Prospects for In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity

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Total Revenues from Passenger Connectivity Services are Expected to Grow from $700 Million in 2015 to Nearly $5.4 Billion by 2025, a 23% CAGR Over the 10-Year Period

"Prospects for In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity" includes sector dynamics, analysis and forecasts addressing the IFEC market for commercial airlines and business aviation. An analysis of of the various stakeholders of the ecosystem is presented as well as 10-year forecast for cabin connectivity. The report assesses trends for both content and equipment provision; market forecasts for revenue, installation, and bandwidth by region, by segment and by network technology are provided.

Prospects for In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity analyzes the IFEC market for both commercial airlines and business aviation. Over 15 interviews have been conducted with stakeholders from around the globe and across the full value chain, including satellite operators, service providers, antenna/modem manufacturers and airlines. The report assesses trends for both content & equipment provision.

Highlights of the report:

Total revenues from passenger connectivity services are expected to grow from $700 million in 2015 to nearly $5.4 billion by 2025, a 23% CAGR over the 10-year period. At the end of 2015, 72 airlines had already installed or announced plans to install passenger connectivity systems on board, and the number of connected commercial aircraft had increased by 21% compared to the end of 2014.

The launch of High Throughput Satellites (HTS) in both Ku-band and Ka-band is expected to be a game-changer for the in-flight connectivity market. Total Ka-band HTS supply will increase threefold to reach 1,500 Gbps by 2018, while Ku-band HTS supply will increase fivefold to reach 285 Gbps in 2018. Beyond 2018, an even larger volume of capacity, targeting the in-flight connectivity market, is expected. HTS systems will not only tremendously increase data speeds to the plane compared to regular satellite systems, but will also significantly lower costs, thereby further driving the adoption of IFC services. With more airlines opting for cabin connectivity, companies that have not yet made a decision will be increasingly pressured to offer such services to match their competitors.

The number of connected commercial aircraft is expected to grow from 5,300 to 23,100 over the 2015-2025 period, accounting for 62% of the global fleet. In the business aviation market, the share of VSAT solutions is also seen increasing dramatically, as the largest service providers on the commercial aviation market announced plans at the end of 2015 to address this market.

Key trends, drivers & forecasts:

IFEC market drivers, inhibitors, and key applications

  • Overview and trends of the IFE market
  • Analysis of IFE content distribution
  • Inhibitors constraining IFE development

Analysis and prospects of business aviation and commercial airline markets

  • Analysis of the business aviation and commercial aviation addressable market
  • Analysis of airlines’ IFEC business model
  • Regional analysis of IFEC current installations and ten-year forecasts on the business aviation and commercial aircraft markets

Strategies & performance of IFEC providers

  • Divergent strategies of IFE market players
  • Analysis of in-flight connectivity service providers
  • Analysis of satellite operators
  • Market share of connectivity service providers on the commercial aircraft market
  • Market share by operators on the business jet market

Who will benefit from this report:

  • MSS & FSS operators
  • In-flight connectivity providers
  • IFE system providers
  • Satellite equipment manufacturers
  • Satellite manufacturers
  • Investors & financial institutions
  • Government agencies
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1. Strategic Issues And Forecasts

The In-Flight Connectivity Market In 2015

Strategic Issues & Forecasts

  • In-Flight Entertainment: Growing Adoption Of Wireless Solutions In Single-Aisle Fleets
  • In-Flight Connectivity: A Fast-Growing Market
  • The Smart Plane Concept Taking Shape
  • Upcoming HTS Capacity To Further Drive Growth
  • A Highly Concentrated Service Provider Market
  • Tremendous Changes Expected In The Service Provider Landscape
  • Flexible Service Providers’ Business Model
  • IFC Equipment Manufacturers Highly Tied To Service Providers
  • Factors Inhibiting IFE c Growth
  • The Commercial Aviation Market
  • The Business Aviation Market

2. IFE Services & E-Aircraft Solutions

Evolving IFE Integrates New Media Consumption Trends

  • IFE Has Become An Integral Part Of Passengers’ Journeys Over The Years
  • IFE Is An Integral Part Of Airlines’ Brand Recognition
  • IFE : A Market Attracting A Growing Number Of Companies
  • More IFE Options Available To Passengers Due To Changes In Viewing Habits
  • Wireless IFE Solutions Drive Ancillary Revenues

In-Flight Connectivity: A Fast Growing Market

  • Mobile-Phone And Wi-Fi Services
  • Various Networks Offering In-Flight Connectivity
  • Bandwidth To Aircraft: Technology Solutions Benchmarks
  • Bandwidth To Passengers
  • Regulatory Complexities
  • Convergence Of Entertainment And Connectivity

E-Aircraft Solutions: The Smart Plane Concepts

  • Electronic Flights Bags Will Improve Aircraft Operations
  • Tracking Services To Become A Necessity
  • Cabin Crew Applications For Enhanced Passenger Services
  • Improved Maintenance Operations To Generate Major Savings
  • A Wide Range Of New Opportunities For The Smart Plane

3. IFC Ecosystem And Value Chain

Network Operators

  • MSS Still Holds A Significant Market Share
  • Inmarsat, The Pioneer MSS Operator In The Aviation Market
  • Iridium, A Solid Positioning In The Aero Market
  • Growing Involvement Of FSS Operators
  • HTS Satellites To Support A New Generation Of Broadband Systems
  • Different Business Models For Satellite Operators
  • Air-To-Ground Attracting New Players

Service Providers

  • In-Flight Connectivity Brings New Players Into The Market
  • HTS Set To Be The Name Of The Game
  • STCS Are Key Requirements For Service Providers’ Installations
  • A Business Model With Clear Operating Leverage
  • Major Commercial Service Providers Now Heading Toward The Business Jet Market
  • The Next Generation Of IFC Networks Is Around The Corner
  • A Very Active Market For Mergers And Acquisitions

IFC Equipment Manufacturers

  • Strategic Considerations
  • VSAT Antenna Manufacturers
  • Radomes
  • Modems
  • ATG Equipment
  • MSS (L-Band) Equipment

4. Analysis & Prospects Of The Commercial Aviation Market

Commercial Airline Market

  • Close To 26,000 Commercial Aircraft In Operation At The End Of 2015
  • Supportive Market Trends For Airlines
  • Further Growth Ahead For The Addressable Market
  • Increased Penetration Of IFC
  • Airlines’ Business Models For IFC
  • Airlines In North America Lead The IFC Market; Airlines From Emerging Regions Are Growing Fast
  • 19% Of IFC-Enabled Airlines Are Low-Cost Carriers
  • Commercial Airlines’ Market Forecasts Through 2025

5. Analysis & Prospects Of The Business Aviation Market

Business Aviation Market

  • The Global Business Aviation Fleet Has Been Growing For A Decade
  • The Global Business Aviation Fleet Grew By 2.4% In 2015
  • North America Remains The Largest Market
  • Business Aviation Still Offers Growth Opportunities For IFC
  • Business Aviation Market Forecasts Through 2025

List of Tables & Graphs

  • Types Of IFE
  • Bandwidth Required Per Application
  • HD Video Streaming, Required Bandwidth Per Plane
  • Passengers' Journey Driven By Various Services
  • Passenger Entertainment During A Flight Using Embedded IFE Systems
  • Main Equipment Manufacturers By Type Of System
  • Live TV Services Provided By Airlines
  • Systems: Key Strengths And Weaknesses
  • Bandwidth To Aircraft - Peak Rate
  • Benchmarking Of Three HTS Systems For In-Flight Connectivity
  • Key Service Providers' Positioning
  • HTS Capacity Supply, In Ku-Band And Ka-Band, By Regions
  • World Capacity Supply
  • Service Providers' Coverage Maps
  • Connected Aircraft By Type, As Of 2015
  • Gogo: Service Segment Profitability
  • GEE: Connectivity Segment Profit
  • Connectivity Services: Average Annual Revenue Per Aircraft
  • Number Of Connected Commercial Aircraft Per Aircraft Type In 2015
  • Service Providers Market Share Per Region
  • VSAT Antenna Manufacturers' Market Share In Commercial Aviation Installation (2015)
  • VSAT Modem Manufacturers' Market Share - Installations (2015)
  • Inmarsat's Aeronautical Satcom Service Portfolio
  • Service Providers' Strategies
  • Players Providing IFC Services Directly To Airlines
  • Service Providers' STC Per Type Of Aircraft (Line-Fit And/Or Retrofit)
  • Leading Antenna Manufacturers By Service (2015)
  • Value Chain For The Commercial Aviation Industry
  • Evolution Of Monthly RPK (In Billions)
  • Regional Year-Over-Year RPK Growth
  • Evolution Of Commercial Airline Industry Revenue And Net Profits
  • IFC Pricing Elasticity
  • Time-Based Pricing Range For Onboard Connectivity
  • Data-Based Pricing Range For Onboard Connectivity
  • Connected Aircraft By Technology
  • Number Of Connected Aircraft By Airline Type
  • Number Of Connected Commercial Aircraft In 2025 Vs 2015
  • Number Of In-Flight Connected Enabled Commercial Aircraft By Airline And By Region (2015)
  • Total Terminals In Commercial Aviation, By Technology
  • Number Of MSS/Ku-Band/Ka-Band/Atg Terminals In Commercial Aviation
  • Total VSAT Capacity Requirements - Commercial Aviation
  • Ku-Band/Ka-Band Capacity Requirements - Commercial Aviation
  • FSS Satellite Operators' Revenue - Commercial Aviation
  • Total In-Flight Connectivity Service Revenue By Technology For Commercial Airlines
  • Commercial Aviation Traffic
  • Commercial Airline Forecasts
  • Business Jet & Turboprop Shipments
  • Value Chain For The Business Aviation Industry
  • U.S. Jet Utilization By Category
  • Market Share By Operator - Business Aircraft 2015
  • Number Of Connected Business Aircraft In 2025 Vs 2015
  • Total Terminals In Business Aviation, By Technology
  • MSS/Ku-Band/Ka-Band/ATG Terminals In Business Aviation
  • Total VSAT Capacity Requirements - Business Aviation
  • Ku-Band/Ka-Band Bandwidth Requirements In Business Aviation
  • FSS Satellite Operators' Revenue - Business Aviation
  • Total Service Revenue By Technology In Business Aviation
  • Business Aviation Segmentation
  • Satcom Applications For Business People
  • Satcom Direct Pricing For Inmarsat Swiftbroadband
  • Satcom Direct Pricing For Viasat Yonder Service (Ku-Band)
  • Satcom Direct And Gogo Pricing For Iridium Aero Service
  • Gogo Biz Data Plans
  • Business Aviation Forecasts
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown