Cloud Services in Asia Pacific: Global Consolidation and Evolving Provider Specialization

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Key Findings
- Global and regional cloud services will continue to evolve in terms of both technology development and ongoing progress in go-to-market strategies and business models.

- Cloud services are reaching a new stage, as mainstream enterprises begin to consider longer-term strategies and operationally important workloads for on-demand environments.

- Providers are still struggling with how to grow revenues successfully in cloud. For some, this means refocusing their efforts on specific types customers (e.g. particular verticals), and retrenching to build integrated solutions that meet customers' technical and compliance requirements. Elsewhere, providers are deciding to divest cloud from other business units: HP and CSC are two examples. In still other cases, the provider make acquisitions to fill in gaps in its portfolio (e.g., VMware's Virtustream acquisition).

- Cloud providers are also considering how they can help customers preserve their legacy investments while modernizing their infrastructures. This paves the way for hybrid IT approaches, in which they support remote infrastructure management, and continue to sell conventional colocation and hosting services.

'Cloud Services in Asia Pacific: Global Consolidation and Evolving Provider Specialization,' a Telecom Insider Report by Pyramid Research, analyzes the market for cloud services in Asia-Pacific. It provides an overview of how the cloud market is evolving in the Asia-Pacific region and in global market to cater to the rising demand of innovative cloud services. The report provides a detailed analysis of market drivers that are motivating enterprises to adopt cloud along with study of evolution of ecosystem between cloud providers and adjacent industries.

The report is organized as follows:
- Market context: This section examines the evolution of cloud services to meet up the rising demand by enterprises to fulfill need of their strategic engagements.

- Market drivers: Key approaches to cloud innovation, Globally and in Asia Pacific: This section examines more specifically the markets drivers that are stirring innovation in cloud services such as economies of cloud adoption, evolving ecosystems, advancing the enterprise agenda and the quest for differentiation.

- Market detail: Case studies: It includes four case studies explaining strategies, goals and monetization plans of cloud provider with brief about innovation in their cloud services.

- Key findings and recommendations: This section provides the report's findings on cloud market, along with Pyramid Research's recommendations for IT and communication service providers as well as for technology vendors.

Reasons To Buy
- This Telecom insider helps executives build proactive, profitable growth strategies by offering comprehensive, relevant analysis of the global and APAC enterprise cloud services market opportunity, competitive environment and best practices for telcos and equipment vendors.

- The competitive landscape and the most successful strategies are given extra attention, enabling local players or prospective market entrants to gain the insight they need.

- The broad but detailed perspective will help telcos, equipment vendors and other telecom industry players to succeed in the challenging enterprise cloud services sector across the APAC region.

- The report is designed for an executive-level audience, boasting presentation quality that allows it to be turned into presentable material immediately.
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Market context
Market drivers: Key approaches to cloud innovation, globally and in Asia Pacific
- The economics of adoption
- Evolving ecosystems
- Advancing the enterprise agenda
- The quest for differentiation Market detail: Case studies
- Case No.1: Microsoft Azure
- Case No.2: Aliyun/Alibaba
- Case No.3: Amazon Web Services
- Case No.4: IBM Key findings and recommendations
Appendix: Acronyms and definitions
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- The demand for cloud computing - and associated storage and platform services - is soaring. At its current trajectory, some investment firms predict the global market for cloud services to reach US$150 billion in the next seven years. Even leading security-conscious government entities have begun adopting cloud services, benefiting from their favorable economics.

- The world’s largest emergent global cloud providers - Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft and Google - are being challenged by global IT services companies including IBM and HP. Their respective leverage include economies of scale and trusted large enterprise relationships. Asia-region competitors including Aliyun and NTT Com demonstrate alternative routes: These companies can mix a low cost base, domestic relationships and advanced technology to carve out cloud markets.

- Cloud providers work off a group of standard cloud stacks. They aim to differentiate in areas such as provisioning automation fronted by powerful yet easy-to-use customer portals. Many are jostling to be the ‘single pane of glass’ that can manage multiple cloud environments for enterprises, among them Cisco Intercloud, HP Helion, CSC Agility and BT’s “cloud of clouds”.

- In Asia as elsewhere, the overall data center trend is consolidation. Aliyun and NTT Com are making investments and acquisitions in-region and abroad. Global operators such as Equinix are acquiring facilities to fit their models. Other providers are partnering in the region to extend their reach with in-region providers, including Telstra, CenturyLink and Verizon.

This report examines how global and Asia-Pacific cloud services are evolving to meet the up-swell in business demand. It investigates the motivations for enterprises to adopt these services, and potential concerns holding them back; and looks at the partnering and ecosystems between cloud providers and adjacent industries. Finally, it includes four case studies featuring Microsoft, Aliyun, AWS and IBM.
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