Human Biobanking Ownership - Global Trends, Estimates and Forecasts, 2014-2020

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Global Market Watch:

Primarily supported by ownership types; Private Biobanks and Public Biobanks (Disease-Based Banks, Population-Based Banks and Academics) market is to witness a value of US$37.1 billion by 2020. Geographical analysis for Private Biobanks shows the highest Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.75% is foreseen from Asia-Pacific region during the analysis period 2014-2020. North America is not way behind with a CAGR of 9.95% followed by Europe at 9.56% respectively.

Report Focus:

The report “Human Biobanking Ownership - Global Trends, Estimates and Forecasts, 2014-2020” reviews the latest human biobanking market trends with a perceptive attempt to disclose the near-future growth prospects. An in-depth analysis on a geographic basis provides strategic business intelligence for life science sector investments. The study reveals profitable investment strategies for pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotechnology companies, laboratories, Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and many more in preferred locations. The report primarily focuses on:

- Emerging market trends
- Advancements in the technological space
- Market demand of the segments (by-region)
- Key growth areas and market size
- Key competitor’s Edge

Estimates are based on online surveys using customized questionnaires by our research team. Besides information from government databases, company websites, press releases & published research reports are also used for estimates.
The analysis primarily deals with human biobanking ownership market. Further, the subdivided categories include:

- 1.Private Banks
- a.Disease-Based Banks
- b.Population-Based Banks
- c.Academics
- 2.Public Banks
- a.Disease-Based Banks
- b.Population-Based Banks
- c.Academics
- 1.Hospitals, Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Companies, Diagnostics, Transplantation and Biobank Storage Companies
- 2.Newborns, Adults or Pregnant Women
- 3.Medical Institutions, Research and Forensics

The period considered for the human biobanking ownership market analysis is 2014-2020. The region wise distribution of the market consists of North America (USA, Canada and Mexico), Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia and Rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India, South Korea and Rest of Asia-Pacific) and Rest of the World (Brazil, Middle East, South Africa, Rest of Latin America and Rest of Africa). The market growth rate in the major economies such as the U.S., Japan, China etc. are estimated individually for the upcoming years.
More than 1270 leading market players are identified and 107 key companies that project improved market activities in the near future are profiled. The report consists of 138 data charts describing the market shares, sales forecasts and growth prospects. Moreover, key strategic activities in the market including mergers/acquisitions, collaborations/partnerships, product launches/developments are discussed.

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  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Biocision
  • Core Dynamics (Usa), Inc.
  • Epistem Ltd.
  • Lifeline® Cell Technology
  • Reliance Life Sciences
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I. Report Focus

A. Introduction
- Biorepository
- Classifying Biobanks
- Storing Samples In A Biobank
- Biospecimen Security And Storage

The Generational Evolution Of Biobank

Putting Together A Bio Bank With Its Requirements And Capacities
- Technical Requirements
- Functional Requirements

Biorepository Operations
- Getting A Biorepository Accredited
- The Role Of Synthetic Data In Biobank Analysis

B. Biobanking Benefits
- Conclusion

C. Biospecimens (Collection, Processing, Storage, Retrieval And Disseminate)
- Biospecimens In Cancer Research

Biospecimens - The Legacy Plan
- Decades Old Specimens May Be Today’S Research Treasures

Biospecimen Management System
- The Modern Approach To Biobanking
- Isolating Stomach-Cell Populations Using Lcm
- Results From The Bpv Program
- Evaluation Of Pre-Analytical Factors On Identification
- Of Copy Number Variations
- The Impact Of Ex-Vivo Ischemia Time On Quality Of Rna
- The Ideal Physical Environment For Biospecimens
- Case Study: Advanced It System For Research Biorepository
- Physical Phenomenon At Low Temperatures
- Biological Phenomenon At Low Temperatures
- Storage Methods For Various Biospecimens
- 1. Storing Proteins And Purified Nucleic Acids
- 2. Storing Cryo-Preserved Cells
- 3. Storing Tissues
- Conclusion

Transporting Biospecimens

Effects Of Transportation On Mononuclear Cells
- Finding Bio-Samples
- Out Of The Cold-Dry State
- Banking On Success For Precision Medicine
- The Close Of The Ultimate Period In Bio-Banking
- Cost Of Value Study: Relate The Theory To Biobanks

Malfunction Costs:

External Stoppage Costs:
- Biobank Economic Modeling Tool: A Cost Improvement Device For Continuity Of Bio-Banks
- Institution Of An Iso15189 Accredited Bio-Bank For Global Clinical Research Studies
- Critical Moves To Build Bio-Banks: Stage Wise Process For Low Income Nations
- The Institution Of A Bio-Bank And Cohort Network (Bcnet) For Low And Middle Income Countries
- Bio-Banking And Translational Medicine: The Scholarly Outlook
- A Workable Methodology Devised By Bio-Bank Graz: A Representation For Other University-Based Institutions
- The Sustainability Issue Of A Community Hospital-Based Bio-Bank And Core Molecular Laboratory: The Beaumont Understanding
- To Maintain A Disease Centered Bio-Banking - An Active Approach

D. Biobanking Principles
- Norms Based On Interface Comprehension
- Data Standards Are Not Maximized In Research Bio-Banking
- Data Standards - Proposed By Obbr And Isber
- Data Standards Program For Bio-Banks
- Design Of A Registry Of Standard Operating Protocols For Tissue Compilation

E. Path Breaking Technologies
- The Bio-Bank Information Management System Life Cycle Organization And The Bims Cloud Management Platform
- Amalgamation Of Standard Pre-Analytical Code With Bio-Bank Organization Software Freezer Pro
- Evaluation Of Computerization Technologies And Physical Storage And Recovery
- Future Outlook And Concerns In The Setup Of Software Solutions In An Interdisciplinary Clinical Biobank
- A Mechanical Laboratory Workflow For Stool Dna Removal
- Consistent Workflow For Bio-Material Appeals
- Partially Computerized Bio-Bank Sample Processing With A 384 High Density Sample Tube Robot Deployed In Cancer And Cardiovascular Research
- An Autonomous Appraisal Of The Cryoxtract Cxt350 Frozen Bio-Specimen Coring Application With Tissue And Stool Fecal Samples
- Heat Standardization Of Tissue Samples Supports Measurement Without Intrusion From Post-Mortem Occurrences And Permits For Refinement Because Of Minimized Intra Group Variability
- Biot Cryocarrier - Standardized Cryogenic Temperature Handling Of Biospecimens
- Protection By Vaporization For Bio-Banking
- Optimum Specimen Security With Complete Automation Characteristics: The Automated Ln2 Vapour Phase Freezer
- Exercise Of Electronic P-Chips In A Mono And Duotagging System For Sample Tubes Used In Bio-Banking
- Sample Trail And Prerequisite With Iplex® Pro Sample Id
- Usage Of An E-Consent System For Bio-Bank Patient Consent - The Three Whys
- Cell Line Verification With The Use Of Snp Trace™ Panel: A High-Throughput, Affordable Snpbased Interface For Fingerprinting, Identifying Infectivity, And Establish Origin Of Derivative Cell Lines
- Next-Generation Dna Sequencing With Sustained Preserved Serum Samples
- An Assessment Of Frozen Aliquotting Application For The Stabilization Of Small Molecule And Peptides In Bio-Analytical Technology

F. Biobanking Performances
- Performances Inside The Bio-Bank
- Ethical, Legal And Appropriate Strategies
- Societal Commitment For Growth Of Cdc Policy Leading Supervision Of Specimens Attained From American Indian/Alaska Native People
- Legal And Regulatory Hurdles That Impact Completion Of An Inter-Institutional Bio-Bank System
- In - Depth Appraisal On Bio-Banking Performances
- Specimen Research
- Safeguard And Control Sample Data
- Bio-Samples Preservation And Safety Precautions
- Monitor Samples Through Transport
- Farm Out Samples
- Conclusion

