The Art of Digital Marketing. The Definitive Guide to Creating Strategic, Targeted, and Measurable Online Campaigns

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"Vodafone′s marketing community has responded well to the DMI offer. In particular the content is relevant and up to date, it′s global and the opportunity to gain a recognized certification that complements the existing skill–set is highly attractive." Mohsin Ghafoor, Vodafone

From the Digital Marketing Institute comes a key resource that not only corresponds with the Institute′s certification program but will also enlighten and inspire anyone who is interested in accessing the power of digital marketing. The Art of Digital Marketing is designed to be both practical and comprehensive. It contains the key concepts of digital marketing, the best practices of leaders in the field, and offers a review of the most current trends. In addition, the text offers a wealth of action plans and exercises that are designed to develop the skills needed to become effective digital marketers that produce consistent measurable results.

Discover why the key to reaching today′s empowered customers is to "Start with the customer and work backwards." Digital marketing departs from outdated marketing techniques and The Art of Digital Marketing offers a proven framework that outlines a clear pathway for reaching and retaining empowered consumers.

The Art of Digital Marketing shows how to attract customers by talking to your customer through their cellphone, exciting their imagination with Digital Display masterpieces, delving into their psyche through SEO research, and intriguing them with email marketing that speaks to their own particular interests.

This essential resource is written for a new breed of marketing professionals who recognize the power of the individual, and who understand and appreciate how digital works to implement customer–centric marketing strategies.

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Preface vii

Chapter 1 An Introduction to Digital Marketing 1

What Makes This Book Different? 1

Start with the Customer and Work Backward 2

What Are the 3i Principles? 4

Chapter 2 Search Engine Optimization 7

An Introduction 7

Search Engine Result Pages: Positioning 9

Search Behavior 11

Stage 1: Goals 14

Stage 2: On–Page Optimization 16

Stage 3: Off–Page Optimization 34

Stage 4: Analyze 38

So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter? 41

Chapter 3 Pay Per Click 45

An Introduction 45

Stage 1: Goals 47

Stage 2: Setup 51

Stage 3: Manage 76

Stage 4: Analyze 81

So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter? 87

Chapter 4 Digital Display Advertising 91

An Introduction 91

Display Advertising: An Industry Overview 93

Stage 1: Define 98

Stage 2: Format 101

Stage 3: Configure 111

Stage 4: Analyze 114

So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter? 118

Chapter 5 Email Marketing 121

An Introduction 121

Stage 1: Data Email Marketing Process 123

Stage 2: Design and Content 134

Stage 3: Delivery 141

Stage 4: Discovery 143

So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter? 149

Chapter 6 Social Media Marketing (Part 1) 153

An Introduction 153

Stage 1: Goals 155

Stage 2: Channels 158

So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter? 183

Chapter 7 Social Media Marketing (Part 2) 187

An Introduction 187

Stage 3: Implementation 188

Stage 4: Analyze 228

Laws and Guidelines 244

So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter? 246

Chapter 8 Mobile Marketing 249

An Introduction 249

Stage 1: Opportunity 251

Stage 2: Optimize 254

Stage 3: Advertise 266

Stage 4: Analyze 278

So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter? 283

Chapter 9 Analytics 287

An Introduction 287

Stage 1: Goals 289

Stage 2: Setup 291

Stage 3: Monitor 296

Stage 4: Analyze 313

So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter? 326

Chapter 10 Strategy and Planning 331

An Introduction 331

Stage 1: Approach 333

Stage 2: Audience 338

Stage 3: Activities 345

Stage 4: Analysis 352

So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter? 355

Conclusion 357

Acknowledgments 359

Glossary 361

Additional Resources 369

About the Digital Marketing Institute 371

About the Author 373

Index 375

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IAN DODSON is Co–founder and Director of the Digital Marketing Institute. The Institute has defined a set of qualifications for the digital marketing industry which are now the most widely taught global certifications available in over 70 countries worldwide. These qualifications act as an educational and professional pathway for students, educators and employers.

Passionate about student centric outcomes and an advocate of education and digital literacy, Ian believes digital technologies are enabling tools for raising economic and social standards globally.

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