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Global Analytics-as-a-Service Market - By Deployment, Type, Industry, Geography and Vendors- Forecasts, Trends and Shares (2016 - 2021)

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  • 00data
  • Atos SE
  • EMC Corporation
  • Host Analytics Inc.
  • IBM Corporation
  • Microsoft Corporation
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Analytics-as-a-Service combines the demand based aspects of cloud computing with the liberation of information enabled by Big Data Analytics. Businesses are increasingly flattening their decision-making hierarchies to empower more knowledge workers and become more responsive to customers. With increasing competitiveness in different industries, this solution empowers enterprises to continuously innovate and make more real-time decisions. Analytics-as-a-Service helps knowledge workers by granting them personalized access to centrally managed information data sets. This erases many of the delays that data scientists, business analysts, and other information consumers face, while enabling these information workers to explore information data sets more interactively and discover richer insights more rapidly.

The major driving forces of this market are lower cost of implementation in an organization especially for SMB which would require lesser capital expenditure. The Analytics-as-a-Service provides the tailored and customized solutions according to the needs of business. The other factors that fuel the growth are resource constraints to setup, budget optimization, agility and better control over data. At the same time the uncertain ROI is posing a major challenge to this market followed by issues in acquisition and integration of data sources and lack of proper big data strategies.

The global Analytics-as-a-service market is expected to grow from $5.9 Billion in 2015 to $22.24 Billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 30.39% during the period 2015 to 2020. The report provides an in-depth analysis of the Analytics-as-a-Service market across different industry verticals and regions. The Analytics-as-a-Service market is segmented across the Geographical regions namely North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of World. There is a huge access to cloud based Analytics in the North American and Europe regions but the Analytics-as-a-Service is still a niche market in Asia Pacific region.

The Global Analytics-as-a-service market has been segmented on the basis of Deployment (Public cloud, Private cloud, and Hybrid), Type of Data (Data-at-Rest Analytics and Data-in-Motion Analytics), Industry (Telecom and Information Technology, Banking and Financial Service, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Local/Central Government, Travel and Transport, Retail, Entertainment and Media, and Others), and Geography (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and RoW).

This report describes a detailed study of the Porter's five forces analysis of the market. All the five major factors have been quantified using the internal key parameters governing each of them. It also covers the market landscape of these players which includes the key growth strategies, geographical footprint, and competition analysis.

The report also considers key trends that will impact the industry and profiles of leading suppliers of Analytics-As-A-Service Market. Some of the top companies mentioned in the report are EMC, IBM, Bison Analytics, Amazon, SAS, Oracle, Atos, HP, Microsoft, Google, Host Analytics, Intel, Quantivo, 1010data, Opera Solutions, HPCC Systems, and among others.


1) The report will be useful in gaining an exhaustive understanding of the regional market. It will also be of assistance in providing a comprehensive analysis of the major trends, innovations and associated prospects for market growth over the coming half a decade.

2) The report will be an ideal source material for industry consultants, manufacturers and other interested and allied parties to gain a critical insight into the factors driving and restraining the market, in addition to opportunities offered.

3) The report contains wide range of information about the leading market players and the major strategies adopted by them.

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  • 00data
  • Atos SE
  • EMC Corporation
  • Host Analytics Inc.
  • IBM Corporation
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • MORE
1. Introduction

1.1 Research Methodology

1.2 Key Findings of The Study

2. Executive Summary

3. Market Overview

3.1 Market Overview

3.2 Industry Value Chain Analysis

3.3 Industry Attractiveness - Porter ’s 5 Force Analysis

3.4 Industry Policies

4. Market Dynamics

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Drivers

4.2.1 Lower cost of ownership for organizations

4.2.2 Tailored solution to the business needs

4.2.3 Resource constraints and budget optimization

4.2.4 Agility and Control

4.3 Restraints

4.3.1 Uncertain Return on Investment

4.3.2 Acquisition and integration of data sources

4.3.3 Lack of proper strategies of Big Data

5. Technological Overview

5.1 Layers of Big Data Services

5.1.1 Analytics Software as a Service

5.1.2 Data Platform as a Service

5.1.3 Data Fabric Data-as-a-Service Database-as-a-Service

5.1.4 Cloud Infrastructure Compute-as-a-Service Storage-as-a-Service

6. Global Analytics-as-a-Service Market - Market Size & Forecast (2014-2020)

6.1 By Deployment

6.1.1 Public cloud Overview Market Share & Forecast

6.1.2 Private cloud Overview Market Share & Forecast

6.1.3 Hybrid Overview Market Share & Forecast

6.2 By Type of Data

6.2.1 Data-at-Rest Analytics Overview Market Share & Forecast

6.2.2 Data-in-Motion Analytics Overview Market Share & Forecast

6.3 By Region

6.3.1 North America Introduction Market Share & Forecast

6.3.2 Europe Introduction Market Share & Forecast

6.3.3 Asia Pacific Introduction Market Share & Forecast

6.3.4 Rest of World Introduction Market Share & Forecast

6.4 By Industry

6.4.1 Telecom and Information Technology Introduction Market Share & Forecast

6.4.2 Banking and Financial Service Introduction Market Share & Forecast

6.4.3 Oil and Gas Introduction Market Share & Forecast

6.4.4 Manufacturing Introduction Market Share & Forecast

6.4.5 Healthcare Introduction Market Share & Forecast

6.4.6 Local/Central Government Introduction Market Share & Forecast

6.4.7 Travel and Transport Introduction Market Share & Forecast

6.4.8 Retail Introduction Market Share & Forecast

6.4.9 Entertainment and Media Introduction Market Share & Forecast

6.4.10 Others Introduction Market Share & Forecast

7. Vendor Market Share Analysis

8. Competitive Intelligence - Company Profiles

8.1 EMC

8.1.1 Overview

8.1.2 Major Products and Services

8.1.3 Financials

8.1.4 Recent Developments

8.2 Bison Analytics

8.2.1 Overview

8.2.2 Major Products and Services

8.2.3 Financials

8.2.4 Recent Developments

8.3 Amazon

8.3.1 Overview

8.3.2 Major Products and Services

8.3.3 Financials

8.3.4 Recent Developments

8.4 SAS

8.4.1 Overview

8.4.2 Major Products and Services

8.4.3 Financials

8.4.4 Recent Developments

8.5 Oracle

8.5.1 Overview

8.5.2 Major Products and Services

8.5.3 Financials

8.5.4 Recent Developments

8.6 IBM

8.6.1 Overview

8.6.2 Major Products and Services

8.6.3 Financials

8.6.4 Recent Developments

8.7 Atos

8.7.1 Overview

8.7.2 Major Products and Services

8.7.3 Financials

8.7.4 Recent Developments

8.8 HP

8.8.1 Overview

8.8.2 Major Products and Services

8.8.3 Financials

8.8.4 Recent Developments

8.9 Microsoft

8.9.1 Overview

8.9.2 Major Products and Services

8.9.3 Financials

8.9.4 Recent Developments

8.10 Google

8.10.1 Overview

8.10.2 Major Products and Services

8.10.3 Financials

8.10.4 Recent Developments

8.11 Host Analytics

8.11.1 Overview

8.11.2 Major Products and Services

8.11.3 Financials

8.11.4 Recent Developments

8.12 Intel

8.12.1 Overview

8.12.2 Major Products and Services

8.12.3 Financials

8.12.4 Recent Developments

8.13 Quantivo

8.13.1 Overview

8.13.2 Major Products and Services

8.13.3 Financials

8.13.4 Recent Developments

8.14 1010data

8.14.1 Overview

8.14.2 Major Products and Services

8.14.3 Financials

8.14.4 Recent Developments

8.15 Opera Solutions

8.15.1 Overview

8.15.2 Major Products and Services

8.15.3 Financials

8.15.4 Recent Developments

8.16 HPCC Systems

8.16.1 Overview

8.16.2 Major Products and Services

8.16.3 Financials

8.16.4 Recent Developments

9. Investment Analysis

9.1 Recent Mergers And Acquisitions

9.2 Investment Outlook

10. Future of Analytics-as-a-Service Market
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  • EMC Corporation
  • Bison Analytics
  • Inc.
  • SAS
  • Oracle Corporation
  • IBM Corporation
  • Atos SE
  • The Hewlett-Packard Company
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Google
  • Host Analytics Inc.
  • Intel Corporation
  • Quantivo Corporation
  • 00data
  • Opera Solutions LLC
  • HPCC Systems
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown