3D Scanning Market Analysis: By Technology, By End Use Industry (Automotive,Medical,Aerospace,Others) - Forecast (2015- 2021)

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  • 3D Digital Corporation
  • 3D Scan Company
  • 3D Systems Corporation
  • Ametek Corporation
  • Faro Technologies
  • Laser Design Inc
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3D Scanning is a simple method of building virtual models of objects by undertaking physical measurements of the object. This process is quick and accurate and the device which facilitates the capturing of 3D scan information is a 3D scanner. The output of the 3D scanner which is called 3D scan data is used to convert the data into virtual models and enables comparison with the intended design of the physical object. Driven by accuracy and optimization in the product development, more manufacturers are adopting 3D scanning to ensure low manufacturing costs along with improved product. The 3D scanners are predominantly used by the Aerospace sector and continue to witness demand. At the same time, the 3D scanning is gaining momentum in medical field due to the increase in requirement of implants for surgeries in healthcare. Moreover, with the technological advancements, the complexity in utilizing 3D scanning methods has reduced and is aiding the market growth.

3D Scanning Market Report is a broad study done by segmenting the market based on Technology Type, Range, Application, End-Use Industry and Geography.

The market in 2015 was around $2.8 billion. The Aerospace and Defense applications constitute major share in the market size in 2015 owing to the increasing demand for 3D printed models that are used to optimize the manufacturing costs. The market is benefiting from the demand from the niche applications such as consumer products such as fashion jewelry. By 2021, Medical, Multimedia applications are estimated to gain traction and account significant share in the market.

The Key Drivers of the market are:

- Increasing demand for 3D printed models in critical surgeries in healthcare

- Rise of virtual cinematography

- Advancements in 3D Scanning Technologies

- Mounting need for design surveys and design comparisons in manufacturing sector

The top players in the market are:

- Basis Software, Inc. (Surphaser)

- Faro Technologies

- Ametek Corporation

- Maptek Pty Ltd

- Topcon Corporation
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  • 3D Digital Corporation
  • 3D Scan Company
  • 3D Systems Corporation
  • Ametek Corporation
  • Faro Technologies
  • Laser Design Inc
  • MORE
1. 3D Scanning - Market Overview
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Market Scope
1.3. Market Segmentation
1.4. Stakeholders
2. Executive summary
3. 3D Scanning - Market Landscape
3.1. Market share analysis
3.2. Comparative analysis
3.2.1. Product Benchmarking
3.2.2. End User Profiling
3.2.3. Patent analysis
3.2.4. Top 5 financials analysis
4. 3D Scanning Market Forces
4.1. Market Drivers
4.2. Market challenges
4.3. Attractiveness of the 3D Scanning Market
4.3.1. Power of suppliers
4.3.2. Power of customers
4.3.3. Threat of new entrants
4.3.4. Threat of substitution
4.3.5. Degree of competition
5. 3D Scanning - Strategic Analysis
5.1. Value chain analysis
5.2. Pricing Analysis
5.3. Supplier/Distributors Analysis
5.4. Opportunities analysis
6. 3D Scanning Market - By Technology Type
6.1. Laser Scanners
6.1.1. Line Scanner
6.1.2. Cross Scanner
6.2. White Light Scanning Devices
6.3. Photogrammetry Devices
6.4. Machine Vision Devices
6.5. Coordinate Measuring Machines
6.6. 3D CT or MRI Scanners
6.7. Theodolite Devices
6.8. Others
7. 3D Scanning Market - By Range
7.1. Short Range Scanner
7.2. Mid Range Scanner
7.3. Long Range Scanner
8. 3D Scanning Market - By Application
8.1. Reverse Engineering
8.2. Inspection
8.3. Digital Archiving
8.4. Rapid Prototyping
8.5. Advanced Surfacing
8.6. Structural deformation & volumetric analysis
8.7. Topographical surveys
8.8. Plant layouts
8.9. Others
9. 3D Scanning Market - By End-Use Industry
9.1. Automotive
9.2. Aerospace
9.3. Medical & Dental
9.4. Education
9.5. Manufacturing
9.6. Multimedia & Entertainment
9.7. Architecture
9.8. Consumer Products
9.9. Others
10. 3D Scanning Market - By Geography
10.1. North America
10.2. Europe
10.3. Asia-pacific
10.4. ROW
11. 3D Scanning Market Entropy
11.1. New Product Launches
11.2. M&As, collaborations, JVs and partnerships
12. Company profiles
12.1. 3D Systems Corporation
12.2. Solutionix Corporation
12.3. Laser Design Inc.
12.4. Basis Software, Inc. (Surphaser)
12.5. 3D Scan Company
12.6. Ametek Corporation
12.7. 3D Digital Corporation
12.8. Faro Technologies
12.9. Maptek Pty Ltd
12.10. Topcon Corporation
13. Appendix
13.1. Abbreviations
13.2. Sources
13.3. Research methodology
13.4. Bibliography
13.5. Disclaimer
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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3D Systems Corporation
Solutionix Corporation
Laser Design Inc
Basis Software, Inc (Surphaser)
3D Scan Company
Ametek Corporation
3D Digital Corporation
Faro Technologies
Maptek Pty Ltd
Topcon Corporation
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown