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Library of Georgia Family Law Forms 2016. Fourth Edition

  • ID: 3511067
  • Book
  • July 2015
  • Region: United States
  • 600 Pages
  • ALM Media, LLC
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What if you had the magic language that could get your client the best outcome in their divorce? What if you knew that you were starting with tried-and-true letters, motions and other documents? These are questions that Randall M. Kessler kept in mind as he crafted this book.

This edition of the Georgia Family Law Forms with Forms in Print and on online includes more than 250 sample documents for use in your family law matter. The forms are divided into the following sections:

- Initial Pleadings - Service - Legal Representation/Administration - Uncontested Divorce - Sample Settlement Agreement Provisions - Financial Affidavits and Worksheets - Sample Motions - Discovery - Restraining Orders and Injunctions - Custody and Visitation - Equitable Distribution of MaritalProperty - Attorney’s Fees and Litigation Expenses - Equitable Relief/Contempt - Trial Preparation - Judgments - Income Deduction Orders - Post-Judgment Relief/Appeal - Modification - Domestication - Paternity/Legitimation - Name Change - Legal Separation/Separate Maintenance - UCCJEA - UIFSA - Fulton County Family Division - Hague Convention
- And more
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Chapter 1 - Initial Pleadings 11-001 Complaint for Annulment of Marriage 21-002 Complaint for Divorce (uncontested, no children) 41-003 Complaint for Divorce (contested, no children) 61-004 Complaint for Divorce (uncontested, with children) 91-005 Complaint for Divorce (contested, with children) 121-006 Amended Complaint 151-007 Answer and Counterclaim 171-008 Domestic Relations Intake Worksheet/Case Filing Form 201-009 Verification 211-010 Pauper’s Affidavit 221-011 Order on Poverty 231-012 Affidavit of Non-Representation 251-013 Note preceding Automatic Domestic Standing Order 271-014 Automatic Domestic Standing Order 291-015 Cover Letter to Court Clerk re: Filing Documents 311-016 Letter to Client re: Documents for filing uncontested divorce 321-017 Letter to Clerk re: filing uncontested divorce 341-018 Application for Registration of Foreign State Child Support Order 36
Chapter 2 - Service 392-001 Summons 402-002 Acknowledgment of Service 422-003 Notice of Publication 442-004 Publication: Affidavit of Diligent Search 452-005 Publication: Affidavit of Service 482-006 Publication: Order for Service 502-007 Affidavit of Process Server and Return of Service Order 522-008 Motion and Order Appointing Special Agent for Service - State of Georgia 542-009 Motion Appointing Special Agent for Service - Foreign State 582-010 Order Appointing Special Agent for Service 62
Chapter 3 - Legal Representation/Administration 653-001 Entry of Appearance and Request for Notices 663-002 Entry of Appearance and Substitution of Counsel 683-003 Leave of Absence 703-004 Motion, Notice and Order for Withdrawal of Counsel 723-005 Conflict Letter 823-006 Letter to Client re: Representation/Welcome 843-007 Letter to Client re: Non-representation 863-008 Letter to Court Clerk re: Leave of Absence 87
Chapter 4 - Uncontested Di vorce 894-001 Consent to Try After 31 Days 904-002 Dismissal of Answer and Counterclaim 924-003 Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings 944-004 Affidavit for Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings 964-005 Cover Letter to Clerk re: Filing Uncontested Divorce 984-006 Cover Letter to Judge re: Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings 1004-007 Cover Letter to Clerk re: Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings 102
