Target Atlas in Bladder Cancer: A Competitive Outlook

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Extra value: One year of free online updates included with this product

"Target Atlas in Bladder Cancer: A Competitive Outlook" helps you to understand the complex world of commercial development in bladder cancer by identifying the most promising Target Approaches in development today from your competitors and prospective partners and revealing the areas where your company can succeed.

"Target Atlas in Bladder Cancer: A Competitive Outlook" is a one-of-a-kind, authoritative target analyzer tool, integrated with drug pipeline information covering commercial developments of molecular drug targets in bladder cancer from 98 companies plus partners. With the "Target Atlas in Bladder Cancer: A Competitive Outlook" at your fingertips, you are able to identify opportunities and avoid pitfalls in the area of bladder cancer.
The Target Atlas provides unparalleled, in-depth R&D analysis for each of the 11 approved drug targets and 130 targets in development in bladder cancer whether they are established or novel, first-in-class drug targets. You can analyze these as both Single Targets as well as Target Clusters, which is a great feature when you are dealing with many targets at the same time.
Furthermore, this target analyzer comes integrated with full drug pipeline information for 153 drugs which lets you effortlessly access relevant, in-depth information about each drug linked to a specific target.

The Target Atlas gives you the information you need to make successful decisions and understand fully what is happening in the field of bladder cancer from a target and drug development perspective. This is information you can’t get anywhere else and in addition, you will stay up to date as your Target Atlas comes powered with 1 year of free online updates!

"Target Atlas in Bladder Cancer: A Competitive Outlook" is a Great Product for:
- Target Scouting
- First-in-class analysis
- R&D profiling
- Target-Target Interaction Analysis
- Mapping the competition

Who is Already Using the Target Atlas Series to Aid Their Decision-Making?
- CEO and CSO’s
- Clinical and preclinical development specialists.
- Business development and licensing specialists
- Search and Evaluation departments
- Corporate strategy, product and portfolio analysts
- Venture capital and Investment Specialists

Gain Insights into Bladder Cancer Targets
The majority (99%) of drug targets pursued for the treatment of bladder cancer are proteins, however there are also polysaccharide target(s) represented in the "Target Atlas in Bladder Cancer: A Competitive Outlook". The 123 separate human protein targets among bladder cancer drugs represent 48 different types of molecular functions and are directly related to the mechanism of action for these drugs.

Get the full picture of the target landscape of bladder cancer so that you are basing your decisions on all the available information, independently acquired for you by our expert team of analysts.
Using the Target Atlas allows you to not only save time, but also leads to you conducting better assessments which you can back up with real data. A built-in infographics module makes it easy to export graphs and charts to include in your own reports and presentations to other stakeholders.

Additional Key Facts of Targets in Bladder Cancer Include:
Targets with mutations #130
Targets with tumor expression profiles #124
Targets which are strongly implicated with certain types of cancer #30
Targets with biological structures #115

In the Target Atlas you will get independently sourced information in a context found nowhere else, benefiting your research, analyses and decisions.

Perform Target Cluster Analysis
You can simultaneously access any number of the total 141 targets covered in this product by using up to 24 different pipeline parameters, including: Target, Company, Stage of Development, Compound Type, Indications, Pathway, Mutation, Subcellular Location, etc.

On any Target Query the Target Cluster Analysis will deliver:
Target Summary - Outlining the number and identity of Targets, Target Approaches, Drugs, Indications and Companies in both Tables and Charts.
Target - All targets sortable by number of Drugs, Indications, Companies and Highest Stage of Development. Access to graphical breakdowns of targets by Stage, Compound Type, Indication and Company.
Target Approach* - All Target Approaches sortable by number of Drugs, Indications, Companies and Highest Stage of Development. Access to graphical breakdowns of Target Approaches by Stage, Compound Type, Indication and Company.
Competitive Review - First-in-Class analysis of all Target Approaches by stage of development or independent of stage. Based upon the 24 filter settings available, identify the number and identity of unique Target Approaches in cancer in any context.
- A Target Approach visualizes each drug according to its complete range of targets, hence providing a superior sharpness in target comparison among drugs. Each Target Approach represents a distinct way of attacking cancer.

Generate 141 Target Analysis Reports, Tailored to Your Specific Interest
You can generate a target report on any of the 141 included targets in "Target Atlas in Bladder Cancer: A Competitive Outlook". Furthermore, you can tailor any of these reports based on Companies, Type of Compounds, Indications, Stage of Development, etc.
Each Target Analysis Report Includes:
- Gene/Protein Overview
- Mutational Review
- Pathway Matching
- Tumor Expression Profiles
- Target-Target Analysis
- Target Approach Analysis
- R&D Progression Analysis

Access to Pipeline Information on 153 Bladder Cancer Drugs
The Target Atlas comes integrated with in-depth drug pipeline information. With a simple click you can effortlessly access relevant information about each drug included in any target report. A drug profile includes**:
- Drug Name & Synonyms
- Principal Company & Partners
- Drug BioSeeker Group's software
- Fillings and Approvals
- Sales Figures
- Deals and Licensing
- Compound Data
- Patent Data
- Target and Molecular Function of Target
- Target Localization
- Mutational Profiling
- Biological Structures
- Target Expression Profiles
- Targeted Pathways
- Mechanism of Action
- Developmental Projects
- Developmental information (Discovery-Phase IV)

**Information included in a drug profile is dependent on the drug’s maturity and other factors.

Cut Your Opportunity Costs Today
Would your work benefit from having a full understanding of the development within bladder cancer from a Target/Drug point of view? When you consider the substantial value and effort involved in the projects you are working on, does it make sense to have a third-party analysis tool to validate and help guide your decision making with confidence?

If yes, then purchasing the "Target Atlas in Bladder Cancer: A Competitive Outlook" represents a unique opportunity to get these in-depth insights today. With one year of free online updates and fully exportable data and charts, you will have access to the latest information and can easily present your findings to your colleagues and stakeholders.

Welcome to having the world of bladder cancer at your fingertips with "Target Atlas in Bladder Cancer: A Competitive Outlook"!

System Requirements
- Operating system: Windows (2000/XP/Vista/7/8) and Mac Users are offered Online Access Only
- Browser Application (Internet Explorer)
- Internet access (to access related internet resources)
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