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Location and Personalisation. Telecommunications

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The world is charging towards the new network technologies of broadband and 3G, and new application technologies face the challenge of where they can be used. This book takes a pragmatic look at two particular application technologies - location and personalisation - and presents an understanding of the technical and business impact of these technologies. With a combination of overview papers, detailed technical case studies and a deep understanding of actual implementatioof these services within a telecommunications environment, this book will help those wishing to deliver improved services based on these capabilities. Other key topics covered include CRM and content management.

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- Chapter 1: Personalisation - an Overview of its Use and Potential
- Chapter 2: An Overview of Location-Based Services
- Chapter 3: Locating Calls to the Emergency Services
- Chapter 4: Location-Based Services - an Overview of the Standards
- Chapter 5: Profiling - Technology
- Chapter 6: Service Personalisation and Beyond
- Chapter 7: Profiles - Analysis and Behaviour
- Chapter 8: Device Personalisation - Where Content Meets Device
- Chapter 9: Multilingual Information Technology
- Chapter 10: Smart Tools for Content Synthesis
- Chapter 11: Personalised Advertising - Exploiting the Distributed User
- Chapter 12: Personalisation and Web Communities
- Chapter 13: Location Information from the Cellular Network - an Overview
- Chapter 14: A Multi-Agent System to Support Location-Based Group
- Chapter 15: A Million Segments of One - How Personal Should Customer
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Daniel Ralph

Daniel Ralph is an engineering manager at BTexact Technologies, where he is responsible for a number of projects in the mobile applications arena. He works on application development, application integration and systems migration, and is also interested in the commercial, social and political implications associated with the impact of the knowledge society. Daniel is a member of the British Computer Society and is a Chartered Engineer. He has authored a number of journal papers and presented at conferences on the subject of delivering services via mobility portals and technologies of the mobile Internet.

Stephen Searby

Stephen Searby joined BT in 1979 and began work on an interactive video library for the BT switched-star cable television network. More recently he has been responsible for managing the development of content management and personalisation capabilities for Internet portals and leads research activities developing new personalisation technology. Stephen is a member of the IET, the Association for Project Management and the Society of Cable Telecommunication Engineers, and is a Chartered Engineer.

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