Bioinformatics Markets - Global Market Size, Strategy and Forecasts - 2016 to 2020

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  • Advaita Bioinformatics
  • AstraZeneca
  • Computomics
  • Illumina, Inc.
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This new Bioinformatics sector of the biotechnology industry is poised for record growth. New technologies, people and services will be needed to help interpret the meaning of genetic information: for people, for animals and for plants. It is creating new opportunities for the next stage of the genomics revolution where information analysis and data processing technologies take the spotlight. The market is still in its infancy but has outstanding growth potential. The report forecasts the market size out to 2020. In addition, the report looks at potential market sizes by country. The report includes detailed breakouts for 18 Market Segments.

Genomic Sequencing? Drug Design? Proteomics? Find out about the technology in readily understood terms that explain the jargon. What are the issues? Find the opportunities and the pitfalls. Understand growth expectations and the ultimate potential market size.

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  • Advaita Bioinformatics
  • AstraZeneca
  • Computomics
  • Illumina, Inc.
  • Medytox
  • Qiagen
  • MORE
1. Introduction and Market Definition
1.1 What is Bioinformatics?
1.2 The Genetics Revolution
1.3 Market Definition
1.3.1 Revenue Market Size

2. Market Overview
2.1 Market Participants
2.1.1 Academic Research Lab
2.1.2 Instrumentation Supplier
2.1.3 Public Consortiums and Interest Groups
2.1.4 Bioinformatics Supplier
2.1.5 Diagnostic Laboratory
2.1.6 Diagnostic Solution Provider
2.1.7 Genetic Counsellor
2.1.8 Scientific Research Community
2.1.9 Direct to Consumer Genetic Provider
2.2 Bioinformatics Technology Overview
2.2.1 Goals
2.2.2 Sequence analysis
2.2.3 Genome annotation
2.2.4 Computational evolutionary biology
2.2.5 Comparative genomics
2.2.6 Pan genomics
2.2.7 Genetics of disease
2.2.8 Analysis of mutations in cancer
2.2.9 Analysis of gene expression
2.2.10 Analysis of protein expression
2.2.11 Analysis of regulation
2.2.12 Structural bioinformatics
2.2.13 Network and systems biology
2.2.14 Molecular interaction networks
2.2.15 Literature analysis
2.2.16 High-throughput image analysis
2.2.17 High-throughput single cell data analysis
2.2.18 Biodiversity informatics
2.2.19 Databases
2.2.20 Software and tools
2.2.21 Open-source bioinformatics software
2.2.22 Web services in bioinformatics
2.2.23 Bioinformatics workflow management systems

3. The Bioinformatics Market
3.1 Market Segmentation Discussion
3.2 End User Segments
3.2.1 Medical Clinical Diagnostic (non Infectious Disease) Infectious Disease Pharmaceutical Medical Therapeutic and Case Management Preventative Medicine Reproductive Medicine
3.2.2 Agricultural Yield Managment Nutrition Management Plant Hardiness Animal Husbandry
3.2.3 Academic
3.2.4 Other Environmental Forensic Other
3.3 Product Segments
3.3.1 Instrumentation Analytical Instruments Sequencing Instruments Structure and Function Instruments Other
3.3.2 Content Management General Specific
3.3.4 Services Sequencing Database Data Analysis
3.4 Application Segments
3.3.1 Genomics
3.3.2 Proteomics
3.3.3 Metabolomics
3.3.4 Pharmaceutical Design
3.3.5 Other

4. Profiles of Key Bioinformatics Companies
4.1 Affymetrix, Inc.
4.1.1 Business Overview
4.1.2 Products and Services
4.1.3 Key Strategy
4.2 Agena Bioscience, Inc.
4.2.1 Business Overview
4.2.2 Products and Services
4.2.3 Key Strategy
4.3 Agilent Technologies
4.3.1 Business Overview
4.3.2 Products and Services
4.3.3 Key Strategy
4.4 Applied Biological Materials
4.4.1 Business Overview
4.4.2 Products and Services
4.4.3 Key Strategy
4.5 Biomax Informatics AG
4.5.1 Business Overview
4.5.2 Products and Services
4.5.3 Key Strategy
4.6 Dassault Systemes
4.6.1 Business Overview
4.6.2 Products and Services
4.6.3 Key Strategy
4.7 Dnanexus, Inc.
4.7.1 Business Overview
4.7.2 Products and Services
4.7.3 Key Strategy
4.8 Geneva Bioinformatics (Genebio) SA
4.8.1 Business Overview
4.8.2 Products and Services
4.8.3 Key Strategy
4.9 ID Business Solutions Ltd.
4.9.1 Business Overview
4.9.2 Products and Services
4.9.3 Key Strategy
4.10 Instem, PLC
4.10.1 Business Overview
4.10.2 Products and Services
4.10.3 Key Strategy
4.11 Illumina, Inc.
4.11.1 Business Overview
4.11.2 Products and Services
4.11.3 Key Strategy
4.12 Integromics S.L.
4.12.1 Business Overview
4.12.2 Products and Services
4.12.3 Key Strategy
4.13 Qiagen
4.13.1 Business Overview
4.13.2 Products and Services
4.13.3 Key Strategy
4.14 Non Linear Dynamics Ltd.
4.14.1 Business Overview
4.14.2 Products and Services
4.14.3 Key Strategy
4.15 Perkinelmer, Inc.
4.15.1 Business Overview
4.15.2 Products and Services
4.15.3 Key Strategy

5. Market Issues and Trends
5.1 Factors Driving Growth
5.1.1 Genetic Information Goes Mainstream
5.1.2 Sequencing Technology Breakthroughs
5.1.3 Pharmaceutical Industry Comes On Board.
5.1.4 Academic and Research Institutions Driving Demand
5.1.5 Personal Genomics Revolution
5.2 Factors Limiting Growth
5.2.1 Lack of data and software standards
5.2.2 Industry Structure Turmoil.
5.2.3 Commercialization Lags Invention.
5.2.4 Monetization Process Not Clear
5.3 The Genetic Information Puzzle – The Heart of Bioinformatics
5.3.1 Interpretation and Diagnosis Not Clear Cut
5.3.2 Role of Laboratory and Physician in Flux
5.3.3 New Roles for Physician and Patient Not Yet Defined
5.3.4 Personal Right to Genetic Information Creates Chaos Direct to Consumer Testing Unstoppable?
5.3.5 Evolving New Industry Structure Creates Opportunity
5.3.6 Instruments Key to Market Share
5.4 Biotechnology Development
5.4.1 Next Generation Sequencing Fuels a Revolution
5.4.2 Impact of NGS on pricing
5.4.3 Pharmacogenomics Meets Bioinformatics
5.4.4 CGES Testing, A Brave New World
5.4.5 Nanopore Sequencing a Gamechanger ?
5.4.6 The Battle for the Cloud.

6. Bioinformatics Recent Developments
6.1 Recent Developments – Importance and How to Use This Section
6.1.1 Importance of These Developments
6.1.2 How to Use This Section
6.2 Agilent Technologies backs new life science research center at Carleton University
6.3 WuXi PharmaTech Announces Third-Quarter 2015 Results
6.4 Ceres Announces KWS to Evaluate Bioinformatics Technology
6.5 Qiagen Announces Launch of New Bioinformatics Solution for Hereditary Diseases
6.6 Computer Sciences Will Combine CSGov Unit with SRA
6.7 NeoGenomics to Acquire GE's Clarient in Cash, Stock Deal
6.8 OpGen to Acquire AdvanDx, Inc.
6.9 CollabRx, Medytox Reach Merger Agreement
6.10 MediSapiens Ltd Introduces Bioinformatics Solution
6.11 Bioinformatics Startup Computomics Raises €500,000
6.12 FDA starts beta-testing 'the most advanced bioinformatics platform in the world'
6.13 Genomenon breaks through bioinformatics bottleneck
6.14 MediSapiens Introduces Bioinformatics Solution
6.15 AstraZeneca commits $18M to clinical trial bioinformatics collaboration
6.16 Selvita Spins Out Bioinformatics Business Into Subsidiary Ardigen
6.17 Deep Genomics Launches First Product for Bioinformatics Market
6.18 SCIEX Announces Exclusive Reseller Agreement with Advaita Bioinformatics
6.19 New Standard for Sharing Bioinformatics Tools and Workflows
6.20 Vermillion raises $18.8M to fund escalation of bioinformatics ambitions
6.21 Aeon Clinical Laboratories Leverages PierianDx Bioinformatics Platform to Enhance Genomic Test Offering
6.22 Bioinformatics tool rapidly verifies prostate cancer biomarkers
6.23 Broad Institute, Google Genomics combine bioinformatics and computing
6.24 MedBioinformatics project receives 3.5 million euros in funding
6.25 Genome Canada Announces $11 million in New Funding
6.26 Rosetta Genomics Reports Third Quarter 2015 Financial Results
6.27 UT Southwestern snags $5.6M grant to boost bioinformatics
6.28 Molecular Diagnostics Laboratories Partners with PierianDx
6.29 LifeMap Sciences’ Bioinformatics Tools Licensed by SciLifeLab

7. Market Sizes, Forecasts & Growth Rates – Sectors
7.1 Medical
7.1.1 Clinical Diagnosic – non Infectious Disease
7.1.2 Infectious Disease
7.1.3 Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics
7.1.4 Medical Therapeutic and Case Management
7.1.5 Preventative Medicine Informatics
7.1.6 Reproductive Medicine Informatics
7.2 Agriculture
7.2.1 Yield Management Informatics
7.2.2 Nutrition Management Informatics
7.2.3 Plant Hardiness Informatics
7.2.4 Animal Husbandry Informatics
7.3 Academic and Research Markets
7.4 Other
7.4.1 Environmental Informatics Markets
7.4.2 Forensic Bioinformatics Markets
7.4.3 All Other Bioinformatics

8. Market Sizes, Forecasts & Growth Rates – Products
8.1 Instrumentation
8.1.1 Analytical Instruments
8.1.2 Sequencing Instruments
8.1.3 Structure and Function Instruments
8.1.4 Other Instruments
8.2 Content Management
8.2.1 Content Management General
8.2.2 Content Management Specific
8.3 Bioinformatics Services
8.3.1 Sequencing
8.3.2 Database
8.3.3 Data Analysis

9. Market Sizes, Forecasts & Growth Rates – Applications
9.1 Applications
9.1.1 Genomics
9.1.2 Proteomics
9.1.3 Metabolomics
9.1.4 Pharmaceutical Design
9.1.5 Other Bioinformatics Applications
9. Global Market Summary
9.1 Global
9.1.1 Global Bioinformatics Market by Sector
9.1.2 Global Bioinformatics Market by Product
9.1.3 Global Bioinformatics Market by Application

10. Potential Market Opportunity Sizes
10.1 Potential Market Sizes by Country Selected Segments

A1. Methodology
A1.1 Authors
A1.2 Sources
A2. List of Bioinformatic Tools
A3. Bioinformatics Open Source Software
A4. Bioinformatics Databases

List of Tables :
Table 1 Market Players by Type
Table 2 Factors Driving BioInformatics Market Growth
Table 3 Four Factors Limiting Growth
Table 4 Key Technology Trends
Table 5 Next Generation Sequencing Technologies – Speed and Cost
Table 6 Clinical Diagnostic – non Infectious Disease by Country
Table 7 Clinical Diagnostic – non Infectious Disease by Region
Table 8 Infectious Disease by Country
Table 9 Infectious Disease Informatics by Region
Table 10 Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics by Country
Table 11 Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics by Region
Table 12 Medical Therapeutic and Case Management by Country
Table 13 Medical Therapeutic and Case Management by Region
Table 14 Preventative Medicine Informatics by Country
Table 15 Preventative Medicine Informatics by Region
Table 16 Reproductive Medicine Informatics by Country
Table 17 Reproductive Medicine Informatics by Region
Table 18 Yield Management Informatics by Country
Table 19 Yield Management Informatics by Region
Table 20 Nutrition Management Informatics by Country
Table 21 Nutrition Management Informatics by Region
Table 22 Plant Hardiness Informatics by Country
Table 23 Plant Hardiness Informatics by Region
Table 24 Animal Husbandry Informatics by Country
Table 25 Animal Husbandry Informatics by Region
Table 26 Academic and Research Markets by Country
Table 27 Academic and Research Markets by Region
Table 28 Environmental Informatics Markets by Country
Table 29 Environmental Informatics Markets by Region
Table 30 Forensic Bioinformatic Markets by Country
Table 31 Forensic Bioinformatic Markets by Region
Table 32 All Other Bioinformatics by Country
Table 33 All Other Bioinformatics by Region
Table 34 Analytical Instruments Bioinformatics by Region
Table 35 Sequencing Instruments Bioinformatics by Region
Table 36 Structure and Function Instruments Bioinformatics by Region
Table 37 Other Instruments Bioinformatics by Region
Table 38 Content Management General by Region
Table 39 Content Management Specific by Region
Table 40 Sequencing Services by Region
Table 41 Database Services by Region
Table 42 Data Analysis Services by Region
Table 43 Genomics by Region
Table 44 Proteomics by Region
Table 45 Metabolomics by Region
Table 46 Pharmaceutical Design by Region
Table 47 Other Bioinformatics Applications by Region
Table 48 Global Bioinformatics Market by Sector
Table 49 Global Bioinformatics Market by Product
Table 50 Global Bioinformatics Market by Application
Table 51 Potential Bioinformatics Market Sizes by Country
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- Advaita Bioinformatics
- AdvanDx, Inc.
- Aeon Clinical Laboratories
- Affymetrix, Inc.
- Agena Bioscience, Inc.
- Agilent Technologies
- Applied Biological Materials
- Ardigen
- AstraZeneca
- Biomax Informatics AG
- Broad Institute
- Ceres
- Clarient Inc
- CollabRx
- Computomics
- Dassault Systemes
- Dnanexus, Inc.
- Geneva Bioinformatics (Genebio) SA
- Genome Canada
- Genomenon
- Google
- ID Business Solutions Ltd.
- Illumina, Inc.
- Instem, PLC
- Integromics S.L.
- LifeMap Sciences
- MedBioinformatics
- MediSapiens Ltd
- Medytox
- NeoGenomics
- Non Linear Dynamics Ltd.
- OpGen
- Perkinelmer, Inc.
- PierianDx
- Qiagen
- Rosetta Genomics
- SciLifeLab
- Selvita
- UT Southwestern
- Vermillion
- WuXi PharmaTech
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown