Latest on the $1.53 Billion Automated Guided Vehicle Market: Data Visualisation Report 2015-2024

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The Global AGV Market Has Grown Steadily Over the Years and Was at $1.53 Billion in 2014


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An Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is a vehicle that consists of one or more computer controlled wheel based load carriers that run on the plant floor without the need for an on board operator or driver. AGVs are bringing about a disruptive change in the material handling industry market due to their high flexibility, cost effectiveness and efficiency over human counterparts. Since their inception in 1953, the global AGV market has grown steadily over the years and was at $1.53 billion in 2014 (including software, systems engineering and peripherals).

This report is deep-dive into the Global AGV hardware market and comprehensively showcases data in the form of unique info-graphic elements. The global AGV market has been segmented on the basis of Guidance systems used, AGV product type, supply-chain segments, applications, payload capacities and a detailed geographical segmentation with a country-wise fourth level sub-segmentation.

Other key features of the report include a detailed competitor intelligence, key opportunities, analysis of the robotics value chain and an Analyst Impact Center (AIC) section which provides answers to key strategical questions focused on stakeholders in the market.
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  • Amazon robotics
  • Bastian Solutions
  • Bosch Rexroth
  • Daifuku Co. Ltd.
  • Dematic
  • Grey Orange
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1. Executive Summary
1.1. Classification and Comparison of Global AGV Market
1.2. Key Policy Recommendations for the Global AGV Market
1.3. Executive Summary Info-Graphic

2. Scope, Methodology & Assumptions
2.1. Scope
2.2. Research Methodology
2.3. Forecast Model

3. Introduction
3.1. Introduction to the Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) Market
3.2. AGvs and Competing Technologies
3.2.1. Conveyor Systems
3.2.2. Automated Monorails
3.2.3. Automated Guided Vehicles

4. Global Scenario
4.1. Global Market for AGvs
4.2. Hardware vs Software, Services and Peripherals
4.3. Average Selling Price & Number of Vehicles Per System
4.4. Manufacturing vs Non-Manufaction Applications
4.5. Value-Chain Analysis
4.5.1. Procurement Logistics
4.5.2. Production Logistics
4.5.3. Distribution Logistics
4.6. Key Opportunity: AGvs in Distribution Center Applications
4.7. Battery Charging Technologies for AGVs: Evolution and the Current Stage

5. Market Segmentations

5.1. Market by Guidance System
5.1.1. Wire-Based
5.1.2. Laser-Based
5.1.3. Others (Magnetic, Vision-Based Etc.)

5.2. Market by AGV Type
5.2.1. Unit Load Vehicles
5.2.2. Cart Vehicles
5.2.3. Forklift Vehicles
5.2.4. Pallet Vehicles
5.2.5. Light Load Vehicles
5.2.6. Towing Vehicles
5.2.7. Industry Focus - Forklift Vehicles

5.3. Market by Usage Function
5.3.1. Pure Manufacturing/Production
5.3.2. Manufacturing to Warehouse Transfers
5.3.3. Truck Loading/Unloading
5.3.4. Pure Distribustion Center Operations
5.3.5. Others

5.4. Market by Applications
5.4.1. Automotive and Transportation
5.4.2. Paper,Printing and Publishing
5.4.3. Consumer Products
5.4.4. Plastics and Rubber
5.4.5. Food and Beverages
5.4.6. Retail Distribution
5.4.7. Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
5.4.8. Other

5.5. Market by Payload Capacities
5.5.1. Material Delivery Payload Capacity <1000 lbs
5.5.2. Material Delivery Payload Capacity 1000 - 5000 lbs
5.5.3. Material Delivery Payload Capacity 5000 - 10000 lbs
5.5.4. Material Delivery Payload Capacity >10000 lbs
5.5.5. Others (Including Those Used in AS/RS Systems)

5.6. Market by Geography
5.6.1. Americas
5.6.2. Europe
5.6.3. Australasia
5.6.4. Significant Rest of World

6. Country-Wise Specifics
6.1. U.S.
6.1.1. United States Was the Largest Market for AGvs in 2014 in Terms of Revenue with a Share of 16.53%.
6.1.2. the Current Highly Capital-Intensive Nature of AGV System Installations Has Led to a Sizeable Leasing-Approach-Based Market
6.1.3. Aging Labor and Large Distribution Centers Paving an Inroad for AGV Market
6.2. Canada
6.2.1. Encouraging Signs for the AGV Market in Canada Which is Witnessing an Increasing Trend of Automation Adoption
6.2.2. Evolving Technology and Ecosystem of AGvs is Creating New Opportunities for Adoption by Small and Medium Enterprises
6.3. Rest of the Americas (Roa)
6.3.1. Mexico Increasing Automation Trends in the Mexican Manufacturing is Creating a Base for a Booming AGV Market
6.3.2. Brazil Brazil is a Promising Market for AGvs in the Future, but Currently Automation is Still Nascent in Many Industries
6.4. Germany
6.4.1. Germany Commands a Share of 9%-10% of the AGV Market in the World. It is the Largest Market for AGV in Europe, Closely Followed by France
6.4.2. Market Leadership in Machinery & Equipment Industry of Germany Being Powered by Automation
6.4.3. Rapid Technology Evolution of Industrial Automation, Especially in the Material Handling Sector is Driving Sales Currently
6.4.4. Global Market Turbulence Could Affect the German Industrial Automation Market in the Next Couple of Years
6.5. France
6.5.1. France, the Second Largest Market for AGvs in 2014 with a Share of Around 8.95% in Terms of Hardware Market Revenue
6.5.2. Growth Expected in France’s Robotics and Automation Market Due to Upcoming Reforms from President Francois Hollande’s Administration to Push AGV Sales
6.6. Italy
6.6.1. Automotive Market in Italy is Leading the Way for AGV Adoption in the Manufacturing Sector
6.6.2. Industrial Automation Sales Outperform Growth of Broader Economy
6.7. U.K.
6.7.1. Varied Usage of AGvs in the U.K. is an Encouraging Sign for the Market
6.7.2. Market for Automation is On the Rise in the U.K.
6.7.3. Government Invests £150 Million ($257 Million) to Kickstart U.K. Robotics
Industry Which Bodes Well for the AGV Market
6.8. Spain
6.8.1. Spanish Automotive Industry’S Nascent Recovery Remains Key to the Growth of the AGV Market
6.8.2. Fashion Retailing a Growing Market in Spain: the Zara Approach
6.9. Japan
6.9.1. Japan is the Second Largest Market for AGvs and is Expected to Grow Rapidly in the Forecast Period
6.9.2. Players Like Daifuku Are Expanding Product Portfolios in Terms of Battery and Guidance Technologies
6.9.3. Robot Revolution and 2020 Robot Olympics: a Macro Driver for the AGV Market
6.10. China
6.10.1. China is One of the Largest Markets for AGvs in the World Has Seen a Steady Growth Over the Years
6.10.2. E-Commerce and the Logistics Industry Are Major Sectors with High AGV Demand
6.10.3. There Are Rising Concerns Over Increasing Labor Costs in China, Aiding the Growth of AGV Market
6.10.4. Government Regulations in the Logistics Industry Will Decide the Course of the Market in the Coming Future
6.11. South Korea
6.11.1. Korea Has a Relatively Small Share in the Global AGV Market Currently, but is Showing Rapid Growth
6.11.2. Korea’s Automation Trends Show a Huge Potential for AGV Market
6.11.3. Specific Requirements of Clients for AGvs in Korea
6.12. India
6.12.1. There Are Many Impediments to the Growth of the AGV Market in India Currently, but a Wave of Change in Government Regulation is Expected to Drive Growth
6.12.2. Dominant Automotive Application Sector Will Continue to Spur Growth in AGV Sales in the Next Decade

7. Competitor Intelligence
7.1. Market Share Analysis
7.2. Few Major Start-Ups Existing in the AGV Market and Related Domains
7.3. Manufacturers and Primary Stakeholders in the Market

8. Company Profiles
8.1. Bastian Solutions LLC
8.2. Savant Automation
8.3. Bosch Rexroth
8.4. Dematic Group
8.5. Egemin Automation
8.6. Seegrid Corporation
8.7. Jbt Corporation
8.8. Daifuku Co. Ltd. (Jervis B. Webb)
8.9. Kiva Systems (Amazon)
8.10. Swisslog Holdings

9. Analyst Impact Center - (Aic)

10. Appendix
10.1. List of Tables and Figures in the Report
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- Amazon robotics
- Bastian Solutions
- Bosch Rexroth
- Daifuku Co. Ltd.
- Dematic
- Egemin Automation Seegrid Corporation
- Grey Orange
- JBT Corporation
- Savant Automation
- Swisslog

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown