A Comprehensive Guide to Geriatric Rehabilitation. [previously entitled Geriatric Rehabilitation Manual]. Edition No. 3

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Now in its third edition, this trusted clinical guide enables both the busy practitioner and student to review or to learn about a range of pathologies, conditions, examinations, diagnostic procedures, and interventions that can be effectively used in the physical rehabilitation of older people. It presents a broad overview of age-related physiological changes as well as specific professional discipline perspectives.

Organized into eleven distinct and interrelated units, the first unit begins with key anatomical and physiological considerations seen with aging which have significant impact on the older person. The second and third units go on to review important aging-related conditions and disorders of the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular/neurological systems respectively. Neoplasms commonly encountered in older people are the focus of the fourth unit; while aging-related conditions of the cardiovascular, pulmonary, integumentary and sensory systems are presented in units five through seven. Unit eight highlights a range of specific clinical problems and conditions commonly encountered with older patients.

Critically, all of these units emphasize important examination and diagnostic procedures needed for a thorough evaluation and stress interventions that can be of significant benefit to the older patient. The ninth unit presents select physical therapeutic interventions that are especially important in managing rehabilitative care. Key societal issues related to aging are discussed in the tenth unit. Finally, the concluding eleventh unit focuses on the successful rehabilitation team that includes both professional and non-professional caregiver members.

"The strengths of this generally excellent book lie in its thoughtful presentation of current approaches to clinical rehabilitation in older people." Reviewed by Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine 2015, Feb 2015

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UNIT ONE: ANATOMICAL AND PHYSIOLOGICAL CONSIDERATIONS 1. Wholeness of the individual 2. Skeletal muscle function in older people 3. Effects of aging on bone 4. Effects of age on joints and ligaments 5. Aging and the central nervous system 6. Cardiac considerations in the older patient 7. Pulmonary considerations in the older patient 8. Effects of aging on the digestive system 9. Effects of aging on vascular function 10. Thermoregulation: considerations for aging people 11. The aging immune system 12. Pharmacology considerations for the aging individual 13. Laboratory assessment considerations for the aging individual 14. Imaging

UNIT TWO: MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS 15. Posture 16. Muscle weakness and therapeutic exercise 17. Motor neuron pathologies: postpolio syndrome and ALS 18. Osteoporosis and spine fractures 19. Rheumatic conditions 20. The shoulder 21. Total hip arthroplasty 22. Total knee arthroplasty 23. The aging bony thorax 24. The geriatric spine 25. Orthopedic trauma

UNIT THREE: NEUROMUSCULAR AND NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS 26. Neurological trauma 27. Rehabilitation after stroke 28. Neurocognitive disorders 29. Multiple sclerosis 30. Parkinson's disease 31. Tremor and other involuntary movement 32. Generalized peripheral neuropathy 33. Localized peripheral neuropathies

UNIT FOUR: NEOPLASMS 34. Neoplasms of the brain 35. Neoplasms of the breast 36. Gastric and colon neoplasms 37. Neoplasms of the skin 38. Neoplasms of the prostate

UNIT FIVE: CARDIOPULMONARY DISEASE 39. Exercise considerations for aging adults 40. Clinical development and progression of coronary heart disease 41. Cardiac arrhythmias and conduction disturbances 42. Heart failure and valvular heart disease 43. Cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators 44. Invasive cardiac procedures 45. Pulmonary diseases

UNIT SIX: BLOOD VESSEL CHANGES, CIRCULATORY AND SKIN DISORDERS 46. Diabetes 47. Amputations 48. Wound management 49. The insensitive foot 50. Skin disorders

UNIT SEVEN: AGING AND PATHOLOGICAL SENSORIUM 51. Functional vision changes in the normal and aging eye 52. Functional changes in the aging ear 53. Considerations in elder patient communication

UNIT EIGHT: SPECIFIC PROBLEMS 54. Dysphagia 55. Incontinence of the bowel and bladder 56. Iatrogenesis in older adults 57. Hormone replacement therapy 58. Dizziness 59. Balance testing and training 60. Fracture consdierations 61. Contractures and stiffness 62. Fatigue 63. The aging wrist and hand 64. Overweight and obesity 65. Frailty in older persons 66. Evaluation of pain in older individuals

UNIT NINE: SPECIAL PHYSICAL THERAPEUTIC INTERVENTION TECHNIQUES 67. Conservative interventions for pain control 68. Gait training 69. Orthotics 70. Prosthetics 71. Complementary therapies for the aging patient 72. Safe Pilates for bone health 73. Aquatic therapy

UNIT TEN: SOCIAL AND GOVERNMENT IMPLICATIONS, ETHICS AND DYING 74. Legal considerations 75. Ethics 76. Generational conflict and healthcare for older persons 77. The end of life 78. Entry-level competencies for health professionals who work with older adults

UNIT ELEVEN: THE REHABILITATION TEAM 79. Caregivers: valuing unpaid care 80. Interdisciplinary geriatric assessment 81. Gerontological and geriatric nursing 82. Geriatric occupational therapy 83. Geriatric physical therapy 84. Providing social services to the older client


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Kauffman, Timothy L. Kauffman Physical Therapy, Lancaster, PA, USA; Columbia University, New York, NY, USA.

Scott, Ronald W. Health Law Attorney-Mediator, Private Practice, San Antonio, TX; Associate Professor, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, Provo, UT.

Barr, John O. Professor and Director, Physical Therapy Department, St Ambrose University, Davenport IA, USA.

Moran, Michael L. Department of Physical Therapy, College Misercordia, Dallas, PA.
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