Market Research Report on Polyresistin in China, 2010-2019

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The Sales Value of Polyresistin Increased to CNY 250 Million in 2014 from Less than CNY 70 Million in 2016
Polyresistin refers to a kind of polysaccharides extracted from hemolytic streptococcus through fermenting. Polyresistin is a system of enhancing immune, which can inhibit the growth and metabolism of tumor cells, promote the growth of erythropoietin and enhance the reticuloendothelial system, activation of lymphocytes, which can strengthen and regulate immune function. It can also improve the body's stress function and enhance the body's non-specific resistance and have the function of anti-radiation damage, which can enhance the effect of radiation oncology.

Polyresistin primarily for the treatment of leukopenia, aplastic anemia; prevention of immune dysfunction caused by a variety of infections; with various types of cancer, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or adjuvant treatment after surgery, radiation injury prevention; at the same time with this product in infection allergic arthritis, recurrent respiratory infections, treatment of peptic ulcer, chronic atrophic gastritis, cervical erosion, oral mucosal disease and the like.

In recent years, Polyresistin keeps good sales in the Chinese market. According to the investigation on sample hospitals, the sales value of Polyresistin increased to CNY 250 million in 2014 from less than CNY 70 million in 2016, with CAGR of 17.7%.

With the aggravation of environmental pollution in China, as well as lifestyle changes brought about by economic development, China is expected to have an increasing incidence of cancer, respiratory tract infections in the future, which will facilitate enlarging the market size of Polyresistin.

Through this report, readers can learn the followings and more:
- The market size of Polyresistin in China
- The market competition pattern of Polyresistin in China
- The sales price of Polyresistin produced by different enterprises in China
- The outlook on Polyresistin market in China

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- Chengdu Li’er Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
- Guangdong Winnerway Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.
- Pearl Ocean Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd.
- Sichuan Aobang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
- Sinopham A-Think Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

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