Strategic Assessment of Worldwide Graphene Composites Market - Forecast Till 2021

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It is Expected that the Global Graphene Composites Market will Reach Approx. US$89 Million by 2021


  • 2D Carbon Tech
  • BGT Materials Limited
  • Deyang Carbonene Tech
  • Grafoid
  • Graphenea
  • Ningbo Morsh
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The type of material used for any application is dependent on the properties of the material. How much heat it can withstand, how malleable it can be, how much wear and tear it can withstand etc. are just some of the properties that are considered when looking at the selection of material for an application.

Graphene is one such material which based on its properties is used across in a wide varied number of applications. Graphene is the basic structural unit and building block of several of the carbon allotropes including fullerenes, nanotubes and graphite. It is composed of a two-dimensional hexagonal lattice with a single layer of carbon atoms. Graphene can be used as a lubricant for a wide variety of purposes and can also be, used for the lining of crucibles where there is a high volume of heat generated.

The material is also suitable for efficient energy storage. In view of the various advantages associated with graphene, there has also been a spurt of federal incentives for the production and research of graphene. Furthermore, graphene is also being looked at as a replacement for various materials as the use of graphene has been found to be more efficient than the standard materials being used today. Indium tin oxide is one such compound which can potentially be replaced by graphene or the purpose of transparent conductors in photonics.

The key objectives of the research report are as follows:

- To provide a detailed analysis of how much graphene has been produced and what is the expected production rate in the coming years
- To provide a break-down of the various segments graphene is being used and also their contribution to the overall market
- To list the key regions and their respective countries that are consuming graphene
- To provide the competitive landscape of the key players operating in this market and how the market will evolve over the forecast period
- To provide strategic insights into what is happening in the market and what could as well as should happen in the market during the forecast period
- To provide key insights into the various factors that are aiding as well as adversely affecting the market and how this scenario will change during the forecast period

The scope of the research is as follows:

- The study will provide the volume of graphene that was produced in 2015 as well as the revenue generated by the sales of the same
- The study will also provide the historical data points for the above mentioned points
- The study will provide the regional segmentation of volume consumed and revenue generated by the following regions
- - APAC
- - Americas
- - EMEA
- The study will further provide a break-up of the top 3 countries within each of these regions for the volume consumed
- Timeline of the study is as follows
- Historical Period: 2013-2014 (Actual figures)
- Base Year: 2015 (Actual figures)
- Forecast Period: 2016-2020 (Forecasted figures)

Why should you buy this study?

The study will tell the reader how the market has been performing over the last few years and how it is expected to perform over the next five years. Detailed analysis of the performance of the market is provided thereby providing the reader with key insights into what is taking place and how the market is being affected, both positively and adversely. Individuals who are interested in knowing which are the key companies involved in the market as well as which are some of the key areas which these companies sell should purchase this report. Organizations interested in entering or expanding their presence in the said market will understand which are the key application areas that are seeing high growth and the reasons for the same.

In short, the study will provide a holistic view of the graphene market, which are the companies that are involved in the production and what are the factors that contribute to this market. The report will also provide information on what are some of the trends that have started to surface and are expected to be a strong driving force in the market over the next five years.
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  • 2D Carbon Tech
  • BGT Materials Limited
  • Deyang Carbonene Tech
  • Grafoid
  • Graphenea
  • Ningbo Morsh
  • MORE
1. Report Coverage
1.1 Research methodology
1.2 Definition of key terms
1.2.1 Graphene
1.2.2 Graphene composites
1.3 Definition of key geographies
1.4 Currency exchange rates
1.5 Market size estimation
1.6 Limitations of the report
1.7 Pricing of the product

2. Market Landscape
2.1 Evolution of graphite and graphene
2.2 Graphene: chemical structure
2.3 Electronic properties
2.4 Optical properties
2.5 Mechanical properties

3. Key Market Trends

4. Key Market Drivers

5. Key Market Restraints

6. Worldwide Graphene Market
6.1 Market size and forecast by revenue 2013-2021
6.2 Market size and forecast by volume 2013-2021
6.3 Capacity utilization 2013-2021
6.3.1 Key statistics summary

