Wearable Technologies in Clinical and Consumer Health

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Strategic Recommendations and Competitive Considerations for a $30 Billion Market Opportunity
This research service analyzes the global market for wearable technologies in clinical and consumer health. It discusses in detail how industry convergence and technological innovations are transitioning wearables from simple consumer devices to actionable healthcare applications - specifically in managing targeted chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, arrhythmia, pain, respiratory, and neurological conditions. The final section discusses key challenges on why wearables fail and provides strategic recommendations for future growth opportunities, including emerging business models around healthcare wearable devices and platform services.

Key Questions this Study Will Answer

- How will wearable technologies evolve to play a greater role in health and wellness?

- What opportunities exist in clinical care for wearables? How are companies monetizing these opportunities?

- What emerging technological building blocks (sensors, devices, and apps) are contributing to the future functionality of wearables?

- What are the prevailing problems with care delivery today, and how can wearables serve to address them?

- What types of emerging business models and ecosystem partnerships are being formed?
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1. Research Scope

2. Market Definitions and Segmentation

3. Executive Summary
  • Executive Summary - Key Questions this Study Will Answer
  • Executive Summary - Market Snapshot
  • Themes for Wearable Applications in Healthcare
  • Consumer vs. Medical-Grade Wearables
  • Commercial Considerations of Consumer vs. Clinical Positioning
  • Role of Wearables in Care Decentralization
  • Role of Wearables in Transforming Healthcare
  • Medical and Clinical-Grade Wearables - Market Opportunities by Application
  • Future Perspectives - 3 Big Predictions
4. Introduction to Wearables
  • Macro Wearables Ecosystem by Major Segments
  • Timeline - Evolution of Wearables
  • Transition of Healthcare Wearables
  • Wearable Technology Building Blocks
  • Wearables Convergence Potential - Interaction with Top 50 Technologies
  • Wearables - Vendor Landscape
  • Wearables - Value Chain
  • Global Wearables Device Market - Macro Overview
5. Healthcare Wearables Market Projections
  • Market Projection for Healthcare Wearables (Consumer and Clinical)
  • Forecast Assumptions for Healthcare Wearables
  • Forecast Assumptions for Healthcare Wearables
  • Scenario Contingent Projections for Healthcare Wearables
  • Healthcare Wearables - Regional Market Split (2015 - 2020)
  • Healthcare Wearables - Growth Trends by Segment
  • Pricing by Anatomy and Sector
  • Market Drivers and Restraints
  • Drivers Explained
  • Restraints Explained
  • Consumer vs. Medical-Grade Wearables
  • Commercial Considerations of Consumer vs. Clinical Positioning
  • Differentiating and Avoiding Commoditization
6. Consumer Health Wearables
  • Consumer Health Wearables - Transition to Smart
  • Consumer Perception - Wearables for Health and Wellness
  • Which Wearables are Driving Consumer Demand?
  • What Attributes Impede Consumer Adoption for Wearables?
  • 5 Key Application Challenges for Smart Wearables
  • Lessons from Wearables that Failed
  • Key Customer Needs from Future Technologies
  • Strategy Considerations in Consumer Wearables
  • Healthcare Wearables Going Beyond the Wrist
  • Consumer Electronics and Non-Traditional Participants Entering the Clinical Wearables Space
  • Samsung’s Smart Bio-Processor to Address the mHealth Market
  • Qualcomm Life - Powering Continuous Care and Informed Interventions
  • Apple - HealthKit Has Higher Impact than Apple Watch on Healthcare
  • Ecosystem Partnerships Drive Opportunity
  • Transition from Products to Services and Intelligence
7. Medical and Clinical-Grade Wearables
  • Medical Applications for Wearables Must Concurrently Serve Multiple Customer Needs
  • Adoption Requires Proactive Participation from Providers, Patients, and Payers
  • Wearables Potential to Transform Healthcare
  • Wearables Enable Care Decentralization
  • Integrating Wearable Devices and Services for Customer-Centric Care Delivery
  • Role of Wearables in Transforming Healthcare
  • Finding the Optimum Marketing Trade-off between Mass and Niche Healthcare Wearables
  • Market Positioning - Opportunity Strategy Evaluation Grid
  • Medical Wearables Opportunity Analysis
  • Biometrics that Can be Tracked by Wearable Technologies
  • Top 10 Segments for Medical-Grade Wearables
  • Future Attractiveness Rating by Segment for Clinical and Medical-Grade Wearables
  • Medical and Clinical-Grade Wearables - Market Opportunities by Application
  • Opportunity Analysis - Multi-Parameter RPM
  • Selected Vendor Profiles - Multi-Parameter RPM Wearables
  • Opportunity Analysis - Heart and Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Monitoring Wearables
  • Select Vendor Profiles - Clinical-Grade AF Wearables
  • Opportunity Analysis - Diabetes and Obesity
  • Select Vendor Profiles - Minimally Invasive Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and Insulin Delivery Wearables
  • Select Vendor Profiles - Potential Non-Invasive CGM Wearables
  • Opportunity Analysis - Respiratory and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Select Vendor Profiles - Respiratory and COPD Wearables
  • Opportunity Analysis - Chronic Pain Management
  • Select Vendor Profiles - Chronic Pain Management Wearables
  • Opportunity Analysis - Sleep Disorders
  • Select Vendor Profiles - Sleep Disorder Wearables
  • Opportunity Analysis - Neurological and Mental Health
  • Select Vendor Profiles - Neurological and Mental Healthcare Wearables
  • Select Vendor Profiles - Neurological and Mental Healthcare Wearables (continued)
  • Opportunity Analysis - Women’s and Pediatric Health
  • Select Vendor Profiles - Pediatric Health Wearables
  • Select Vendor Profiles - Women’s Health Wearables
  • Opportunity Analysis - Aging in Place (Elderly Care)
  • Select Vendor Profiles - Aging in Place (Elderly Care) Wearables
  • Selected Healthcare Wearables Start-ups to Watch
8. Business Model Considerations
  • 6 Reasons Why Wearables Fail
  • Partnering to Innovate - Beyond Conventional Boundaries
  • Wearable and Data-Driven Healthcare Models 2020
  • Healthcare Wearables Business Model: B2B vs. B2C
9. Key Conclusions
  • Future Outlook for Wearables in Healthcare 2015 - 2025
  • Healthcare Wearables - 3 Essential Considerations for Future Development
  • 5 Competitive Keys for Success in Wearables
  • Conclusions
  • Legal Disclaimer
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