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Telecommunications Quality of Service Management

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In today's increasingly competitive communications environment, Quality of Service (QoS) is of paramount importance in the battle to win market share. However, the enhanced expectations of customers and the introduction of many new services and technologies makes comprehending and meeting customer requirements a real challenge. Building on the issues covered in Quality of Service in Telecommunications (1997), this book examines the technical, service and human issues that need to be addressed in order to provide a level of QoS that will meet those requirements. One key objective is to increase the reader's understanding of the importance of QoS and to show how the concepts presented can be applied to the reader's own circumstances. The book provides a comprehensive overview of definitions and standards, frameworks and models, network performance, internet, mobile and satellite services, the impact on customers, external drivers, economics, fraud and security and future trends. The authors, established experts in their fields, have wide-ranging experience in both UK and US telecommunications companies, reflecting the global nature of this industry and the universal concept of QoS.

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- Section I: Introduction to Quality of Service
- Chapter 1: Quality
- Chapter 2: Quality of Service in telecommunications
- Section II: Framework
- Chapter 3: Four viewpoints of Quality of Service
- Chapter 4: Customers' Quality of Service requirements
- Chapter 5: Quality of Service offered/planned by the service provider
- Chapter 6: Quality of Service delivered by the service provider
- Chapter 7: Customer's perception of Quality of Service
- Section III: Existing and emerging network and services
- Chapter 8: Network evolution and its performance
- Chapter 9: Network performance engineering of legacy networks
- Chapter 10: Internet, Internet services and Quality of Service framework
- Chapter 11: Quality of Service for real-time Internet applications
- Chapter 12: Quality of Service for non-real-time Internet applications
- Chapter 13: Quality of Service in mobile communication systems
- Chapter 14: Quality of Service of satellite communications
- Section IV: Customer impact
- Chapter 15: Service surround and customer relationship management
- Chapter 16: Numbering and billing
- Chapter 17: Ergonomic considerations in the design of products and services
- Chapter 18: Telecommunication services for people with disabilities
- Section V: External drivers
- Chapter 19: Role of consumer and user groups
- Chapter 20: Role of regulation
- Chapter 21: Role of standards
- Section VI: Management of QoS
- Chapter 22: Comparisons of performance
- Chapter 23: Economics of quality of service
- Chapter 24: Telecommunications security
- Chapter 25: Telecommunications fraud
- Chapter 26: Management of Quality of Service
- Section VII: Future?
- Chapter 27: Architectural framework for study of Quality of Service
- Chapter 28: Quality of Service, the future
- Appendices
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Antony Oodan

Antony Oodan is a consultant on QoS in telecommunications. He spent 25 years with BT, where he was responsible for network performance measures. Prior to that, he was involved in the development of long life thermionic tubes for special applications, including the transatlantic cable. He is a physics graduate, a Chartered Manager and a Member of the IEEE.

Keith Ward

Keith Ward has been Visiting Professor of Telecommunications Business at University College London since January 1992. Prior to that, he spent 44 years with BT, progressing from engineering apprentice to Chief Engineer.

Catherine Savolaine

Catherine Savolaine is manager of the Service Performance Assurance Division of AT&T. She is responsible for quality planning and evaluation on service offerings over IP networks and hybrid IP/circuit switched networks. Ms Savolaine gained her BA in mathematics from Grove City College and MS in mathematics from Drexel University.

Mahmoud Daneshmand

Dr Mahmoud Daneshmand is Technology Leader, Chief Scientist Organization at AT&T Labs. He is also Affiliate Professor of the School of Technology Management and Adjunct professor of Computer Science at the Stevens Institute of Technology. Dr Daneshmand has a PhD and MA in statistics from UC Berkeley and an MS and BS in mathematics from the University of Tehran.

Peter Hoath

Peter Hoath is Head of Security at BT Retail. For almost 30 years with BT, he has been involved with network, product and system security and integrity and has represented BT in security forums both in the UK and internationally.

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