7. Market Segmentation by Production
7.1 Segmentation by production method
7.2 Graphene production by exfoliation
7.2.1 Market size and forecast 2013-2021
7.3 Graphene production by CVD
7.3.1 Market size and forecast 2013-2021
7.4 Other graphene production methods

8. Market Segmentation by Product Type
8.1 Worldwide graphene oxide market 2013-2021
8.1.1 Value chain of graphene oxide
8.1.2 Market size and forecast 2013-2021
8.2 Worldwide graphene films market 2013-2021
8.2.1 FLGs
8.2.2 MLGs
8.2.3 Market size and forecast 2013-2021
8.3 Worldwide graphene nano platelets market 2013-2021
8.3.1 Graphene nanoplatelets
8.3.2 Market size and forecast 2013-2021

9. Market Segmentation by Application
9.1 Market segmentation by application
9.2 Paints and coatings segment
9.2.1 Market size and forecast by revenue 2013-2021
9.3 Energy storage segment
9.3.1 Market size and forecast by revenue 2013-2021
9.4 Electronics and semiconductors segmentation
9.4.1 Market size and forecast by revenue 2013-2021
9.5 Photovoltaics segment
9.5.1 Market size and forecast by revenue 2013-2021
9.6 Healthcare segment
9.6.1 Market size and forecast by revenue 2013-2021
9.7 Filtration segment
9.7.1 Market size and forecast by revenue 2013-2021
9.8 Other applications

10. Market Segmentation by Geography
10.1 Segmentation of graphene composites market 2014-2021
10.2 Geographical analysis 2015 vs 2021

11. APAC Graphene Market
11.1 Market size and forecast by revenue 2013-2021
11.2 China graphene market
11.3 India graphene market

12. EMEA Graphene Market
12.1 Market size and forecast by revenue 2013-2021
12.2 Revenue growth of paints and coatings segment driving the graphene market in EMEA

13. North America Graphene Market
13.1 Market size and forecast by revenue 2013-2021
13.1.1 US graphene market
13.1.2 Canada graphene market

14. South America Graphene Market
14.1 Market size and forecast by revenue 2013-2021

15. Competitive Landscape
15.1 Porter’s five forces analysis of the graphene composites market
15.1.1 Bargaining power of suppliers
15.1.2 Bargaining power of buyers
15.1.3 Threat of new entrants
15.1.4 Threat of substitutes
15.1.5 Threat of rivalry
15.2 Overview of competition
15.3 Mapping of competition
15.3.1 Herfindahl-Hirschman index
15.4 Key news and key market developments
15.5 Mergers and acquisitions

16. Other Prominent Vendors
16.1 2D Carbon Tech
16.1.1 Graphene portfolio
16.2 Applied Graphene Materials
16.2.1 Graphene portfolio
16.2.2 Polymers and composites
16.2.3 Functional fluids
16.2.4 Paints and coatings
16.3 BGT Materials Limited
16.3.1 Graphene portfolio
16.4 CVD Equipment Corporation
16.5 Deyang Carbonene Tech
16.6 Directa Plus
16.6.1 Graphene portfolio
16.6.2 G+ Technology
16.7 Graphene Nanochem
16.7.1 Business strategy
16.7.2 Product portfolio
16.8 Group NanoXplore Inc
16.8.1 Product portfolio
16.9 Ningbo Morsh
16.10 Power Booster
16.11 The Sixth Element
16.11.1 Product portfolio
16.12 Vorbeck
16.12.1 Product portfolio
16.13 Wuxi Graphene Film

17. Key Vendor Analysis
17.1 Haydale Graphene Industries
17.1.1 Company overview
17.1.2 Graphene solutions from HGI
17.1.3 Financial highlights (for year ending June 2015)
17.1.4 Operational highlights
17.1.5 Key strengths
17.1.6 Key strategy
17.1.7 Key opportunities
17.2 XG Sciences
17.2.1 Company overview
17.2.2 Graphene solutions from XG
17.2.3 Key strengths
17.2.4 Key strategy
17.2.5 Key opportunities
17.3 Angstron Materials
17.3.1 Company overview
17.3.2 Graphene solutions from Angstron Materials
17.3.3 Key strengths
17.3.4 Key strategy
17.3.5 Key opportunities
17.4 Graphenea
17.4.1 Company overview
17.4.2 Graphene solutions from Graphenea
17.4.3 Key strengths
17.4.4 Key strategy
17.4.5 Key opportunities
17.5 Grafoid
17.5.1 Company overview
17.5.2 Key stakeholders
17.5.3 Graphene solutions from Grafoid
17.5.4 Key strengths
17.5.5 Key strategy
17.5.6 Key opportunities

