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Find Contact Information for Headquarters, Subsidiaries, and Branches of Multinational Firms with Offices in Another Country

American Companies with Global Operations currently offers more than 472,000 records consisting of American parent companies with their domestic and foreign subsidiaries.

Since 1955, this service has been the most trusted source for contact information of multinational companies.

Our signature product helps unravel the maze of "who operates where" and "who owns whom." With this service, you'll find contact information for headquarters, subsidiaries, and branches of multinational firms with offices in another country. If a company only has offices in one country, it won't be included in our database. Since 1955, it's all we've done, and we are proud to have had such longstanding relationships with our clients.

Overall Qualities:

  • Every company updated yearly with new and updated data added hourly.
  • Data can be viewed in Web View, PDF and download to Excel.
  • Domestic Subsidiaries within foreign countries are NEW
  • Foreign subsidiaries other than within the United State are NEW
  • View and PDF have links for all web sites and email addresses. Click on the website link and it will open in separate window. NEW
  • You can search for American Companies and their domestic and foreign subsidiaries. For example, when searching for companies in Texas with subsidiaries in Germany, Italy and Brazil, your results will show American parent companies from Texas, U.S. domestic subsidiaries and their foreign subsidiaries in Germany, Italy and Brazil.
  • Domestic/Foreign subsidiaries new information will include a contact, type of subsidiary, email address and website address [email/website will be the same as parent company if none other available] NEW
  • Save your search and view new data. Within My Account, view "My Searches" to see new data added to your saved search. NEW
  • Access is available on smartphones and iPads NEW
  • Faster download NEW
  • View format has pager making use easier NEW
  • PDF format makes printing easier NEW
  • Our customer base is very wide as our data is applicable to anyone seeking to learn Who Operates Where.. Globally..
  • Attorneys
  • Accountants
  • Insurance Industry
  • Educational Institutions
  • Libraries
  • Economic Development
  • State/County & Federal Government entities
  • Embassies
  • Airlines/Airports
  • Career Advancement Professionals
  • Expat consultants
  • Advertising
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Career Seekers
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For each Company:

  • Company name
  • Full address
  • Contact names
  • Phone and fax numbers
  • Email address hyperlink [view/pdf]
  • Website hyperlink [view/pdf]
  • Revenue figure
  • Employee figure
  • Career posting page yes/no
  • NAIC codes
  • Division of
  • Description of what the company does
  • Domestic/Foreign Subsidiaries
  • Address
  • Phone and fax
  • Website and email address hyperlink (view/pdf)
  • Contact name
  • Type of subsidiary (country headquarters, manufacturing, sales, retail location, etc)
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Searching Functions:

Search for Parent Companies and their Domestic or Foreign subsidiaries by:


  • In the USA by State
  • In Foreign Countries by State/Province NEW

Keyword: Search for company or subsidiary name, product description, i.e. any words such as, computers, data, insurance, etc.

US Zip Code

  • Zip code alone
  • Zip code radius from 1-100 miles.

International Postal Code

  • Postal Code alone
  • Postal Code radius from 1-100 miles. NEW

Industry Codes NAICS: Search by keyword for your code

  • Unsure of a code number, you can search within "Search all NAIC Code in system" link which will open in a separate window for easy access.

Number of Employees: Select from a range of 0-10,000 employees

Revenue: Select from a range of 0-$50+ billion

  • Public or Private filter
  • Career Posting filter Companies with a page on their website showing employment and internships.
  • (Companies have told us that they use this filter to determine what companies are expanding and economic development)
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Sources and Accuracy:

In a world where data mining and web-crawling is the norm for collecting data, this editorial department has a more human touch to ensure the quality of our data. Our data surpasses our customer's expectations and guarantees a successful advantage that no competitor can match.

This database provides data on "Who Operates Where Worldwide." In order to meet the criteria for inclusion in our database, a company must maintain an additional office in a country other than the country of their headquarters. The size, revenue, or types of industry are not considerations for inclusion... just an "overseas" location.

Our multinational company contact information is researched, written, and reviewed daily by our in-house editorial staff, providing real quality by real people. The outsourced efforts that our competitors resort to cannot replicate the quality standards and discernment of our in-house USA team. Our data is reviewed by our proprietary Quality Control software, and all new data entered into our database is approved before we make it available to our customers. It includes not only new and revised data, but also deleted data.

Our editorial staff reviews annual reports, press releases, and electronic publications, provided by the multinational company, on an annual basis. If we still can't find what's needed, we contact the company directly by telephone or email for verification and clarification.

While all data is confirmed from multiple sources and twice reviewed in-house, this database cannot guarantee that the information received from a company or website, as the basis for an entry, to be entirely accurate. In addition, the designations and listings should not be considered definitive for legal status.

Our primary source of information is the parent company, to confirm we get it right the first time, so our customers get it right the first time.

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown