Global Perimeter Security Market Insights, Opportunity Analysis, Market Shares and Forecast 2017 - 2023

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The Global Perimeter Security Market Is Estimated To Reach $21,000 Million By 2020 Growing At the CAGR Of 8% During 2015-2021


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  • Axis Communications AB
  • cyberArk
  • Fiber Sensys Inc.
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The global perimeter security market is driven by various factors such as growing investments in security systems, increasing government regulations for perimeter security, and various technological trends in video surveillance. However, reliability and high cost constraints are the major restraints for adoption of the perimeter security solutions among various industries. The companies are majorly focusing on R&D and investments in development of new technologies in order to expand the scope of perimeter security systems. Some of the major players in the market include; Anixter International, Axis Communications AB, Honeywell International Inc., Senstar, Xtralis, and Fiber Sensys Inc.

Perimeter security systems are electronic security systems that are installed in the outdoor premises in order to protect the external perimeter of a facility. Governments across the world are making significant efforts to initiate various smart city projects, keeping security as the main focus. Thus, perimeter security market is expected to boost by the emerging demand for smart infrastructure. While thermal cameras and video analytics are most preferred solutions other solutions, such as coax and fiber fence sensors, microwave, seismic sensors and radar are also experiencing significant growth. Significant innovations in security cameras to get more precise and clear picture are the major drivers for the market growth.

The report segmented global perimeter security market on the basis of solutions, services, industries and region. The country level analysis of each geographical region is the USP of our report. The analysis of the report is based on various parameters such as CCTV and video surveillance equipment revenue geographically, market growth of metal detector and scanners, Market growth of intrusion detection and so on. The data is collected through primary and secondary research. The report provides detailed analysis of key market players and their strategies.

Companies profiles include
1. Anixter International
2. Axis Communications AB
3. Honeywell International Inc.
4. Senstar
5. Xtralis
6. Cias
7. Fiber Sensys Inc.
8. Puretech Systems
9. Rbtec Perimeter Security Systems
10. Southwest Microwave Inc.
11. Tyco Systems
12. United Technologies Corporation
13. Schneider Electric SE
14. FLIR Systems Inc.
15. Advanced perimeter systems Ltd
16. AV tech
17. CNB technology
18. Kodicom
19. ActivIdentity
20. cyberArk
21. Breifcam
22. FST21
23. ABS consulting
24. Door king Inc
25. L-3 Klein associate
26. Dirak Inc
27. Dramex international Inc
28. Total security solutions
29. HIS sensing
30. Fiber sensys Inc

This Research report covers
1. Historical data
2.Revenue forecasts, growth rates and CAGR up to 2021
3.Industry Analysis
4.Competitive Analysis
5. Key geographic growth data

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  • ABS consulting
  • Axis Communications AB
  • cyberArk
  • Fiber Sensys Inc.
  • Kodicom
  • Senstar
  • MORE
Chapter 1. Introduction
1.1. Executive Summary
1.2. Estimation Methodology

Chapter 2. Market Overview
2.1. Market Definition And Scope
2.2. Key Findings
2.3. Parametric Analysis
2.3.1. CCTV And Video Surveillance Equipment Revenue Geographically
2.3.2. Market Growth of Metal Detector And Scanners
2.3.3. Market Growth of Intrusion Detection
2.4. Key Market Insights
2.4.1. Top 3 Emerging Countries
2.4.2. Top 3 Revenue Generating Segments
2.4.3. Top Growing Markets And Emerging Trends
2.4.4. Top 3 Geography
2.5. Competitive Landscape
2.5.1. Market Share Analysis
2.5.2. Top Winning Strategies
2.5.3. Case Studies: Top Competitive Moves
2.6. Porter’s Five Force Model
2.6.1. Threat of New Entrants
2.6.2. Threat of Substitute Products Or Services
2.6.3. Bargaining Power of Buyer
2.6.4. Bargaining Power of Supplier
2.6.5. Intensity of Competitive Rivalry
2.7. Key Buying Criteria
2.8. Strategic Recommendation
2.9. Strategic Conclusions

Chapter 3. Market Determinants
3.1. Market Drivers
3.1.1. Heavy Investment in Security Systems
3.1.2. Mature And High Aware market
3.1.3. High Rate of Perimeter Intrusions
3.1.4. Increasing Government Regulations On Security
3.1.5. Cost Reduction in Manpower
3.2. Market Restraints
3.2.1. Reliability And High Cost Constraints
3.3. Opportunity
3.3.1. Emerging Market of Video Surveillance
3.3.2. Evolution of Next-Generation Integrated Systems
3.3.3. Growth in Emerging Regions
3.4. Market Challenges
3.4.1. High Deployment Rate for SME’s

Chapter 4. Sector Analysis
4.1. Parent Market
4.2. Competitors Market
4.3. Alternative Market

Chapter 5. Market Segmentation
5.1. By Services
5.1.1. Integration And Design
5.1.2. Risk Management Services
5.1.3. Support And Maintenance
5.1.4. Managed Services
5.2. By Industries
5.2.1. Aerospace And Defense
5.2.2. Transportation And Logistics
5.2.3. Others
5.2.4. Commercial Buildings/Complexes
5.2.5. Critical Infrastructure
5.2.6. Government
5.2.7. Correctional Facilities
5.2.8. Industrial
5.3. By Solutions
5.3.1. Access Control
5.3.2. Intrusion Detection Sensors
5.3.3. Video Surveillance
5.3.4. Mass Notification/Emergency Notification System

Chapter 6. Geographical Analysis
6.1. North America Perimeter Security market,20142021,($Millions)
6.1.1. United States (U.S.) Perimeter Security Market,20142021,($Millions)
6.1.2. Canada Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
6.2. Europe Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
6.2.1. United Kingdom (Uk) Perimeter Security Market,20142021,($Millions)
6.2.2. France Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
6.2.3. Germany Perimeter Security market,2014-2021,($Millions)
6.2.4. Spain Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
6.2.5. Italy Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
6.2.6. Roe Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
6.3. Asia Pacific Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
6.3.1. India Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
6.3.2. China Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
6.3.3. Japan Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
6.3.4. Korea Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
6.3.5. Australia Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
6.3.6. Roapac Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
6.4. Rest of the World Perimeter Security Market,20142021,($Millions)
6.4.1. Latin America Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
6.4.2. Mena Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
6.4.3. Africa Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
6.5. Anixter International
6.6. Axis Communications Ab
6.7. Honeywell International, Inc.
6.8. Senstar
6.9. Xtralis
6.10. Cias
6.11. Fiber Sensys, Inc
6.12. Puretech Systems
6.13. Rbtec Perimeter Security Systems
6.14. Southwest Microwave, Inc
6.15. Tyco Systems
6.16. United Technologies Corporation
6.17. Schneider Electric Se
6.18. Flir Systems Inc.
6.19. Advanced Perimeter Systems Ltd
6.20. Av Tech
6.21. Cnb Technology
6.22. Kodicom
6.23. Actividentity
6.24. Cyberark
6.25. Breifcam
6.26. Fst21
6.27. Abs Consulting
6.28. Door King Inc
6.29. L-3 Klein Associate
6.30. Dirak Inc
6.31. Dramex International Inc
6.32. Total Security Solutions
6.33. His Sensing
6.34. Fiber Sensys Inc

Table List
Table 1 Perimeter Security By Services Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Table 2 Perimeter Security Integration And Design Market,20142021,($Millions)
Table 3 Perimeter Security Risk Management Services Market,20142021,($Millions)
Table 4 Perimeter Security Support And Maintenance Market,20142021,($Millions)
Table 5 Perimeter Security Managed Services Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Table 6 Perimeter Security By Industries Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Table 7 Perimeter Security Aerospace And Defense Market,20142021,($Millions)
Table 8 Perimeter Security Transportation And Logistics Market,20142021,($Millions)
Table 9 Perimeter Security Others Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Table 10 Perimeter Security Commercial Buildings/Complexes Market,20142021,($Millions)
Table 11 Perimeter Security Critical Infrastructure Market,20142021,($Millions)
Table 12 Perimeter Security Government Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Table 13 Perimeter Security Correctional Facilities Market,20142021,($Millions)
Table 14 Perimeter Security Industrial Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Table 15 Perimeter Security By Solutions Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Table 16 Perimeter Security Access Control Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Table 17 Perimeter Security Intrusion Detection Sensors Market,20142021,($Millions)
Table 18 Perimeter Security Video Surveillance Market,20142021,($Millions)
Table 19 Perimeter Security Mass Notification/Emergency Notification System Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Table 20 North America Perimeter Securitymarket,2014-2021,($Millions)
Table 21 Europe Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Table 22 Asia Pacific Perimeter Securitymarket,2014-2021,($Millions)
Table 23 Rest of the World Perimeter Security Market,20142021,($Millions)

Figures List
Figure 1 Perimeter Security By Services Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Figure 2 Perimeter Security By Industries Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Figure 3 Perimeter Security By Solutions Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Figure 4 United States (U.S.)Perimeter Security Market,20142021,($Millions)
Figure 5 Canada Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Figure 6 United Kingdom (Uk)Perimeter Security Market,20142021,($Millions)
Figure 7 France Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Figure 8 Germany Perimeter Securitymarket,2014-2021,($Millions)
Figure 9 Spain Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Figure 10 Italy Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Figure 11 Roe Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Figure 12 India Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Figure 13 China Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Figure 14 Japan Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Figure 15 Korea Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Figure 16 Australia Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Figure 17 Roapac Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Figure 18 Latin America Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Figure 19 Mena Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
Figure 20 Africa Perimeter Security Market,2014-2021,($Millions)
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- ABS consulting
- ActivIdentity
- Advanced perimeter systems Ltd
- Anixter International
- AV tech
- Axis Communications AB
- Breifcam
- Cias
- CNB technology
- cyberArk
- Dirak Inc
- Door king Inc
- Dramex international Inc
- Fiber Sensys Inc.
- FLIR Systems Inc.
- FST21
- HIS sensing
- Honeywell International Inc.
- Kodicom
- L-3 Klein associate
- Puretech Systems
- Rbtec Perimeter Security Systems
- Schneider Electric SE
- Senstar
- Southwest Microwave Inc.
- Total security solutions
- Tyco Systems
- United Technologies Corporation
- Xtralis
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown