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VMware Certified Professional Data Center Virtualization on vSphere 6.7 Study Guide. Exam 2V0-21.19. Edition No. 1

  • Book
  • 640 Pages
  • October 2020
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
  • ID: 3610011
Master vSphere 6 virtualization with hands-on practice and bonus preview exams

VCP6-DCV: VMware Certified Professional-Data Center Virtualization on vSphere 6 Study Guide is your ultimate guide to preparing for exam 2VO-621. This Study Guide provides 100% coverage of all exam objectives and offers a unique set of study tools including assessment tests, objective map, real-world scenarios, hands-on exercises, and much more so you can be confident come exam day. You will also receive access to the superior Sybex interactive online learning environment that provides additional study tools including electronic flashcards and bonus practice exams. More than just a study guide, this book bridges the gap between exam prep and real-world on the job skills by focusing on the key information VMware professionals need to do the job. You'll master the vCenter Server and ESXi from planning and installation through upgrade and security, and develop an in-depth understanding of vSphere networking and storage, vApp deployment, service level establishment, troubleshooting, monitoring implementation, and so much more. - Study 100% of exam 2V0-621 objectives - Practice your skills with hands-on exercises - Gain professional insight from real-world scenarios - Test your understanding with review questions, practice tests, and more

Virtualization is the number-one IT priority for organizations across public and private sectors, and VMware is the dominant force in the virtualization space. The VCP6-DCV certification gives you a highly marketable credential in terms of employment, but first you must pass this challenging exam. VCP6-DCV gives you the power of Sybex exam prep and the skills you need to excel at the job.

