Comprehensive Supramolecular Chemistry, Volume 10

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In this last volume of the set, a state-of-the-art overview of (future) supramolecular technology and its current applications is given, but without attempting to cover all possible emerging new technologies.

In the first part of this volume (Chapters 1-6) separation technologies based on selective molecular recognition are dealt with. The transduction of a chemical recognition phenomenon into a measurable signal is discussed in Chapters 7-10.

The next section covers the area of supramolecular reactivity. The design of molecules that will fit the transition state of a chemical reaction is one of the major challenges in supramolecular chemistry. This stabilization leads to catalysis. Related to this topic are the contents of Chapters 12-14 where the activation of reactive anions by complexation of the cation, phase-transfer catalysis, and the storage of reagents are reviewed. Medical applications such as drug delivery from, or imaging and targeting by, supramolecular systems are described in Chapters 16 and 17.

The last part of this volume covers different material properties ranging from inclusion polymerization to nonlinear optical materials.

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Selective separation using supported devices (R.M. Izatt, J.S. Bradshaw, R.L. Bruening B.J. Tarbet, M.L. Bruening) Carrier-mediated transport through liquid membranes (F. de. Jong, H.C. Visser) Ion channel models (T.M. Fyles, W.F. van Straaten-Nijenhuis) Application of macrocyclic ligands to high-performance ion analysis (J.D. Lamb, R.G. Smith) Optical resolution (A. Collet) Isotope separations (L. Echegoyen, R.C. Lawson) Mass sensors (F.C.J.M. van Veggel) Potentiometric sensors (Z. Brzozka) Ionic devices (T. Osa, J. Anzai) Luminescent probes (M. Pietraszkiewicz). Supramolecular catalysis (M.C. Feiters) Anion activation by crown ethers and cryptands (B. Dietrich) Phase-transfer catalysis (F. Montanari, S. Quici, S. Banfi) Supramolecular storage of reagents (D.D. MacNicol, S.J. Rowan) Metalloenzyme models that answer mysteries surrounding the intrinsic properties of zinc (II) (E. Kimura, T. Koike). Delivery of drugs from drug products (K.-H. Frömming) Imaging and targeting (D. Parker) Stereognostic coordination chemistry (K.N. Raymond, R.E. Powers, W.L. Fuller, III) Inclusion polymerization (M. Miyata) Macrocyclic liquid crystals (E. Dalcanale) Intrinsic molecular semiconductors: towards iono-electronics finalities (J. Simon, T. Toupance) Structure and conduction mechanisms of minimalist ion channels (K.S. Åkerfeldt, W.F. DeGrado, P.K. Kienker, J.D. Lear) Photochemical and photophysical devices (V. Balzani, F. Scandola) Polymer electrolytes (J. Smid) Dendrimers (G.R. Newkome, C.N. Moorefield) Supramolecular chemistry for nonlinear optics (M. Blanchard-Desce, M. Barzoukas, S.R. Marder)

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