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The IEE in association with the IEEE and IERE organised an international specialist seminar on Advanced Signal Processing in Radar, Sonar and Communications, in September 1984. The Seminar was held at the University of Warwick and this book contains a collection of the papers presented. Some of the material is of a tutorial nature while some of it represents the latest state-of-the-art. Inevitably, because signal processing is limited by the components available, the subject matter ranges from the individual components and their impact on signal processing, through to the design and assessment of complete systems. The individual contributions come from industry, educational establishments and government research laboratories in the UK and the USA. The order of presentation in the book mainly follows the order in which the papers were presented at the seminar.

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- Chapter 1: Transmitter aerials
- Chapter 2: High power amplifier design for active sonar
- Chapter 3: Radar transmitters
- Chapter 4: Receiver array technology for sonar
- Chapter 5: New underwater acoustic sensors
- Chapter 6: Diversity techniques in communications receivers
- Chapter 7: GaAs IC amplifiers for radar and communication receivers
- Chapter 8: Integrated optical techniques for acousto-optic receivers
- Chapter 9: Logarithmic receivers
- Chapter 10: CCD processors for sonar
- Chapter 11: Learning from biological echo ranging systems?
- Chapter 12: Acousto-optic correlators
- Chapter 13: GaAs MESFET comparators for high speed Analog-to-Digital conversion
- Chapter 14: Designing in silicon
- Chapter 15: Very high performance integrated circuits
- Chapter 16: Very high speed integrated circuits (VHSIC) technology for digital signal processing applications
- Chapter 17: Digital filters
- Chapter 18: Display types
- Chapter 19: Scan converters in sonar
- Chapter 20: Display ergonomics
- Chapter 21: Simulators
- Chapter 22: High throughput sonar processors
- Chapter 23: Optical fibre systems for signal processing
- Chapter 24: Satellite communications
- Chapter 25: A VLSI array processor for image and signal processing
- Chapter 26: VHPIC for radar
- Chapter 27: High performance and high speed integrated devices in future sonar systems
- Chapter 28: Ada
- Chapter 29: Future for cryogenic devices for signal processing applications
- Chapter 30: Application of the ICL distributed array processor to radar signal processing
- Chapter 31: Advanced image understanding
- Chapter 32: Advanced signal processing aspects of automatic speech recognition
- Chapter 33: VLSI architectures for real-time image processing
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D.J. Creasey University of Birmingham, UK.

David Creasey joined GEC (Telecommunications) Limited, Coventry, on a 5-year apprenticeship. As part of this apprenticeship he attended Southampton University, where he graduated with a first-class honours degree in Electrical Engineering in 1961. In 1963, he was appointed Hirst Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham. In 1966 he was awarded his PhD for studies involving realiability in computing systems. Subsequently he became a lecturer, and then senior lecturer, in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Birmingham, where his main research interests have concerned signal processing for sonar systems. He is now Director of the Wolfson Underwater Acoustics Unit at the University. He has served on a number of outside bodies and is presently a member of the IEE Professional Group Committee E15 (Radar, Sonar, Navigation and Avionics).

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