Table of Contents

Introduction xxi

Assessment Test xxxi

Chapter 1 What’s New in vSphere 6.7 1

Accessing vSphere 2

VMware vSphere Client 2

Application Programming Interface 8

Topology and UI Updates for VCSA 8

External Platform Services Controller 8

Update Manager 10

Storage Updates 18

Persistent Memory 19

Remote Direct Memory Access 19

vSAN 20

Security Updates 22

Virtual Machines 24

Content Library 24

Per-VM EVC 40

Summary 41

Exam Essentials 42

Review Questions 43

Chapter 2 Configuring and Administering Security in a vSphere Datacenter 47

Configuring and Administering Role-Based Access Controls 49

What Is a Privilege? 49

What Is a Task? 49

What Is a Role? 50

Assigning Permissions 54

Viewing and Exporting Group and User Permissions 70

Securing ESXi Hosts and the vCenter Server 72

Hardening ESXi Hosts 72

Hardening vCenter Server 87

Configuring and Enabling SSO and Identity Sources 88

vCenter Single Sign-On 89

Platform Services Controller 91

Configuring vCenter Single Sign-On 93

Securing Virtual Machines 96

Secure Boot 96

Virtual Machine Encryption 96

Virtual Machine Hardening 106

vSphere Network Security 117

Summary 118

Exam Essentials 118

Review Questions 119

Chapter 3 Networking in vSphere 123

Understanding vSphere Networking 124

Standard Switches 125

Virtual Distributed Switches 127

Using dvPort Groups 138

Working with Virtual Adapters 144

Custom TCP/IP Stacks 147

Long-Distance vMotion 151

Migrating Virtual Machines to or from a vDS 151

Performance and Reliability 151

Link Aggregation 152

Load Balancing and Failover Policies 153

Traffic Shaping 154

TCP Segmentation Offload 155

Jumbo Frames 155

Network Isolation 158

Automatic Rollback 159

Monitoring and Mirroring 163

Using NetFlow 164

Understanding Network I/O Control 165

Configuring NIOC Reservations, Shares, and Limits 166

Summary 170

Exam Essentials 171

Review Questions 172

Chapter 4 Storage in vSphere 177

Managing vSphere Integration with Physical Storage 178

Adding an NFS Datastore 179

Using Block Storage 186

Configuring the Software iSCSI Initiator 187

Binding VMkernels to the Software iSCSI Initiator 189

Scanning for Changes 192

Storage Filters 193

Thin Provisioning 194

Storage Multipathing and Failover 196

Configuring and Upgrading VMFS and NFS 203

Configuring VMFS Datastores 207

Raw Device Mapping and Bus Sharing 214

Configuring Software-Defined Storage 217

Virtual Storage Area Network 217

Virtual Volumes 225

Storage Policy-Based Management 229

Enabling and Configuring Storage I/O Control 230

Summary 233

Exam Essentials 234

Review Questions 235

Chapter 5 Upgrading a vSphere Deployment 239

Upgrading from vSphere 5.5 240

Upgrading a vCenter Server on Windows 244

Verify Basic Compatibility and Download the Installer 245

Prepare the Database for Upgrade 245

Prepare for Upgrading the Content Library 247

Verify Network Prerequisites, Load Balancer, and ESXI Hosts 247

Starting the vCenter on Windows Upgrade 247

Migrating to the vCenter Server Appliance 252

Upgrading Using the Command Line 252

Upgrading Using the Graphical Interface 253

Upgrading ESXi Hosts and Virtual Machines 264

Using the Update Manager Download Service 264

Using vSphere Update Manager 265

Summary 284

Exam Essentials 285

Review Questions 286

Chapter 6 Allocating Resources in a vSphere Datacenter 291

Administering and Managing vSphere 6.x Resources 293

Configuring Multilevel Resource Pools 295

Reservations, Limits, and Shares 296

Resource Pool Administration Exercises 303

Using Tags and Custom Attributes 308

Configuring vSphere DRS and Storage DRS Clusters 315

Distributed Resource Scheduler 316

Predictive DRS 318

Network-Aware DRS 320

Storage DRS 322

Establishing Affinity and Anti-Affinity 322

DRS Cluster Administration Exercises 324

Summary 342

Exam Essentials 343

Review Questions 344

Chapter 7 Backing Up and Recovering a vSphere Deployment 349

VCSA Backup and Restore 350

Backing Up Virtual Machines by Using VDP 357

Installing VDP 358

Creating Backup Jobs 361

Restoring from Backup 365

Deploying Proxy Servers 368

Replicating Virtual Machines 376

Deploying a Replication Appliance 376

Configuring Replication 378

Recovering Replicated VMs 382

Summary 387

Exam Essentials 387

Review Questions 388

Chapter 8 Troubleshooting a vSphere Deployment 393

Troubleshooting vCenter and ESXi 394

vCenter Connectivity and Services 394

vCenter Certificates 399

vCenter Log Files 399

ESXi Troubleshooting 403

ESXi Monitoring 407

Troubleshooting Storage and Networking 413

Storage Issues 413

Storage Performance 416

Storage DRS and I/O Control 417

Network Issues 418

Troubleshooting Upgrades 421

Troubleshooting Virtual Machines 421

Troubleshooting HA and DRS 425

Summary 426

Exam Essentials 427

Review Questions 428

Chapter 9 Deploying and Customizing ESXi Hosts 433

Configuring Auto Deploy 434

Enabling PXE Boot 435

Configuring DHCP 435

Configuring TFTP 436

Enabling Auto Deploy 437

Adding Deploy Rules 440

Adding a Custom Image and Profile 442

Stateless Caching and Stateful Installs 442

Employing Host Profiles 452

Creating and Using Host Profiles 453

Importing and Exporting Host Profiles 457

Advanced Profile Modifications 458

Using Answer Files 461

Summary 468

Exam Essentials 468

Review Questions 469

Chapter 10 Ensuring High Availability for vSphere Clusters and the VCSA 475

Configuring vSphere Cluster High Availability 476

HA Failures and Responses 477

Host Isolation 478

Heartbeat Datastores 479

Advanced Options 480

Configuring VMCP 482

Monitoring Virtual Machines 483

Admission Control 486

vCenter Server Appliance High Availability 499

Summary 511

Exam Essentials 512

Review Questions 514

Chapter 11 Administering and Managing vSphere Virtual Machines 519

Virtual Machine Advanced Settings 520

Virtual Machine Configuration File 522

Advanced Virtual Machine Options 528

Content Library 537

VMware Converter 546

Summary 558

Exam Essentials 558

Review Questions 559

Appendix Answers to Review Questions 565

Chapter 1: What’s New in vSphere 6.7 566

Chapter 2: Configuring and Administering Security in a vSphere Datacenter 567

Chapter 3: Networking in vSphere 569

Chapter 4: Storage in vSphere 570

Chapter 5: Upgrading a vSphere Deployment 571

Chapter 6: Allocating Resources in a vSphere Datacenter 573

Chapter 7: Backing Up and Recovering a vSphere Deployment 575

Chapter 8: Troubleshooting a vSphere Deployment 577

Chapter 9: Deploying and Customizing ESXi Hosts 578

Chapter 10: Ensuring High Availability for vSphere Clusters and the VCSA 579

Chapter 11: Administering and Managing vSphere Virtual Machines 581

Index 583


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