s capability to think well under stress, to focus and get more out of your day, to be more creative and innovative, and to prepare you for future challenges.

Utilising the latest neuro–scientific principles, Dr Jenny Brockis shows how you can boost your brain fitness by developing a habit–changing plan to get more done with less effort.

Learn how to:

  • use mindfulness to regain control of your thinking
  • prime your brain by exercising at the optimal time
  • reframe stress to make it work for you
  • minimise fatigue at work.

In 12 key areas, Future Brain presents simple, action–based principles that can be readily incorporated into your daily routines to train your brain for high performance.

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About the author ix

Acknowledgements xi

Preface xiii

Introduction xv

Part I: Creating a high–performance brain 1

Key 1: Nutrition: Refuelling smart 3

Key 2: Exercise: You ve got to move it, move it 21

Key 3: Sleep: Bring me a dream 39

Key 4: Mental stretch: Flexing our mental muscles 57

Part II: Operating a high–performance brain 71

Key 5: Focus: Adjusting our lens of attention 73

Key 6: Mindset: Does your attitude suck? 91

Key 7: Healthy stress: Creating a brain–safe environment 105

Key 8: Mindfulness: Finding enough thinking space 123

Part III: Integrating a high–performance brain 143

Key 9: Change ability: Adjusting to progress 145

Key 10: Innovation: Curiosity leads to insight and innovation 159

Future Brain

Key 11: Collaboration: Side by side 179

Key 12: Leadership: Thought before action 199

Conclusion 215

Sources 221

Index 237

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It is written as a  12–step book, with actionable principles for a daily business routine, making it ideal for dippingin. (The Times, December 2015) This practical book applies neuro–scientific principes in an easy to understand manner (Flight Time, February 2016)

Future Brain is a must read for anyone who really wants to understand in a non complicated way how the brain can be fine tuned to lead you towards increased performance with sharper, more innovative outcomes, in all areas of your life. (Kent Women in Business, May 2016)

For many, these insights will help with influencing a team s behaviours and the environments in which we work. (Project, July 2016)

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown