E-Learning Course: C7 Signalling Systems

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This course is designed for technicians and engineers involved in the design, commissioning and maintenance of fixed or mobile telephony signalling systems.

This course provides a detailed treatment of the principles and operation of C7 signalling systems in both fixed and mobile telephony networks. Individual modules explore the various aspects of this inter-exchange signalling system including use of C7 in the ISDN, the provision of advanced services and the use of C7 in mobile radio networks.

This course assumes an understanding of issues relating to the provision of a public telephone service including numbering, switching and the role of signalling in a telephony system. It is recommended that the online course MEA: “Telephony systems” is studied before attempting this course.

This e-learning course has a comprehensive range of interactive training facilities to provide a total learning experience. Technical words and acronyms have links to an online glossary giving an instant explanation. Interactive simulations explain concepts and systems operation.

Onscreen question sessions at the end of each module test understanding and provide further guidance and instruction. Revision links provide quick access to subjects previously discussed and relevant to the module being studied. Once studied as a structured, assessed course, the content can be browsed for revision or reference.

Course objectives:
By the end of this course you will be able to:

- describe the advantages of Common Channel Signalling (CCS)and the role of the various components of a CCS signalling network.
- describe signalling message transfer with the Message Transfer Part (MTP) of C7.
- explain the importance of traffic management, link management and route management in the signalling network.
- describe the use of the ISDN User Part (ISUP) of C7 in fixed networks (ISDN and PSTN).
- describe the role and operation of the Signalling Connection Control Part (SCCP) of C7 with reference to information retrieval from remote databases.
- describe the role and operation of the Intelligent Network Application Part (INAP) of C7 with reference to the functional and physical elements of an Intelligent Network and the role and operation of INAP in advanced services such as number translation.
- describe the interconnection of signalling links between circuit-switched and voice over IP telephony networks.
- describe the use of the Mobile Application Part (MAP) of C7 in mobile networks.

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The course consists of the following eight modules:

1: Course Introduction
2: Introduction to C7 signalling
3: Message transfer
4: Route management
5: User part ISUP
6: Connection control SCCP
7: Application part INAP
8: Application part MAP

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