Chapter 5 - Sample Settlement Agreement Provisions 1035-001 Recitals 1045-002 Non-Interference 1065-003 Alimony: Periodic 1075-004 Alimony: Lump Sum 1085-005 Alimony: Lump Sum in Installments 1095-006 Alimony Waivers 1105-007 No Children 1115-008 Child Custody 1125-009 Child Support Findings Required By O.C.G.A. § 19-6-15 1165-010 Life Insurance Guarantying Child Support 1185-011 Health Insurance Policy: For Spouse 1195-012 Equitable Division of Property: General 1205-013 Equitable Division of Property: Allocation of Real Property to One Party with Refinance 1215-014 Equitable Division of Property: Sale of Real Property and Division of Proceeds 1225-015 Equitable Division of Property: Accounts 1235-016 Equitable Division of Property: Furniture and Furnishings 1245-017 Equitable Division of Property: Cash Payment 1255-018 Equitable Division of Property: Automobiles 1265-019 Equitable Division of Property: IRA 1275-020 Equitable Division of Property: 401(k) 1285-021 Equitable Division of Property: Pension or Other Defined Benefit Plan 1295-022 Equitable Division of Property: Travel Loyalty Program Points 1305-023 Equitable Division of Property: Property Personal to a Party 1315-024 Equitable Division of Property: Credit Card Debt 1325-025 Debt Associated with Allocated Property 1335-026 Attorneys’ Fees 1345-027 College Education 1355-028 Jewish Get (Jewish Divorce) 1365-029 Confidentiality and Non-Disparagement 1375-030 Discovery 1385-031 Advice of Counsel: General 1395-032 Advice of Counsel: Taxes 1405-033 Income Tax Returns 1415-034 Subsequent Debts 1425-035 Other Interests 1435-036 Taxes and Insurance 1445-037 Release and Waiver 1455-038 Georgia Law 1465-039 Entire Agreement 1475-040 Full and Final Settlement 1485-041 Understanding of Agreement 1495-042 Independent Survival 1505-043 Perform All Acts 1515-044 Binding Agreement 1525-045 Severability 1535-046 Not Construed Against Drafting Party 1545-047 Signature Page 155
Chapter 6 - Financial Afidavits and Worksheets 1576-001 Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit 1586-002 Affidavit Signature Page 1646-003 Note: Child Support Worksheet 1656-004 Child Support Worksheet 1666-005 Child Support Addendum 2036-006 Financial Document Checklist 209
Chapter 7 - Sample Motions 2117-001 Rule Nisi 2127-002 Motion to Dismiss 2147-003 Response to Motion to Dismiss 2167-004 Joint Request for Specially Set Hearing 2187-005 Response to Request for Specially Set Hearing 2207-006 Motion for Summary Judgment 2227-007 Response to Motion for Summary Judgment 2247-008 Joint Motion for Continuance 2267-009 Response to Motion for Continuance 2287-010 Motion for Emergency Hearing 2307-011 Response to Motion for Emergency Hearing 2327-012 Motion to Consolidate 2347-013 Motion to Bifurcate 2377-014 Motion for Temporary Attorneys’ Fees or Funds on Account 2397-015 Response to Motion for Temporary Attorneys’ Fees 2427-016 Witness Affidavit 2447-017 Motion for Court-Ordered Mediation 2467-018 Response to Motion for Court-Ordered Mediation 2497-019 Motion to Enforce Agreement 2517-020 Response to Motion to Enforce 2537-021 Certificate of Service 2557-022 Motion for Appointment of Receiver 2577-023 Motion for Business Valuation 2607-024 Motion to Enforce Prenup (Income Disparity) 2627-025 Frozen Embryos 2717-026 Suggestion of Death of a Party 273
Chapter 8 - Discovery 2758-001 Uniform Superior Court Rule 5.2 Certificate of Filing Discovery 2768-002 Interrogatories 2788-003 Responses to Interrogatories 2858-004 Supplemental Responses to Interrogatories 2908-005 Notice to Produce and Request for Production of Documents 2928-006 Response to Notices to Produce and Request for Production of Documents 3078-007 Supplemental Responses to Notice to Produce and Request for Production of Documents 3108-008 Notice of Deposition 3128-009 Notice of Video Deposition 3148-010 Subpoena Duces Tecum for Deposition/Production of Documents and Cover Letter 3168-011 Requests to Admit 3238-012 Motion to Access Imaged Hard Drives 3258-013 Response to Motion to Access Imaged Hard Drives 3278-014 Motion to Reopen and Extend Discovery 3298-015 Response to Motion to Reopen and Extend Discovery 3338-016 Motion to Compel Discovery 3358-017 Response to Motion to Compel 3388-018 Motion for Protective Order 3408-019 Response to Motion for Protective Order 3428-020 Motion to Determine Sufficiency of Responses to Requests to Admit 3448-021 Response to Motion to Determine Sufficiency of Responses to Requests to Admit 3478-022 Motion to Quash 3498-023 Response to Motion to Quash 3518-024 Motion for Sanctions for Failure to Make Discovery 3538-025 Response to Motion for Sanctions for Failure to Make Discovery 3568-026 Proposed Order Compelling Discovery 3588-027 Letter to Opposing Counsel/Party re: Uniform Superior Court Rule 6.4(B) 360
Chapter 9 - Restraining Or ders and Injunctions 3639-001 Emergency Motion for Temporary Restraining Order 3649-002 Petition for Relief from Family Violence 366
Chapter 10 - Cu stody and Vi sitation 37110-001 Emergency Motion (to Exercise Visitation, etc.) 37210-002 Response to Motion for Emergency Hearing 37410-003 Parenting Plan 37610-004 Affidavit of Election 38610-005 Information Form to Assist Guardian Ad Litem 38810-006 Motion for Psychological and/or Psychiatric Evaluation 39810-007 Response to Motion for Psychological and/or Psychiatric Evaluation 40010-008 Motion for Guardian ad Litem 40210-009 Response to Motion for Guardian ad Litem 40410-010 Objection to Guardian Ad Litem/Guardian Ad Litem Report 40610-011 Motion for Custodial Evaluation 40810-012 Response to Motion for Custodial Evaluation 41110-013 Petition for Grandparent Visitation Rights 41310-014 Request for Court to Meet with Child(ren) in Camera 41610-015 Response to Request for Court to Meet with Child(ren) in Camera 41810-016 Parenting Coordinator Agreement Form 42010-017 Order on Cooperative Parenting Therapy 42410-018 Order for Psychological Evaluation 42610-019 Order on Motion for Guardian ad Litem 42810-020 Order on Custodial Evaluation 431
Chapter 11 - Equitable Distribution of Mari tal Property 43511-001 Marital Balance Sheet 43611-002 Cancellation of Notice of Lis Pendens 43811-003 Notice of Lis Pendens 44011-004 Writ of Fieri Facias (Fi Fa) 44211-005 Affidavit for Writ of Fi Fa 44611-006 Quitclaim Deed 44811-007 Limited Warranty Deed 450
Chapter 12 - Attorney’s Fees and Li tigation Expenses 45312-001 Motion for Attorneys’ Fees 45412-002 Response to Motion for Attorneys’ Fees 45612-003 Attorneys’ Affidavit 45812-004 Order on Attorneys’ Fees 460
Chapter 13 - Equitable Relief/Contempt 46113-001 Motion for Contempt (a.k.a. Petition for Citation of Contempt) 46213-002 Response to Motion for Contempt 46413-003 Motion and Brief to Lift/Purge Contempt 46613-004 Response to Motion to Lift/Purge Contempt 46813-005 Order on Contempt 470
Chapter 14 - Trial Preparation 47314-001 Consolidated Pre-Trial Order 47414-002 Witness Subpoena 48014-003 Proposed Witness List 48214-004 Motion in Limine 48314-005 Response to Motion in Limine 48514-006 Jury Demand 48714-007 Voire Dire Questions 48814-008 Jury Verdict 492
Chapter 15 - Judgments 49715-001 Temporary Order 49815-002 Action for Declaratory Judgment 50015-003 Order on Annulment 50315-004 Consent Order Sealing Final Order 50515-005 Final Judgment and Decree of Divorce (incorporating Agreement) 50715-006 Final Judgment and Decree of Divorce (findings by the trier of fact) 50915-007 Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) 51215-008 Voluntary Dismissal 517
Chapter 16 - Income Deduction Orders 51916-001 Income Deduction Order 52016-002 Obligor’s Statement of Rights 522
Chapter 17 - Post-Judgment Relief/App eal 52517-001 Motion to Correct Clerical Error 52617-002 Motion for Reconsideration 52817-003 Response to Motion for Reconsideration 53017-004 Motion to Set Aside 53217-005 Response to Motion to Set Aside 53417-006 Motion for New Trial 53617-007 Response to Motion for New Trial 538
Chapter 18 - Modification 54118-001 Petition for Modification of Alimony 54218-002 Petition for Modification of Child Support 54418-003 Petition for Modification of Custody 54618-004 Petition for Modification of Visitation 54818-005 Proposed Order on Modification 55018-006 Final Consent Order on Modification 552
Chapter 19 - Domestication 55519-001 Petition for Domestication of Foreign Judgment 55619-002 Affidavit for Domestication 558
Chapter 20 - Paternity/Legitimation 56120-001 Petition for Paternity 56220-002 Petition for Legitimation 56420-003 Motion for Genetic Testing 56720-004 Response to Motion for Genetic Testing 56920-005 Order on Genetic Testing 57120-006 Order on Paternity 57320-007 Order on Legitimation 575
Chapter 21 - Name Change 57721-001 Petition for Name Change of Adult 57821-002 Petition for Name Change of Child 58021-003 Notice of Petition for Name Change of Adult 58221-004 Notice of Petition for Name Change of Child 58321-005 Proposed Order on Name Change of Adult 58521-006 Proposed Order on Name Change of Child 587
Chapter 22 - Legal Separation/Separate Maintenance 58922-001 Complaint for Separate Maintenance 59022-002 Order on Separate Maintenance 593
Chapter 23 - UCCJEA 59523-001 Petition for Expedited Enforcement of Child Custody 59623-002 Petition for Registration and Enforcement of Child Custody Decree 59923-003 Warrant to Take Physical Custody 60323-004 Confirmation of Registered Order 60623-005 Affidavit Pursuant to UCCJEA 608
Chapter 24 - UIFSA 61124-001 Uniform Support Petition 61224-002 Uniform Support Registration Order 61824-003 Notice of Determination of Controlling Order 62224-004 Notice of Registration of Support Order 62424-005 Confirmation of Registered Order 626
Chapter 25 - Fulton County Family Di vision 62925-001 Certificate of Joint Compliance 63025-002 Joint Compliance Worksheet 63225-003 Objection to Judicial Officer Presiding Over Hearing 63625-004 Fulton County Family Court Mandated Interrogatories 63825-005 Fulton County Family Court Mandated Documents to be Produced 64525-006 Letter to Court/Party re: Fulton County Family Court Rule 4000-6 650
Chapter 26 - Hague Convention 65326-001 Notice of Proceedings Under Hague Convention 65426-002 Declaration of Habitual Residence 65626-003 Order for Issuance of Warrant 65826-004 Motion to Stay Other Proceedings 661
Chapter 27 - Miscellaneous 66327-001 Antenuptial (Prenuptial) Agreement 66427-002 Attorney’s Lien 66727-003 Attorney’s Lien Satisfaction 66927-004 Petition for Emancipation (Juvenile Court) 67127-005 Report of Divorce 67427-006 New Client Interview Checklist 67627-007 Close File Checklist 68427-008 Confidentiality Order 688
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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  • Randall M. Kessler

Randall M. Kessler is the founder of Atlanta, Ga.-based Kessler & Solomiany LLC, a domestic relations boutique representing a variety of clients in domestic relations matters including athletes, celebrities, professionals, business leaders and dependent spouses or significant others.

He has been a commenter on high-profile divorce and family law issues for magazines and other media outlets including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, USA Today, The Today Show, CNN, ESPN, People magazine and Sports Illustrated.

In 2011, he was elected to serve simultaneously as chair of the Family Law Sections of the American Bar Association and the Georgia Bar Association.

He has taught a course in family law at John Marshall Law School in Atlanta for more than 10 years. He is the recipient of many awards, and in 2002 was named to the Daily Reports first On the Rise roster of lawyers under 40 worth watching.

Kessler & Solomiany LLC began in 1991 as The Law Offices of Randall M. Kessler. The firm has developed a national reputation for advocacy for its often high-profile family law clientele including athletes, entertainers and executives and those who depend on them.

The firm values community involvement and its members are active in local, state and national bar organizations including the American Bar Association, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, the State Bar of Georgia, the Atlanta, DeKalb, Cobb and Gwinnett Bar Associations and other legal organizations such as the Georgia Association of Women Lawyers, The Collaborative Law Institute of Georgia and the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown