Retail Banking Market Insights: Norway

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The Banking Sector in Norway is Concentrated, with the Top Three Providers Accounting for 59% of Main Current Accounts


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Norway has a developed, well diversified, and stable financial system. The market for financial services is concentrated, with a handful of large banks controlling a significant market share. Product ownership rates are high for mortgages and current and savings accounts. Consumers are generally conservative in their choice of provider, with a bias towards providers they have an existing relationship with. The market should open up to new entrants in order to encourage greater competition within the sector.

Key Findings:

- The banking sector in Norway is concentrated, with the top three providers accounting for 59% of main current accounts.
- Norwegian consumers tend to choose providers on the basis of reputational factors and an existing relationship.
- 11% consumers in Norway have switched their accounts in the last 12 months, which is the highest in the region. However, it is still below the global average.
- Norwegian savers are cautious, with around two-thirds saving to protect themselves against unforeseen events and over a third saving for financial investment. A desire for value for money is among the top three consumer characteristics.
- The mortgage market in Norway will grow rapidly over the next five years (2015-19). The high rate of mortgage ownership (57%) suggests that Norwegian households have relatively broad access to mortgage credit.
- Norway's mortgage balances outstanding totalled NOK 1.74tn in 2014, up from NOK1.21tn in 2009.
- Around a third of consumers in Norway have a personal loan and consumer lending is dependent on overall economic development. The personal loans market is dominated by DNB, Sparebank 1 Gruppen, and Santander, with almost 42% of loans held with these two providers.
- More than two thirds of the population use smartphones in Norway, implying a large potential market for mobile-delivered financial services. Continued investment in Norway's banking infrastructure is the key to progress.


- Retail Banking Country Snapshot: Norway is a review of the retail banking sector in Norway, with a particular focus on the current account, savings, mortgage, and personal loan markets. It includes both market-level data and insight from our global consumer survey.
- Overview of Norway's banking sector.
- Insight into consumer preferences in Norway and the reasons for taking out and using their financial products and how this has evolved in recent years.
- Discover which providers dominate the current account, savings, mortgage, and loan markets and the different factors persuading customers to choose them.
- Examination of the extent to which consumers are using online and mobile channels to research, take out, and use their financial products.

Reasons to Purchase:

- Futureproof your strategy with market sizing, forecasts, and analysis of key developments currently affecting Norway's retail banking sector.
- Target consumers with inside knowledge of their true behaviors and attitudes, with detailed analysis from our proprietary insight.
- Learn about the impact new entrants and distribution channels will have on the market.
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  • Bank 2
  • Danske bank
  • DNB
  • Nordea
  • Pareto bank
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2. Savings Accounts
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5. Bank Infrastructure And Regulation
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- Bank 2
- Danske bank
- Nordea
- Pareto bank
- SEB and Norges Bank
- Santander
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- Sparebank 1 Gruppen
- Sparebanken vest
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