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A gaming book for kids!

Did you know you can create mods that can change the way you play Minecraft? You can even use mods to create your own minigames within Minecraft. This book and free software trial will show you how to use code blocks to create your own mods and minigames.

  • Spleef a single–player sport game
  • Monster Arena a multilevel game that can spawn monsters
  • Capture the Flag a multiplayer game just like the one you play in gym class
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Introduction 2

About Minecraft and LearnToMod 2

About This Book 2

About You 3

About the Icons 4

Project 1: Start Modding 5

Know What Minecraft Modding Is 5

Use the LearnToMod Online Software 6

Sign up for LearnToMod 7

Use the LearnToMod badges 8

Connect your mods to Minecraft 8

Connect to the LearnToMod Server 12

Check Out the Coding Environment 13

Test Your Mod 15

Run Your Mod in Minecraft 19

Get Ready to Write Your Own Minecraft Mods 22

Share a Mod with Friends 24

How Your Friend Finds Your Mod 25

Earn Modding Badges 27

Earn Scramble badges 27

Earn the Saying Hello badge: Scramble Edition 29

Communicate with your computer 30

Earn Missing badges 31

Trace code 32

Earn the Saying Hello badge: Missing Edition 33

Project 2: Spleef 36

Introduce the Gameplay Loop 37

Start: Create a basic scene 38

Goal: Add a way to win and lose 38

Challenge: Make it harder to win 39

Reward: Make players want to win 39

Plan and Try Test Cases 40

Debug Your Code 41

Make Spleef: Iteration 1 42

Explore the ArenaBuilder library 42

Start: Import the ArenaBuilder library 44

Goal: Make a way to win and lose 48

Challenge: Make blocks disappear one second after touching them 55

Reward: Give the player points 59

Make Spleef: Iteration 2 62

Start: Add a lava platform 63

Goal: Destroy at least 200 blocks 63

Challenge: Add an enemy 64

Reward: Add fireworks 64

Project 3: Monster Arena 67

Draw the Gameplay Loop 67

Iteration 1: Make Monster Arena 68

Start: Create a basic arena with a fence 70

Refactor: Move the arena code to a new function 76

Goal: Add a melon block to break 76

Test: Make sure your game works 78

Challenge: Add monsters to the arena 78

Reward: Replay the first level 80

Test: Iteration 1 completed 84

Iteration 2: Add Levels 85

Start: Make the arena unique 86

Goal: Wait until a later iteration 87

Challenge: Add monsters 87

Reward: Add a second level 87

Test: Make sure both levels work 90

Iteration 3: Add Levels to Your Levels 90

Challenge: Switch to Survival mode 91

Reward: Add five more levels 93

Make More Iterations: Be Creative and Unique 95

Project 4: Capture the Flag 97

Use the Capture the Flag Library 97

Make a Basic Capture the Flag 99

Test Your Two–Player Capture the Flag 102

Add Wands 104

Attach Magic to Your Wands 106

Make Your Own Wand 111

Give Each Player Two Wands 115

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Sarah Guthals, Stephen Foster, and Lindsey Handley are the co–founders of ThoughtSTEM and the creators of the LearnToMod software. They have dedicated their lives to coding education and are co–authors of Minecraft Modding For Kids.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown