Negotiating Earn-Out Provisions - Webinar

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  • 90 Minutes
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This webinar discusses general earn-out structuring and negotiating issues and imparts many practical insights relative to the associated taxation issues.

The following are among the issues raised relative to negotiating earn-out structuring options:

- Even when well represented by a taxation professional, why is it important that a seller be involved in designing the earn-out tax strategy?
- How can buyers and sellers come to an understanding regarding the control of the business unit upon which the earn-out is based?
- Which instruments can be used to secure earn-outs?
- What could an adverse consequence of a seller missing the first milestone be?
- Can a buyer have an option to buy out an earn-out?
- What credit facility-related issues should be discussed when negotiating earn-outs?
- What are offset rights and how might they impact negotiations surrounding earn-outs?
- What are acceleration events? Who should seek them, the buyer or the seller?
- The following are among the taxation issues-that may arise in relation to earn-outs-that are discussed during the session:
- How can the characterization of consideration enable the buyer to reduce its tax liabilities, and therefore pass more consideration to the seller?
- What are some of the assets that are excluded from installment sale treatment?
- What are some of the risks of putting cash in escrow accounts to secure earn-outs?
- What are some of the consequences of pledging installment notes as collateral for loans?
- When can a taxpayer be liable for interest on deferred tax liabilities related to earn-outs?
- What are the risks associated with putting dollar caps on earn-outs in terms of income recognition?
- What are the pros and cons of specifying outside time limits to receive earn-outs from a taxation point of view?
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Christopher M. Flanagan, Andrew K. Hughes
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