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Future Mobile Networks. Telecommunications

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This book explores the future of mobile communications networks from 3G trials, developments and products, to what will follow in the future. The increasing demands for services and higher quality continue to drive forward the technological capabilities. The implications of increasing mobile customer numbers on a global scale are investigated, as well as the convergence of mobile and the Internet, which, it is envisaged, will provide the next massive growth burst to the mobile market and 3G networks.

The book covers the evolution to support multimedia architecture from GSM to UMTS, voice and Internet multimedia in UMTS networks, 3G service control, the OSA API and related issues; and mobile standards which are a critical dependency for 3G and future developments. The book also explores the Virtual University Research Initiative on mobility, Virtual Centre of Excellence in mobile and personal communications, and BT's other mobile ventures and alliances in the mobile arena.

This book is essential reading for telecommunications engineers and managers, researchers and postgraduate students in communications who need to understand the expanding market expectations and the technological solutions available in this dynamic field.

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- Chapter 1: Virtual University Research Initiative
- Chapter 2: Virtual Centre of Excellence in Mobile and Personal Communications
- Chapter 3: 3G Products - What Will the Technology Enable?
- Chapter 4: The Development of Mobile is Critically Dependent on Standards
- Chapter 5: GSM to UMTS - Architecture Evolution to Support Multimedia
- Chapter 6: Voice and Internet Multimedia in UMTS Networks
- Chapter 7: 3G Service Control
- Chapter 8: The OSA API and Other Related Issues
- Chapter 9: Services via Mobility Portals
- Chapter 10: Terminal Developments and their Media Capabilities
- Chapter 11: The Future of Radio Access in 3G
- Chapter 12: Edge Mobility Architecture - Routing and Hand-off
- Chapter 13: 3G Trials and Developments
- Chapter 14: Professional Mobile Radio - the BT Airwave Service
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Alan Clapton

Alan Clapton was awarded a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of London in 1972 and has since worked in several different roles within BT. From 1989 to 1999 he worked in the cellular systems unit, leading a team developing mobile telecommunication network services. The team provided major technical resource and development for the network services and standard development within SMG and UMTS. Alan Clapton then led a team developing network service and application areas including, UMTS and Advanced IP, GSM, GPRS, IN, radio, and 3G standardisation and advanced solution trials. He then managed the technology strategy development within mobility and network services before starting in his current role. He is now leading a design team within BT Wireless responsible for developing the mobile systems for future development. The main activity is in the design and development of the 'all IP' solution for 3G in both network and service platforms. BT Wireless is an international leader in mobile communications. It is responsible for the development of all BT's global mobile services and direct in-country operations, as well as for BT's move into broadband mobile networks through the introduction of GPRS and 3G services globally.

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