18. Key Findings
18.1 Are there any established and commercially scalable applications for the material?
18.2 What is the adoption rate of the material and what are the barriers affecting the same?
18.3 What about the profitability and financial health of vendors operating in the market?
18.4 The graphene flagship (EU)
18.5 The national nanotechnology initiative (US)

19. List of Abbreviations

List of Exhibits:
Exhibit 1: Research objectives
Exhibit 2: List of countries covered in this report
Exhibit 3: Limitations of the report
Exhibit 4: Pricing of the product
Exhibit 5: Prominently featured Graphene-related patents 2013-2015
Exhibit 6: Worldwide scenario of patent publications in graphene market 2005-2014
Exhibit 7: Worldwide LED lighting market revenues 2010-2015 (in billion $)
Exhibit 8: Prominently figured federal funding citations 2005-2014
Exhibit 9: Patent families filed by corporates and (recorded in the period 2005-2014)
Exhibit 10: Patent families file by research institutions and federal agencies (recorded in the period 2005-2014)
Exhibit 11: Prominent graphene-related patents in electronics, semiconductors and healthcare Applications
Exhibit 12: Top-down approach to graphene production
Exhibit 13: Worldwide mine production of natural graphite 2010-2014 (in KT)
Exhibit 14: Country-wise graphite production 2014 (in KT)
Exhibit 15: Bulk prices of graphene oxide 2010-2015 ($ per 100 gm)
Exhibit 16: Worldwide graphene market by revenue 2013 - 2021 ($ million)
Exhibit 17: Production and consumption of graphene 2013-2021 (in MT)
Exhibit 18: Capacity utilization forecast for graphene market 2014-2021 (MT)
Exhibit 19: Key statistics pertaining to graphite market forecast 2015-2021
Exhibit 20: Segmentation by production method
Exhibit 21: Worldwide production of graphene through exfoliation (in MT)
Exhibit 22: Exfoliation-intercalation approaches for the production of graphene derivative
Exhibit 23: Worldwide production of graphene through CVD (in MT)
Exhibit 24: Other graphene production methods
Exhibit 25: Relative comparison of various graphene production methods (Scale of 1-5)
Exhibit 26: Value chain of graphene oxide
Exhibit 27: Worldwide graphene oxide consumption 2013-2021 (MT)
Exhibit 28: Worldwide graphene films consumption 2013-2021 (MT)
Exhibit 29: Worldwide graphene nanoplatelets consumption 2013-2021 (MT)
Exhibit 30: Market segmentation by application
Exhibit 31: Graphene consumption in paints and coatings applications ($ million)
Exhibit 32: Graphene storage in energy storage applications ($ million)
Exhibit 33: Global electric vehicle sales 2013-2021 (million units)
Exhibit 34: Graphene consumption in electronics and semiconductor applications ($ million)
Exhibit 35: Graphene consumption in photovoltaic applications ($ million)
Exhibit 36: Graphene consumption in healthcare applications ($ million)
Exhibit 37: Graphene consumption in filtration applications ($ million)
Exhibit 38: Global desalination market 2013-2021 (in million cubic meters per day)
Exhibit 39: Segmentation of graphene composites market
Exhibit 40: Worldwide graphene composites market 2015 by consumption revenues ($ millions)
Exhibit 41: Worldwide graphene composites market 2021 (forecasted) by consumption revenues ($ millions)
Exhibit 42: APAC graphene market 2013-2021 ($ million)
Exhibit 43: Accumulated PV capacity forecast for China 2013-2021(in GigaWatt)
Exhibit 44: Key graphene vendors in China
Exhibit 45: EMEA graphene market 2013-2021 ($ million)
Exhibit 46: Revenue growth forecast for paints and coatings market in EMEA (upto 2021)
Exhibit 47: North America graphene market 2013-2021 ($ million)
Exhibit 48: South America graphene market 2013-2021 ($ million)
Exhibit 49: Porter’s five forces analysis
Exhibit 50: Global graphene based composites market structure 2014 and 2021
Exhibit 51: Business model of Directa plus
Exhibit 52: Strategic objectives of Graphene Nanochem’s business strategy
Exhibit 53: Business model of Graphene Nanochem
Exhibit 54: Haydale Graphene Industries: Company Overview
Exhibit 55: Consolidated Financial highlights for Haydale group (for Year ended June 2015)
Exhibit 56: Key Partner Network of XG Sciences
Exhibit 57: Graphene product portfolio of XG Sciences
Exhibit 58: XG Graphene Leaf types
Exhibit 59: Angstron Materials: Company overview
Exhibit 60: Key patents held by the Nanotek instruments
Exhibit 61: Graphenea: Company overview
Exhibit 62: Distributor /Subsidiary network of the Graphenea
Exhibit 63: Grafoid’s four-pronged strategy to growth
Exhibit 64: Worldwide Graphene-related patent publications (2005-2015)
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  • 2D Carbon Tech
  • BGT Materials Limited
  • Deyang Carbonene Tech
  • Grafoid
  • Graphenea
  • Ningbo Morsh
  • MORE
Strategic Assessment of Worldwide Graphene Composites market research report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the Graphene Composites Market till 2021. This market research report includes a detailed market segmentation of the Graphene Composites Market by product type (Graphene oxide, graphene film and graphene nanoplatelets), and by application (Paints and coatings, Energy storage, Electronics and Semiconductors, Photovoltaics, Healthcare and Filtration). This market research report also gives a detailed view of the market across the geographic regions, namely APAC, EMEA, North America and South America. The market research report also profiles the key vendors operating in the Global Graphene Composites Market and also provides the detailed competitive landscape of key players.

This report categorizes the graphene composites market on the basis of production methods, product type, application, and geography

Market segmentation by production method

- Exfoliation

Market segmentation by product type

- Graphene oxide
- Graphene film
- Graphene nanoplatelets

Market segmentation by application

- Paints and coatings
- Energy storage
- Electronics and semiconductors
- Photovoltaics
- Healthcare
- Filtration

Market segmentation by geography

- North America
- South America

Graphene Compostes - Market Size and Dynamics:

Graphene and its derivatives such as graphene oxide, chlorographene, and nanoplatelets are widely being used in the manufacture of composite materials with matrix usually being either polymer or ceramics. Market research analysts expect the Global Graphene Composites Market to reach approx. US$89 million by 2021.

The Graphene Composites market has been segmented on the basis of product. The graphene oxide segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 20% between 2016 and 2021. Approximately 113 MT of graphene film is expected to be consumed in 2021. The APAC region accounts for the largest share of consumption of graphene composites as of 2015.

Graphene Composites - Drivers and Trends:

This market research report provides market overview of the factors driving and restraining the growth of the market. The report also outlines the key trends emerging in the market that will contribute to the growth of the Global Graphene Composites market during the forecast period. The introduction of federal incentives is a key factor that will help this market to grow during the forecast period. The current lack of scalability in the production of graphene is something that is affecting the market adversely today. The market research report also provides the Porter’s five forces analysis along with a description of each of the forces and its impact on the market.

Graphene Composites - Key Vendors:

This market research report profiles the major companies in the Graphene Composites Market and also provides the competitive landscape of key players. Within the report covers the entire market outlook regarding the value chain operating within the market. The major players in the market include Angstron Materials, Grafoid, Graphenea, Haydale Graphene Industries and XG Sciences .

Other prominent vendors in the market include 2D Carbon Tech, Applied Graphene Materials, BGT Materials Limited, CVD Equipment Corporation, Deyang Carbonene Tech, Directa Plus, Graphene Nanochem, Group NanoXplore, Ningbo Morsh, Power Booster, The Sixth Element, Vorbeck, and Wuxi Graphene Film.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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- 2D Carbon Tech
- Angstron Materials
- Applied Graphene Materials
- BGT Materials Limited
- CVD Equipment Corporation
- Deyang Carbonene Tech
- Directa Plus
- Grafoid
- Graphene Nanochem
- Graphenea
- Group NanoXplore
- Haydale Graphene Industries XG Sciences
- Ningbo Morsh
- Power Booster
- The Sixth Element
- Vorbeck
- Wuxi Graphene Film
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown