North America Green Data Center Market - By Deployment Model, End User Industry, Vendors And Geography - Forecasts And Trends (2016 - 2021)

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The large amount of equipment present in a data center to supply power and cooling along with often automatic fire extinguishing systems requires a significant amount of power which makes power is a very important component of the expenses incurred in running a DataCenter. The industry uses 2% of all electricity generated worldwide and data centers inject 259 million metric tons of carbon into the atmosphere. The cost of power is unpredictably rising, accounting for 20% to 60% of operating expenses over the life of a data center. This is driving the need for green data centers.

The drive towards sustainability has seen strong growth in Canada, partly on the basis of government promotion of energy-efficiency measures, including Energy Star. The size of the United States market means that any increase is likely to be restrained and regionalized. Sustainability is now a global issue although the two most established regions of the world – Europe and North America – come out slightly ahead in terms of sustainability commitment, there is little separating the five regions in terms of either metric.

The growth is data center market is evident and is reflected in the fact that companies are expanding their businesses all over the world. OVH is adding capacity to its data center just outside of Montreal using a container with 10,000 servers. The European hosting giant opened the facility last year to serve North American customers. It now touts 50,000 hosting customers in the region and is adding 10,000 additional servers to meet the demand. The company raised $181 million to build data centers in North America. It focuses on green design and has taken a unique approach, overseeing every aspect of the manufacturing process.

The report analyses the market based on application segregated by various end user industries like BFSI, Heathcare, Government, Energy and Power and Information Technology across the major geographies of the world. Detailed market shares are given and forecasts for the next five years are estimated. The major companies in the market like Dell, Eaton, HP among others are studied and their strategies are analysed. Recent developments and their impact on the market are analysed.

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1. Key Findings Of The Study

2. Executive Summary

3. Market Overview
3.1 Market Segmentation
3.2 Overview
3.3 Ind US try Value Chain Analysis
3.4 Ind US try Attractiveness – Porter’S 5 Force Analysis
3.5 Ind US try Policies

4. Market Dynamics
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Drivers
4.2.1 Increasing Demand For Data Storage
4.2.2 Foc US On Energy Efficiency
4.2.3 Government Regulations
4.3 Restraints
4.3.1 Initial Investment Is High
4.3.2 Lack Of Awareness Of Benefits Of Green Data Centers

5. Technology Overview
5.1 Technology Snapshot
5.2 Cooling Technologies
5.3 Ongoing Developments

6. North America Green Data Center Market By Solutions
6.1 Power
6.1.1 Overview
6.1.2 Market Size And Analysis
6.2 Servers
6.2.1 Overview
6.2.2 Market Size And Analysis
6.3 Software
6.3.1 Overview
6.3.2 Market Size And Analysis
6.4 Networking Technologies
6.4.1 Overview
6.4.2 Market Size And Analysis
6.5 Others
6.5.1 Overview
6.5.2 Market Size And Analysis

7. North America Green Data Center Market By US ers
7.1 Colocation Providers
7.1.1 Market Size And Analysis
7.1.2 Analyst View
7.2 Cloud Service Providers
7.2.1 Market Size And Analysis
7.2.2 Analyst View
7.3 Enterprises
7.3.1 Market Size And Analysis
7.3.2 Analyst View

8. North America Green Data Center Marketby Ind US try Sector
8.1 Healthcare
8.1.1 Market Size And Analysis
8.1.2 Analyst View
8.2 Financial Services
8.2.1 Market Size And Analysis
8.2.2 Analyst View
8.3 Government
8.3.1 Market Size And Analysis
8.3.2 Analyst View
8.4 Communication
8.4.1 Market Size And Analysis
8.4.2 Analyst View
8.5 Others
8.5.1 Market Size And Analysis
8.5.2 Analyst View

9. North America Green Data Center Market Analysis
9.1 Market Size And Forecast
9.2 Analyst View

10. Vendor Market Share

11. Competitive Intelligence – Company Profiles
11.1 Fujitsu
11.1.1 Overview
11.1.2 Major Products And Services
11.1.3 Financials
11.1.4 Recent Developments
11.2 Cisco
11.2.1 Overview
11.2.2 Major Products And Services
11.2.3 Financials
11.2.4 Recent Developments
11.3 Hp
11.3.1 Overview
11.3.2 Major Products And Services
11.3.3 Financials
11.3.4 Recent Developments
11.4 Dell
11.4.1 Overview
11.4.2 Major Products And Services
11.4.3 Financials
11.4.4 Recent Developments
11.5 Hitachi
11.5.1 Overview
11.5.2 Major Products And Services
11.5.3 Financials
11.5.4 Recent Developments
11.6 Schneider Electric
11.6.1 Overview
11.6.2 Major Products And Services
11.6.3 Financials
11.6.4 Recent Developments
11.7 Emc Corporation
11.7.1 Overview
11.7.2 Major Products And Services
11.7.3 Financials
11.7.4 Recent Developments
11.8 Ibm
11.8.1 Overview
11.8.2 Major Products And Services
11.8.3. Financials
11.8.4 Recent Developments
11.9 Eaton
11.9.1 Overview
11.9.2 Major Products And Services
11.9.3 Financials
11.9.4 Recent Developments
11.10 Emerson
11.10.1 Overview
11.10.2 Major Products And Services
11.10.3 Financials
11.10.4 Recent Developments
11.11 Gogrid
11.11.1 Overview
11.11.2 Major Products And Services
11.11.3 Financials
11.11.4 Recent Developments
11.12 Hp
11.12.1 Overview
11.12.2 Major Products And Services
11.12.3 Financials
11.12.4 Recent Developments

12. Future Of Green Data Center Market
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown