A Study on Vietnam Agricultural Machinery

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Over the past few years, Vietnam’s agriculture production has made significant achievements, contributing to economic development, poverty reduction, trade balance, reducing inflation, defending the territory as well as stabilizing socio-political situation in Vietnam. Vietnam’s workforce has grown at 1.07% in the last 5 years whereas Agriculture workforce has grown at 0.24% during the same period. Around 45% of the land in Vietnam is irrigated. Irrigation is achieved primarily through gravity flow and hand pumps. It also a high share of mechanization through powered pumps as compared to other SE Asian countries. Sugarcane, Paddy and Cassava are the major crops of Vietnam with total crop production being grown at a CAGR of 3.92% in the last 5 years.

Machines are essential to the industrialization and modernization of Vietnam’s agricultural sector and new rural development as it helps in increasing the value, productivity, and quality of agricultural products. Land preparation is the most mechanized agriculture process in Vietnam like Thailand, especially for Rice, Paddy. All other process like Harvesting, Sowing have low mechanization. Water pumps also have significant mechanization compared to other countries. Farm mechanization stands at at 1.6 HP/Ha, with high mechanization for tractor and tillers.
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1. Vietnam Farm machinery market overview

2. Vietnam GDP & Agriculture contribution to GDP

3. Vietnam total workforce and Agriculture

4. Vietnam total area and agriculture area

5. Vietnam agriculture economy growth

6. Vietnam climate and weather pattern

7. Vietnam key crops

8. Vietnam farming pattern

9. Vietnam irrigation & mechanization status

10. Vietnam key crops

11. Vietnam farming pattern

12. Vietnam Irrigation & Mechanization status

13. Drivers and Inhibitors of agricultural Machinery market in Vietnam
13.1 Power Tiller split by production
13.2 Power Tiller split by country
13.3 Power Tiller split by HP
13.4 Power Tiller split by players

14. Vietnam tractor market
14.1 Tractor split by production
14.2 Imported tractor split by country
14.3 Tractor split by HP
14.4 Tractor split by players

15. Company profiling: Players of tractor and power tiller market
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