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Decision Matrix: Selecting an Electronic Retail Payment Switch Platform

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This decision matrix provides an overview and comparison of the leading vendors and their platforms in the electronic retail payment switch space. This includes an overview of the key drivers moving the market, major developments, and a comparison of the market impact, technology and execution capabilities of the leading vendor platforms.


The global retail payment market is at a moment of critical transformation due to the growth of digital payment technologies, the growth of transaction channels, and the increasing speed of payments diversification. This is leading to a need for transformation of existing payments infrastructure as payment providers of all types move to adapt to the market. The selection of a suitable retail payment switch platform is critical, with long-term repercussions on the future strategy of any payment provider.


The electronic retail payment switch market remains dominated by ACI. Although the announced retirement of Base24 Classic caused ripples in the payments industry, its replacement platform Base24-eps benefits from a very high level of design and functionality alongside the historic reputation, track record, and execution abilities of ACI. Although competition in the switch space is heating up, ACI is likely to retain its dominant position.
The growth of added functionality and very high levels of configurability mean that newer platforms from the likes of BPC with SmartVista, Lusis with Tango, and Alaric with Authentic are all now growing at a significant pace, on the back of their strong technology and focus on the switch space. As these providers grow in market presence and visibility, they will continue to gather steam and likely increase their growth rates.

Features and Benefits:

Plan your payments strategy effectively by understanding what the capabilities are of today's leading electronic retail payment switch platforms, using in-depth analysis of each platform's market impact, technology, and execution capabilities.
Prepare for payments innovation through This analysis of the key drivers moving the electronic retail payments switch market and what the rise of the payment hub means for your business.

Questions answered:

Who are the leading electronic retail payment switch platforms on the market? What functionality do they offer?
How are payment hubs impacting the payment market? What kind of features do these hubs bring to the switch market?
What levels of support do the leading vendors offer?
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