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Smart Wearables, Sport and Fitness: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2015 to 2021

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The Sports and Fitness Performance Wearables Market Is Anticipated to Reach $14.9 billion by 2021


  • Adidas
  • Crossmatch
  • Heddoko
  • Martian
  • Nike
  • Samsung
  • MORE
The study is designed to give a comprehensive overview of the Smart Wearables for Sports and Fitness market segment. Research represents a selection from the mountains of data available of the most relevant and cogent market materials, with selections made by the most senior analysts.

Commentary on every aspect of the market from independent analysts creates an independent perspective in the evaluation of the
market. In this manner the study presents a comprehensive overview of what is going on in this market, assisting managers with designing market strategies likely to succeed.

Next generation smart wearables leverage better technology, they support high quality data gathering in the specific sport or activity in which they are being used. Devices are highly targeted to specific situations. The wearables technology is evolving: better data gathering, better reliability, better navigation, better ability, better analytics to turn data into information are provided.

Wearables are useful for measuring the effect of different activities on performance. Devices are useful for measuring different levels of personal effort, swing a bat, running a mile, carrying a football, enduring a hit to the head. Affordable, useful wrist wearables are available with a increasing number of data collection functions.

In sports and fitness technology, it is not about what data can be shown, it is how meaningful the data is in terms of improving athletic performance or managing overall personal fitness. Wearables have become fitness and sports personal devices. They bring big data, enough data that it can be turned into actionable information.

Devices are being used by athletes and coaches to make team members better players. Fitness devices are being used to increase the levels and qualities of exercise. Whether it is an UP band or Zepp, vendors have been forced to realize that people need interpretation of data, they need to know the meaning of data collected by the wearable.

Wearable technology is poised to affect the way any game is played by professionals, shifting sports more than anything has ever done before. Sports and smart technology are poised to give teams that are early adopters significant competitive advantage. Professional sports teams and professional athletes are early adopters of wearable sensors, driving market growth.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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  • Adidas
  • Crossmatch
  • Heddoko
  • Martian
  • Nike
  • Samsung
  • MORE
1. Sports Wearables: Market Description And Market Dynamics
1.1 Professional Sports Teams Using Wearables
1.1.1 Fabric Sensors
1.2 Wearable Sport And Fitness-Related Monitoring Devices
1.3 Wearables Impact Coaching At The Professional Level
1.4 Catapult Nba Sports Player Movement Data Example
1.5 Wearables: Intersection Of Personal Technology With Health, Fitness, And Sport
1.6 Sports Apparel Business Constraints
1.7 World Economy

2. Sports Wearables: Market Shares And Market Forecasts
2.1 Sports Performance Wearables And Sensor Devices: Market Driving Forces
2.1.1 Wearable Technology Uses Biometric Sensors
2.1.2 Wearables: Fitness & Sport Tech
2.2 Wearables Market Shares
2.2.1 Samsung
2.2.2 Catapult
2.2.3 Catapult Optimeye S5 Sensor
2.2.4 Apple Watch
2.2.5 Nike
2.2.6 Garmin
2.2.7 Sony
2.2.8 Polar Loop
2.2.9 Zepp
2.2.10 Jawbone
2.2.11 Fitbit
2.2.12 Babolat
2.2.13 Fatigue Science Readiband Electronic Wristband
2.2.14 Microsoft
2.2.15 Performance Sports Group
2.2.16 Performance Sports Group Tracking Devices
2.2.17 Stretchsense Wearable Sensors Measure Muscle Strains
2.2.18 Xiaomi
2.3 Sports Performance Wearables: Market Forecasts
2.3.1 Sports Performance Wearables: Market Unit Forecasts
2.4 Sports Performance Wearables: Market Segment Forecasts
2.4.1 Wearable Trends To Watch Through 2021
2.5 Wearables Sports And Fitness Tracker And Analytics Segments: Market Shares And Market Forecasts
2.5.1 Major League Baseball (Mlb) Wearable Market Shares And Market Forecasts
2.5.2 National Basketball Association (Nba) Wearable Market Shares And Market Forecasts
2.5.3 Nba Wearables Market Shares And Market Forecasts
2.5.4 Football Wearables Market Shares And Market Forecasts
2.5.5 Soccer
2.5.6 Tennis Wearable Market Shares And Market Forecasts
2.5.7 Smart Bicycling Wearable Electronics
2.5.8 Golf Wearable Market Shares And Market Forecasts
2.5.9 Hockey
2.5.10 Wearable Smart Bands Market Shares And Market Forecasts
2.5.11 Wearable Tracking Bands Market Shares And Market Forecasts
2.6 Sports Wearables: Prices
2.6.1 Apple Watch
2.7 Sports Wearables: Venture Capital And Grant Contract Funding
2.7.1 Flextech Alliance Wearable Tech
2.8 Sports And Fitness Wearables Regional Market Segments
2.9 Sports Apparel Market Segments

3. Sports Wearables: Market Opportunity And Product Description
3.1 Baseball Wearable Technology
3.2 Zepp
3.2.1 Zepp Partnerships
3.3 Blast Motion Baseball
3.4 Diamond Kinetics Swingtracker
3.5 Motus Global Pitching Sleeve
3.5.1 Motus Smart-Sleeve
3.5.2 Motus Technology For Football, Basketball, Tennis, Lacrosse, And Golf: Tailored Analytics
3.6 Nba Us Basketball
3.6.1 Nba Teams
3.6.2 Nba Healthy In La And Big Markets
3.7 Us Football Nfl
3.8 Catapult Trackers
3.8.1 Catapult Biomechanical Athlete Performance Analysis Sensors
3.9 Vicis Football Helmet
3.10 Zephyr Technology
3.11 Catapult Optimeye S5 Sensors
3.11.1 Catapult Optimeye G5 For Goalies
3.12 Adidas Micoach Smart B
3.13 Gopro
3.14 Reebok Checklight / Mc
3.15 Zebra Shoulder Pad Sensors
3.16 Mc10 Biostamp
3.17 Google Glass
3.18 Microsoft Surface Pro
3.19 Stat Sports Viperpod Tracking
3.19.1 Stat Sports Viperpod
3.19.2 Gaming Companies Take Interest In Stats Information
3.20 Soccer
3.21 Adidas Wearables
3.22 Tennis Wearable And Embedded Sensor Biometric Technology
3.23 Babolat Play Pure Drive Tennis Racquet
3.23.1 Babolat Tour Pros
3.24 Zepp Tennis Racket Sensor
3.25 Smart Bicycling Wearable Electronics
3.26 Garmin Bike Sensors
3.27 Golf Wearable Sensors
3.28 Zepp Wearable Golf Sensors
3.29 Olympian Sports Wearable Technology
3.30 Fatigue Science Readiband Electronic Wristband Sleep Monitoring
3.30.1 Fatigue Science Readiband Electronic Wristband
3.31 Myontec Mbody Pro
3.32 Bsx Insight
3.32.1 Bsx Insight Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
3.33 Stonecrysus
3.34 Thalmic Labs
3.34.1 Thalmic Labs Myo Armband Wirelessly Control Technology With Gestures And Motion
3.35 Xensr
3.36 Hockey
3.36.1 Ice Hockey Participation Rates And Demographics
3.36.2 Ice Hockey Equipment And Apparel Industry Market
3.36.3 Roller Hockey
3.37 Performance Sports Group
3.37.1 Performance Sports Group Tracking Devices
3.37.2 Performance Sports Group Bauer Hockey
3.38 Wearable Motion Capture Interfaces
3.39 Stretchsense
3.39.1 Stretchsense Wearable Sensors Measure Muscle Strains
3.39.2 Stretchsense Smart Garments
3.40 Heddoko
3.40.1 Heddoko Smart Garment
3.41 Notch
3.42 Myovolt Muscle Stimulation
3.42.1 Myovolt™ Vibration Frequency Range
3.43 Flextech Alliance Including Apple, Boeing, And Pentagon Team To Develop Wearable Technology
3.43.1 Flextech Alliance
3.44 Apple Watch
3.44.1 Apple Watch Precise Stopwatch Used For Timing Sprints
3.44.2 Apple Watch Health & Fitness
3.44.3 Digital Crown Makes Apple Watch Personal Device
3.44.4 Apple Watch Single Crystal Of Sapphire Display
3.44.5 Apple Watch Recognizes Touch, Senses Force
3.44.6 Apple Watch Based Around Life And Schedule
3.44.7 Apple Watch Infrared And Visible-Light Leds And Photodiodes To Detect Heart Rate
3.44.8 Apple Watch Speaker And Magnifier
3.44.9 Apple Watch Customization
3.45 Flextech Alliance Wearable Tech
3.46 Ibm Cloud Computing For Wearable Sports And Health Products
3.46.1 Ibm Cloud / Arm
3.47 Fitbit Zip
3.47.1 Fitbit One
3.47.2 Fitbit Flex
3.47.3 Fitbit Charge
3.47.4 Fitbit Charge Hr
3.47.5 Fitbit Surge
3.48 Nike
3.49 Pebble Time
3.49.1 Pebble Time Steel
3.50 Jawbone Up2 Tracker
3.50.1 Jawbone Up3 Tracker
3.50.2 Jawbone Up4 Tracker
3.50.3 Jawbone Up Move
3.51 Withings Activité
3.51.1 Withings Activité Pop
3.51.2 Withings Pulse Ox
3.52 Lg Watch Urbane
3.52.1 Lg Classic Design & Customization
3.52.2 Lg Lifeband Touch* Activity Tracker – Medium
3.52.3 Lg Fitness Band (Fb84-Bm)
3.52.4 Bright Oled Touch Screen
3.53 Misfit Shine
3.53.1 Misfit Flash
3.53.2 Misfit Beddit
3.54 Garmin Forerunner® 620 Running Monitor
3.54.1 Garmin Forerunner 620 Vo2 Max Calculation Parameters
3.54.2 Garmin Supports Training And Racing
3.54.3 Garmin Rest Day Or Run Day
3.54.4 Garmin Forerunner®
3.54.5 Garmin Forerunner®
3.54.6 Garmin Forerunner® 920Xt
3.54.7 Garmin Forerunner® 310Xt
3.54.8 Garmin Swim Wearable
3.55 Epson Pulsense™Fitness Watch & Band
3.55.1 Epson Runsense™Gps Sports Watches
3.55.2 Epson Runsense Watchsf-
3.55.3 Epson Runsense Watchsf-110 Stride Measurement & Accelerometer
3.55.4 Epson Runsense Watchsf-110 Heart Rate Monitoring
3.56 Huawei Talkband B1: Hiking And Surfing
3.56.1 Huawei Talkband B2
3.57 Sony Smartband Talk Swr
3.57.1 Sony Smartwatch 3 Swr50
3.58 Tcl / Alcatel Onetouch Watch™ - Small/Medium Band (Black)
3.59 Zephyr Technology
3.60 Pivotal Living Tracker
3.61 Xiaomi Mi Band
3.62 Mioglobal
3.62.1 Mio Fuse
3.63 Polar M400 Gps Running Watch
3.63.1 Polar V650 Smart Bicycle Computer
3.63.2 Polar V800Gps Sports Watch
3.63.3 Polar Loop
3.63.4 Polar Loop 2
3.64 Samsung Activity Tracker
3.64.1 Samsung Gear S
3.65 Netatmo June
3.66 Basis Peak
3.67 Lumo Lift
3.68 Lifetrak Core C200
3.68.1 Lifetrak Core C
3.68.2 Lifetrak Core C
3.68.3 Lifetrak Brite R450
3.69 Martian Notifier
3.70 Runtastic Moment
3.71 Ihealth Wave Swim Tracker
3.72 Made In Sense Limited Happic Smart Band
3.73 Misfit Speedo Shine
3.74 Vector Luna
3.75 Jabra Sport Coach

4. Sports Wearables Technology And Research
4.1 Ear-Based Biometric Wearable Devices
4.2 Performance Sports Group Illustrates Research And Development Positioning
4.3 Apple Watch Single Chip Module
4.3.1 Apple Watch Gps And Accelerometer
4.4 Jawbone Up3 Heart Rate Bio Impedance Technology Features
4.5 Mio Heart Rate Technology
4.6 Huawei Talkband B1 Nfc Fast Pairing
4.7 Xiaomi Mi Band Aluminum Alloy Sensor Surface
4.7.1 Xiaomi Mi Hypoallergenic Band
4.8 Biometric Sensors
4.9 Zepp Technology

5. Sports And Fitness Wearables: Company Profiles
5.1 Adidas
5.2 Apple
5.2.1 Apple Watch
5.2.2 Apple Business Strategy
5.2.3 Apple Product Introductions
5.2.4 Apple Second Quarter 2015 Revenue
5.2.5 Apple Iphone
5.2.6 Apple Homekit
5.3 Babolat
5.4 Basis
5.5 Blast Motion
5.6 Casio
5.7 Catapult: Nhl Technology Reduces Injuries
5.7.1 Catapult Focused On Us College Sports System
5.7.2 Catapult Data Collection
5.7.3 Catapult Revenue
5.7.4 Catapult Regional Revenue
5.7.5 Catapult Total Revenue
5.7.6 Catapult Us:
5.7.7 Catapult Eu
5.7.8 Catapult Row
5.7.9 Catapult Total Units Ordered
5.7.10 Catapult Player Tracking In Australian Rules Football
5.7.11 Catapult Hockey Player Tracking
5.7.12 Catapult Device
5.7.13 Catapult In The Nfl
5.7.14 Catapult Can Help Trainers Understand How Much Stress Of The Game
5.7.15 Catapult Measuring Intense Play
5.7.16 Big Wave Surfers Use Catapult To Ready For Event
5.8 Crossmatch
5.9 Diamond Kinetics
5.10 Epson
5.10.1 Epson Industrial Robots
5.10.2 Epson Company Profile
5.10.3 Epson Automation On Assembly Lines Using Robots
5.11 Fitbit
5.12 Flextech Alliance
5.13 Garmin
5.13.1 Garmin Fitness Revenue
5.14 Gopro
5.14.1 Gopro Second Quarter 2015 Highlights
5.14.2 Gopro Opular Mount
5.14.3 Gopro Revenue Surges 54% As It Gains Popularity Abroad
5.14.4 Gopro Acquires Kolor, A Virtual Reality Company
5.15 Made In Sense Happic
5.16 Heddoko
5.17 Huawei
5.18 Ihealth
5.19 Immersion Touchsense
5.20 Gn Store Nord / Jabra
5.21 Jawbone
5.22 Lg
5.22.1 Lg Strategic Alliances
5.22.2 Lg Electronics Premium-Market Strategy
5.22.3 Lg Branding
5.23 Lifetrak
5.23.1 Lifetrak Standalone Company
5.24 Lumo
5.25 Major League Baseball (Mlb) Teams
5.25.1 Mlb.Com Digital Academy Instructional Center
5.25.2 Mlb Coaches Corner
5.25.3 Youth Baseball Leagues
5.25.4 Mlb My Hits®
5.25.5 Mlb Mypitch
5.26 Martian
5.27 Mc
5.27.1 Mc10 Redefines The Interface Between Electronics And The Human Body
5.28 Mioglobal
5.29 Misfit
5.30 Motus
5.31 Myontec
5.32 Myovolt
5.33 National Football League (Nfl)
5.33.1 Afc-North
5.33.2 Afc-South
5.33.3 Afc-East
5.33.4 Afc-West
5.33.5 Nfc-North
5.33.6 Nfc-South
5.33.7 Nfc-East
5.33.8 Nfc-West
5.33.9 Nfl Stats
5.34 Netatmo
5.35 Nike
5.35.1 Nike Revenue
5.35.2 Nike Digital Sport Hardware Moves To Apple
5.36 Notch
5.37 Pebble
5.38 Performance Sports Group
5.38.1 Performance Sports Group Research And Development
5.38.2 Performance Sports Group Strong And Authentic Brands In Attractive Markets
5.38.3 Leading Players Utilize Performance Sports Group Products
5.38.4 Performance Sports Group Integrated Performance Sports Platform
5.38.5 Performance Sports Group Industry-Leading R&D And Innovation
5.38.6 Performance Sports Group Diversified And Balanced Business Model
5.38.7 Performance Sports Group Revenue
5.38.8 Performance Sports Group Fiscal 2015 Has 51% Increase In Revenues
5.38.9 Factors Affecting Performance Sports Group Market Performance
5.38.10 Performance Sports Group Hockey
5.38.11 Performance Sports Group Baseball/Softball
5.38.12 Performance Sports Group Business Strategy
5.38.13 Performance Sports Group Easton Baseball/Softball
5.38.14 Performance Sports Group Seeks To Continue To Grow In Hockey
5.38.15 Performance Sports Group Bauer Hockey Intercorporate Relationships
5.39 Pivothead
5.40 Polar
5.40.1 Polar Healthy Lifestyle Choices With Myfitnesspal
5.41 Pivotal
5.42 Samsung Electronics
5.42.1 Samsung Finds Talent And Adapts Technology To Create Products
5.42.2 Samsung Adapts To Change, Samsung Embraces Integrity
5.42.3 Samsung Telecom Equipment Group
5.42.4 Samsung Memory Over Logic
5.43 Stretchsense
5.43.1 Stretchsense Over 100 Customers In 20 Countries
5.44 Stonecrysus
5.45 Sony
5.45.1 Sony Segments
5.45.2 Sony
5.45.3 Sony Playstation Eye Webcam - Usb 2.
5.45.4 Sony Snc-Ep520 36X Day/Night Ip Ptz Camera
5.46 Speedo
5.47 Tcl Communications / Alcatel Onetouch
5.48 Thalmic Labs
5.49 Vicis
5.50 Vista Equity Partners
5.46.1 Stats
5.50.2 Stats Was Part Of News Corporation (The Parent Of Foxsports.Com) And The Associated Press
5.50.3 Stats Customers
5.50.4 Stats / Prozone
5.50.5 Prozone Software Tracks In-Game Player Performance
5.50.6 Stats Revenue
5.50.7 Stats Locations Worldwide
5.50.8 Stats Sports Public Relations
5.50.9 Stats Data And Content Company
5.50.10 Stats Data Centers
5.50.11 Stats Acquisitions
5.50.12 Stats / Sportz Interactive
5.50.13 Stats Projections For Daily Fantasy Sports
5.50.14 Vista Equity Partners And Stats Acquire Automated Insights
5.50.15 Stats Acquires The Sports Network
5.50.16 Stats Acquires Tvti
5.50.17 Stats Acquires Bloomberg Sports
5.50.18 Stats / Automated Insights
5.51 Withings
5.52 Xensr
5.53 Xiaomi
5.54 Zepp
5.54.1 Zepp Labs Wearable Sports Technology.
5.55 List Of Selected Sports Wearable Technology Companies

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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  • Adidas
  • Crossmatch
  • Heddoko
  • Martian
  • Nike
  • Samsung
  • MORE
Sports wearables consist of sensors, tracking devices, and software apps that implement sports analytics Sports Analytics: Performance Devices, Watches, Sensors, And Wearable Apparel Technology Brings Wearable Technology for Sports. This Revolutionizes Athlete Performance Analysis Leading To Training and On Field Play Improvement And Presages Changes In Team Composition.

Performance watches, sensors, and wearable apparel technology are bringing massive changes in sports, changes in how the game is played, how the the teams and athletes are managed. Wearable Technology for sports revolutionizes athlete performance analysis and ultimately brings on field play improvement.

Recreational fitness consumers and corporate wellness programs are also target markets. Wearable technology and analytical software revolutionize sports and fitness training, implementing performance improvement and injury prevention.

Sports analytics is evolving beyond on field ply analysis to biometrics analysis. The ability to analyze joint, muscle, heart, respiratory, cadence, and endurance parameters of the athlete or ordinary user is significant. In addition, the swing of the bat or the racket can be analyzed.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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- adidas AG / Reebok
- Adidas
- Apple
- Babolat
- Basis
- Blast Motion
- Casio
- Catapult
- Crossmatch
- Diamond Kinetics
- Epson
- Fitbit
- FlexTech Alliance
- GN Store Nord / Jabra
- Garmin
- GoPro
- Heddoko
- Huawei
- Immersion TouchSense
- Jawbone
- LG
- LifeTrak
- Lumo
- MC10
- Made in Sense Happic
- Major League Baseball (MLB)
- Martian
- MioGlobal
- Misfit
- Motus
- Myontec
- National Football League (NFL)
- Netatmo
- Nike
- Notch
- Pebble
- Performance Sports Group
- Pivotal
- Pivothead
- Polar
- Samsung
- Sony
- Speedo
- Stats
- Stonecrysus
- StretchSense
- TCL Communications / Alcatel
- Teams
- Thalmic Labs
- Vicis
- Vista Equity Partners / STSTS
- Withings
- Xensr
- Xiaomi
- Zepp
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown