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Antennas. Edition No. 3. Electromagnetics and Radar

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This is a professional level, introductory text on antenna principles, design, analysis, and measurements. It is especially suitable for persons who wish to improve their knowledge of antenna principles, concept design, performance analyses, and measurements. It is not a cookbook-like catalog for antenna design, nor does its understanding require a familiarity with electromagnetic theory, sophisticated mathematics, or complex computer techniques. The 3rd Edition updates and expands the original text by Lamont Blake, which was prepared at the undergraduate engineering, science, or technology level. For providing technical depth at the senior and graduate university levels, additions to the original book include a greatly expanded Chapter 7 on Antennas with Special Properties, a brand new Chapter 8 on Electronically Steered Arrays, and a revised Chapter 9 on Measurements. Also new to this edition are numerous appendices to the updated text.

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- Chapter 1: Electromagnetic Waves
- Chapter 2: Transmission Lines
- Chapter 3: Antenna Parameters
- Chapter 4: Basic Radiators and Feed Methods
- Chapter 5: Arrays
- Chapter 6: Reflectors and Lenses
- Chapter 7: Antennas with Special Properties
- Chapter 8: Electronically Steered Arrays
- Chapter 9: Antenna Measurements
- Appendix A: Maxwell's Equations
- Appendix B: Polarization Theory
- Appendix C: Review of Complex-Variable Algebra
- Appendix D: Complex Reflection Coefficients and Multipath Effects
- Appendix E: Radomes
- Appendix F: Far-Zone Range-Approximation and Phase Error
- Appendix G: Radiating Near and Far Fields, and the Obliquity Factor
- Appendix H: Path Length Differences from a Planar Aperture
- Appendix I: Effects of Random Aperture Phase Errors
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Lamont V. Blake
Maurice W. Long Private Radar Consultant.
Southern Polytechnic State University, USA.

Maurice Long, Ph.D. is currently a private radar consultant and adjunct faculty at Southern Polytechnic State University, Marietta, GA. While at Georgia Institute of Technology, he managed the development of a number of radar systems and held positions of principal research engineer, professor of electrical engineering, and Director of the Engineering Experiment Station, now known as Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI).

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