A Foundation Monograph of Convolvulus L. (Convolvulaceae)

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This “foundation monograph” of the genus Convolvulus represents a new initiative in terms of taxonomic monography, being an attempt to bring together the global approach of the traditional monograph with the more pragmatic and identification-focussed aims of most current floras, at the same time being informed by insights from molecular systematics.

Convolvulus is distributed worldwide but is most common in regions with a Mediterranean climate or in semi-desert regions of the Middle East and Central Asia. Some species are well-known weeds whereas others are important in the ecology of drier regions or are cultivated in gardens. One hundred and ninety species are recognised and all are described and the majority illustrated.

Efforts have been made to account for the extreme variability of several widely distributed species. Distribution details, keys to species and taxonomic notes are provided. Four species are described as new, several are reinstated and the status of various infra-specific taxa is clarified while numerous taxa are lectotypified.
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Our methodology and its implications
Generic delimitation
Geographical distribution
Economic importance
Molecular systematics
Species concept
Morphological characters and their use in species delimitation
Dichotomous keys
Key to species in South America
Key to species in North America
Key to species in Australia
Key to species in New Zealand
Key to species in Southern Africa
Key to species in Tropical Africa
Key to species in North Africa
Key to species in the Atlantic Islands
Key to species in Europe
Key to species in the Levant
Key to species in the Arabian Peninsula (including Socotra)
Key to species in the Indo-Iranian region
Key to species in the Former Soviet Union
Key to species in East Asia
Taxonomic treatment of Convolvulus
Specimen citations
Literature citations
Species 1-22. Eurasian and North African species with leaves abruptly narrowed
into a distinct petiole
1. Convolvulus scammonia
2. Convolvulus pseudoscammonia
3. Convolvulus durandoi
4. Convolvulus arvensis
5. Convolvulus chinensis
5a. Convolvulus chinensis subsp. chinensis
5b. Convolvulus chinensis subsp. triangularis
6. Convolvulus mairei
7. Convolvulus fatmensis
8. Convolvulus steppicola
9. Convolvulus sinuatodentatus
10. Convolvulus rufescens
11. Convolvulus betonicifolius
12. Convolvulus longipedicellatus
13. Convolvulus cassius
14. Convolvulus stachydifolius
14a. Convolvulus stachydifolius var. stachydifolius
14b. Convolvulus stachydifolius var. villosus
15. Convolvulus palaestinus
16. Convolvulus galaticus
17. Convolvulus germaniciae
18. Convolvulus coelesyriacus
19. Convolvulus pitardii
19a. Convolvulus pitardii var. pitardii
19b. Convolvulus pitardii var. leucochnous
20. Convolvulus glaouorum
21. Convolvulus vidalii
22. Convolvulus althaeoides
22a. Convolvulus althaeoides subsp. althaeoides
22b. Convolvulus althaeoides subsp. tenuissimus
Species 23-41. Southern African species
23. Convolvulus kilimandschari
24. Convolvulus capensis
25. Convolvulus bidentatus
26. Convolvulus namaquensis
27. Convolvulus thunbergii
28. Convolvulus dregeanus
29. Convolvulus boedeckerianus
30. Convolvulus multifidus
31. Convolvulus argillicola
32. Convolvulus ocellatus
33. Convolvulus randii
34. Convolvulus austroafricanus
35. Convolvulus aschersonii
36. Convolvulus farinosus
37. Convolvulus sagittatus
38. Convolvulus thomsonii
39. Convolvulus galpinii
40. Convolvulus natalensis
41. Convolvulus bullerianus
Species 42-55. American species
42. Convolvulus equitans
42a. Convolvulus equitans var. equitans
42b.Convolvulus equitans var. lindheimeri
43. Convolvulus carrii
44. Convolvulus chilensis
45. Convolvulus bonariensis
46. Convolvulus demissus
47. Convolvulus schulzei
48. Convolvulus laciniatus
49. Convolvulus hermanniae
49a. Convolvulus hermanniae subsp. hermanniae
49b. Convolvulus hermanniae subsp. erosus
50. Convolvulus montanus
51. Convolvulus incisodentatus
52. Convolvulus crenatifolius
52a. Convolvulus crenatifolius subsp. crenatifolius
52b. Convolvulus crenatifolius subsp. montevidensis
53. Convolvulus lilloi
54. Convolvulus ensifolius
55. Convolvulus hasslerianus
Species 56-69. Australasian species
56. Convolvulus microsepalus
57. Convolvulus graminetinus
58. Convolvulus remotus
59. Convolvulus crispifolius
60. Convolvulus eyreanus
61. Convolvulus clementii
62. Convolvulus tedmoorei
63. Convolvulus recurvatus
63a. Convolvulus recurvatus subsp. recurvatus
63b. Convolvulus recurvatus subsp. nullarborensis
64. Convolvulus wimmerensis
65. Convolvulus erubescens
66. Convolvulus angustissimus
67. Convolvulus fractosaxosus
68. Convolvulus verecundus
69. Convolvulus waitaha
Species 70-85. Old World species with petiolate leaves not markedly hastate or
sagittate at base
70. Convolvulus leiocalycinus
70a. Convolvulus leiocalycinus Boiss. var. leiocalycinus
70b. Convolvulus leiocalycinus var. retrosepalus
71. Convolvulus dryadum
72. Convolvulus persicus
73. Convolvulus maireanus
74. Convolvulus lanjouwii
75. Convolvulus rectangularis
76. Convolvulus massonii
77. Convolvulus canariensis
78. Convolvulus volubilis
79. Convolvulus lopezsocasii
80. Convolvulus sp. A
81. Convolvulus fruticulosus
81a. Convolvulus fruticulosus subsp. fruticulosus
81b. Convolvulus fruticulosus subsp. glandulosus
82. Convolvulus fernandesii
83. Convolvulus valentinus
84. Convolvulus sabatius
84a. Convolvulus sabatius subsp. sabatius
84b. Convolvulus sabatius subsp. mauritanicus
85. Convolvulus supinus
85a. Convolvulus supinus var. supinus
85b. Convolvulus supinus var. melliflorus
Species 86-92. Annuals with blue or bluish flowers
86. Convolvulus gharbensis
87. Convolvulus siculus
87a. Convolvulus siculus subsp. siculus
87b. Convolvulus siculus subsp. elongatus
87a × 91. Convolvulus × beguinotii
88. Convolvulus pentapetaloides
89. Convolvulus meonanthus
90. Convolvulus tricolor
90a. Convolvulus tricolor subsp. tricolor
90b. Convolvulus tricolor subsp. cupanianus
91. Convolvulus humilis
92. Convolvulus simulans
Species 93-107. Red Sea group
93. Convolvulus rhyniospermus
94. Convolvulus capituliferus
94a. Convolvulus capituliferus subsp. capituliferus
94b. Convolvulus capituliferus subsp. foliaceus
95. Convolvulus jefferyi
96. Convolvulus stenocladus
97. Convolvulus bidrensis
98. Convolvulus vollesenii
99. Convolvulus subspathulatus
100. Convolvulus virgatus
100a. Convolvulus virgatus var. virgatus
100b. Convolvulus virgatus var. subaphyllus
101. Convolvulus glomeratus
101a. Convolvulus glomeratus var. glomeratus
101b. Convolvulus glomeratus var. sachalitarum
102. Convolvulus oppositifolius
103. Convolvulus scopulatus
104. Convolvulus hystrix
104a. Convolvulus hystrix subsp. hystrix
104b. Convolvulus hystrix subsp. ruspolii
104c. Convolvulus hystrix subsp. inermis
105. Convolvulus socotranus
106. Convolvulus kossmatii
107. Convolvulus semhaensis
Species 108-131. Mostly Middle Eastern species with a fastigiate habit
108. Convolvulus verdcourtianus
109. Convolvulus trabutianus
110. Convolvulus rottlerianus
110a. Convolvulus rottlerianus subsp. rottlerianus
110b. Convolvulus rottlerianus subsp. stocksii
111. Convolvulus prostratus
112. Convolvulus pilosellifolius
112a. Convolvulus pilosellifolius var. pilosellifolius
112b. Convolvulus pilosellifolius var. linearifolius
113. Convolvulus chondrilloides
113a. Convolvulus chondrilloides var. chondrilloides
113b. Convolvulus chondrilloides var. burzianus
114. Convolvulus sericophyllus
115. Convolvulus grantii
116. Convolvulus sarmentosus
117. Convolvulus hildebrandtii
118. Convolvulus peninsularis
119. Convolvulus leptocladus
120. Convolvulus erinaceus
121. Convolvulus hamadae
122. Convolvulus subsericeus
123. Convolvulus divaricatus
124. Convolvulus tujuntauensis
125. Convolvulus eremophilus
126. Convolvulus lindbergii
127. Convolvulus sarothrocladus
128. Convolvulus kurdistanicus
129. Convolvulus koieanus
130. Convolvulus gracillimus
131. Convolvulus pseudocantabrica
131a. Convolvulus pseudocantabrica subsp. pseudocantabrica
131b. Convolvulus pseudocantabrica subsp. askabadensis
Species 132-171. Old World undershrubs with sericeous leaves
132. Convolvulus ammannii
133. Convolvulus xanthopotamicus
134. Convolvulus grigorjevii
135. Convolvulus krauseanus
136. Convolvulus tragacanthoides
137. Convolvulus spinifer
138. Convolvulus fruticosus
139. Convolvulus gortschakovii
140. Convolvulus spinosus
141. Convolvulus argyracanthus
142. Convolvulus acanthocladus
143. Convolvulus iranicus
144. Convolvulus urosepalus
145. Convolvulus turrillianus
146. Convolvulus cantabrica
147. Convolvulus aucheri
148. Convolvulus schirazianus
149. Convolvulus commutatus
150. Convolvulus elymaiticus
151. Convolvulus calvertii
151a. Convolvulus calvertii subsp. calvertii
151b. Convolvulus calvertii subsp. ruprechtii
152. Convolvulus sericocephalus
153. Convolvulus holosericeus
153a. Convolvulus holosericeus subsp. holosericeus
153b. Convolvulus holosericeus subsp. macrocalycinus
154. Convolvulus boissieri
154a. Convolvulus boissieri subsp. boissieri
154b. Convolvulus boissieri subsp. compactus
154b × 153a. Convolvulus × turcicus
154b × 153b. Convolvulus × peshmenii
154b × 157c. Convolvulus × pseudocompactus
155. Convolvulus suendermannii
156. Convolvulus lineatus
157 × 158a. Convolvulus × cyprius
157. Convolvulus oleifolius
157a. Convolvulus oleifolius var. oleifolius
157b. Convolvulus oleifolius var. pumilus
157c. Convolvulus oleifolius var. angustifolius
158. Convolvulus argyrothamnos
159. Convolvulus mazicum
160. Convolvulus phrygius
161. Convolvulus libanoticus
162. Convolvulus assyricus
163. Convolvulus cataonicus
164. Convolvulus carduchorum
165. Convolvulus lanuginosus
166. Convolvulus cneorum
166a. Convolvulus cneorum var. cneorum
166b. Convolvulus cneorum var. latifolius
167. Convolvulus dorycnium
167a. Convolvulus dorycnium subsp. dorycnium
167b. Convolvulus dorycnium subsp. oxysepalus
167c. Convolvulus dorycnium subsp. subhirsutus
168. Convolvulus tschimganicus
169. Convolvulus caput-medusae
170. Convolvulus scoparius
170 ×171. Convolvulus × despreauxii
171. Convolvulus floridus
Species 172-190. Mostly villous undershrubs with flowers in capitulae
172. Convolvulus oxyphyllus
172a. Convolvulus oxyphyllus subsp. oxyphyllus
172b. Convolvulus oxyphyllus subsp. oxycladus
173. Convolvulus hamrinensis
174. Convolvulus kotschyanus
175. Convolvulus pyrrotrichus
176. Convolvulus lanatus
177. Convolvulus secundus
178. Convolvulus spicatus
179. Convolvulus jordanensis
180. Convolvulus schimperi
181. Convolvulus cephalopodus
181a. Convolvulus cephalopodus subsp. cephalopodus
181b. Convolvulus cephalopodus subsp. bushiricus
182. Convolvulus euphraticus
183. Convolvulus asyrensis
184. Convolvulus aitchisonii
185. Convolvulus reticulatus
185a. Convolvulus reticulatus subsp. reticulatus
185b. Convolvulus reticulatus subsp. waltherioides
186. Convolvulus stapfii
187. Convolvulus cephalophorus
188. Convolvulus oxysepalus
189. Convolvulus ulicinus
190. Convolvulus scindicus
Excluded and poorly understood species
Index of names
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John R.I. Wood, Robert Scotland, et al
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