G. Biobank Ownership

Private Banks
- Public-Private Partnership In Bio-Banking

Public Banks
- Cost Recovery For A Public Biobank - Introduction
- Biobanks: Associated Costs
- Modern Developments In Biobank Principles

H. Human Biobanking Ownership - Geography Market Briefing
- North America
- Europe
- Asia-Pacific
- Rest Of World

I. Private Biobanks - Geography Market Briefing
- North America
- Europe
- Asia-Pacific
- Rest Of World

J. Public Biobanks - Geography Market Briefing
- North America
- Europe
- Asia-Pacific
- Rest Of World

II. Market Analysis

Human Biobanking Ownership - Industry Snapshot
A. Human Biobanking - Ownership - Segmentation

Human Biobanking Ownership - Global
- Human Biobanking Ownership - By Geography
- North America
- Europe
- Asia-Pacific
- Rest Of World

Human Biobanking - By Ownership Type
- Human Biobanking Ownership - Type - By Geography
- Private Biobanks
- North America
- Europe
- Asia-Pacific
- Rest Of World

Private Biobanks - By Type
- Private Biobanks - Type - By Geography
- Disease-Based Biobanks
- North America
- Europe
- Asia-Pacific
- Rest Of World

Population-Based Biobanks
- North America
- Europe
- Asia-Pacific
- Rest Of World

Biobank Academics
- North America
- Europe
- Asia-Pacific
- Rest Of World

Public Biobanks
- North America
- Europe
- Asia-Pacific
- Rest Of World

Public Biobanks - By Type
- Public Biobanks - Type - By Geography
- Disease-Based Biobanks
- North America
- Europe
- Asia-Pacific
- Rest Of World

Population-Based Biobanks
- North America
- Europe
- Asia-Pacific
- Rest Of World

Biobank Academics
North America
Rest Of World

B. Growth Rate Analysis
- Global Human Biobanking Ownership - Market Growth Rates

Human Biobanking Ownership Market - Type
- Global Human Biobanking Ownership - Type Growth Rates

Private Banks Market - Type
- Global Private Banks - Type - Growth Rates

Public Banks Market - Type
- Global Public Banks - Type - Growth Rates

C. Investment Focus

III. Industry Overview

A. Biobanking - Geographical Distribution In Detail

Biobanking In The Americas
- Canada
- To Assess The Scale And Limitations Of Industry Access To Publicly-Financed Biobanks In Canada
- The Canadian Longitudinal Study On Aging: Biorepository Functions And Networks

- Outcomes To Give To Contributors: A Debate In Brazil

- Status On The Development And Growth Of A Combined System Of Repositories At The University Of Iowa

Biobanking In Europe
- Consolidation On Present Advantages
- European Biobanks Are Crucial Resources Assets For The Distribution Of Individualized Medicine
- Cohorts As A Potential Instrument To Know Personalized Distinction
- Ethical, Legal And Social Issues (Elsi)
- Priority Issues For Personalized Medicine Within Europe
- Biobanking And Biomolecular Resources Investigate Communications - European Research Infrastructure Consortium
- Future Entry In To Bigger European Cohorts Via Transnational Biobanking Infrastructure Bbmri-Lpc
- 9 Years Relating Swiss Biobanks - En Route To A Swiss Biobanking Policy

- Constant And Maintainance And Support Of Biobank-Based Medical Research: A Decade Of Experience In Germany


United Kingdom
- Combined Effective Network Of Biobanks

- Biobanks And Ethical Concerns In Italy

Other European Countries
- Strategy Development For Emerging Biobanks On The Example Of Kosovo And Albania

Biobanking In Asia-Pacific
- Japan
- Evaluation Of Id Integrity With Abo Blood Typing-Questionnaire To Genomic Data In Japanese Biobank
- Assessment Of Cell-Type Composition In Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Enhances Value Of Omics Data In Biobank Research

South Korea
- Current Trends In Korea Gynecologic Cancer Bank
- Ebiobanking System For Korea Gynecologic Cancer Bank

- Achievements
- Biobanking For The Born In Guangzhou Cohort Study: An Innovative Resource For Maternal And Child Health Research In China


- Construction Of Shanghai Cancer Biobank Stage For Research

- Objectives
- Goals
- Areas
- Principles
- The Age Bio-Banking In India
- To Create A Disease-Linked Reliable Biobank In India
- Moral Concerns In Biobanking: Stepping Up The Program In India
- Biobanking Is A Promising Proposition In India-Factors
- I. Ethical Concerns With Regard To Biobanking
- People’S Perspective Towards Biobanking Research
- Acceptance By Contributors In Biobanking Research

Consent Types
- Removal Of Consent/Obliteration Of Bio-Samples
- Chief Causes For Pull Out

Privacy And Secrecy
II. Ethical Issues Linked To Research Procedures

Storage Of Samples
- Derived Or Extensive Uses Of Stored Samples
- Relocation Of Samples And Information

III. Conclusion
- First Biobank By 2016 In Eastern India

- Australian Prostate Cancer Bio-Resource, 2015
- Enhancing Bio-Samples Quality Inside The Banking System: An Australian Outlook

Biobanking In Rest Of World
- The Consequences Of Mini-Biobank In Hazardous Climates In Iraq
- Biodiversity/Environmental Microbial Storehouse System In Emerging Nations-Spotlight On Nigeria
- The Progress Of The National Biobanking Industry For Preservation Of South African Biodiversity
- Qatar Biobank: Public Health Concerns Reported
- Biobanking Initiative In Saudi Arabia: The Cegmr Biobank Know-How

B. A Review On Bio “Banks”
- Relevance Of Biobanks In Scientific Research

C. Major Prospects For Biorepositories In The Future
- The Key Impact Of Biorepositories In Its Applications

Biggest Challenges And Opportunities In Biorepositories
- Biobanks Will Be Challenged By Increasing Financial Pressures
- Biggest Opportunities
- Present Challenges Of Biobanking: Bioethical And Property Issues
- Added Value Of Biobanks For Health: An Evolutionary Perspective

Future Challenges


D. Industry Activities
- Mergers/Acquisitions/Agreements/Patents Grants/Joint Ventures/ Innovations/Product Launches/Etc……
- Cesca Therapeutics Enters Into Collaborative Agreement With Center For Immune Cell Therapies At Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
- Agilent Technologies To Acquire Seahorse Bioscience, Industry Leader In Tools For Measuring Cell Metabolism
- International Stem Cell Corporation Announces Next Phase Of Research Collaboration With Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Of Japan
- Partners Get $12.3M To Advance Genomic Medicine
- New Study Demonstrates Absence Of Extractable Organic Contaminants In Micronic’S Polypropylene Sample Storage Tubes
- Valeant Pharmaceuticals To Acquire Synergetics Usa
- Sysmex Receives In-Vitro Diagnostic Approval For Manufacturing And Sales Of Three Platelet Aggregation Agonist Reagent Kits
- Amag Pharmaceuticals Completes Acquisition Of Cord Blood Registry
- Biotek Synergy™ Neo2 Granted Cisbio Htrf® Certification
- Avita Medical Announces New Research Partnership With University Of Huddersfield
- Stemcell Technologies Inc. Enters A Licensing Agreement With Ips Academia Japan, Inc. For Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Research Technologies
- Immatics And Md Anderson Announce Launch Of Immatics Us, Inc., To Develop Multiple T-Cell And Tcr-Based Adoptive Cellular Therapies
- Bio-Rad Introduces The Ih-500, A Fully Automated Random Access System For Blood Typing And Screening
- Groundbreaking Clinical Trial To Assess Use Of Newborn Stem Cells In The Treatment Of Pediatric Stroke
- Genotyping Begins On Nida’S Biorepository Of Over 50,000 Samples - Affymetrix, Biorealm And Rucdr Infinite Biologics Team Up To Help Study The Genetics Of Addiction
- Stem Cells - Promising Options For Alternative Medical Therapeutic Approaches
- Celgene Handed $1 Billion To Small Biotech Developer Juno Therapeutics
- Medimmune Partners With The University Of Sheffield To Generate Innovations In Cell Factory Engineering Science
- Cytox And Affymetrix Form Strategic Partnership To Develop And Commercialize Blood-Based Genetic Assay For Alzheimer’S Disease Risk Assessment
- Genotyping Begins On Nida’S Biorepository Of Over 50,000 Samples - Affymetrix, Biorealm, And Rucdr Infinite Biologics Team Up To Help Study The Genetics Of Addiction
- Mount Sinai Medical Center Selects Stemsoft Clinic
- Integra Lifesciences Completes Acquisition Of Tei Biosciences And Tei Medical
- Bloodcenter Launches Gene Deletion/Duplication Analysis
- Cryoport Provides Cryogenic Logistics Solutions To Hemacare Corporation
- Biomatrica, Inc. Announces Release Of Dnagard® Saliva Ht, Saliva Dna Collection
- Seracare Life Sciences Announces Strategic Partnership With Vivebio To Enable
- Lake Shore Exhibiting Cryogenic Monitoring And Control Solutions At Cec/Icmc
- Cryolife Receives Expanded Indication For Bioglue® In Japan
- Dna Genotek Inc. Receives Ce-Ivd Mark For Its Omnigene®•Gut Microbiome Collection Kit
- Debiopharm International Sa Acquires Fibrotrap Sample Processing Technology From Spinomix
- Sysmex And Labcorp Announce A Strategic Collaboration For Blood-Based Molecular Testing Services And Products To Support The Development Of Precision Medicine In Oncology
- Reneuron Group Plc S Research Collaboration With Benitec Biopharma
- Stemcell Technologies Launches Innovative Products To Support Car T Cell Research
- Ultra Low Binding Tubes For Proteomics
- Caladrius Biosciences, Inc. Finalizes Corporate Name Change From Neostem, Inc.
- Stemgent, A Reprocell Group Company Launches A New High Performance Self-Replicative Rna Reprogramming Kit
- Takara Bio Europe Releases An Innovative Ips Cell Culture Medium For Pre-Clinical Use: Cellartis® Def-Cs™ Xeno-Free Culture Medium Göteborg, Sweden
- Octane And Lonza Announce Exclusive Collaboration To Evaluate Groundbreaking Autologous Cell Therapy Technology
- Axt To Distribute Openspecimen Biobanking Software Solution
- Nikon And Lonza Form Collaboration For Cell And Gene Therapy Manufacturing In Japan
- Dna Genotek Inc. Launches Microbial Dna Self-Collection Kit-Omnigene®•Gut Product Optimizes Samples For Microbiome Analysis
- Biocision And Brooks Automation Announce Industry's First Portable Cryogenic Biospecimen Transport System With Integrated Real-Time Temperature Monitoring
- Cryo-Cell’S New Cord Blood Processing Method Enables Parents To Obtain Better Cord Blood Units For Their Babies
- Avita Medical Announces Issuance Of A New U.S. Patent For Recell®
- Titian Software Expands Offering With New Mosaic Freezer Management
- Alliqua Biomedical Announces Expansion To Its Exclusive Licensing Agreement With Celgene Cellular Therapeutics
- Secure Automated Cryogenic Storage
- Lonza, The World’S Leading Developer And Manufacturer Of Cells For Regenerative Medicine Therapeutics, And Nikon Corporation Announced Today An Exclusive Collaboration In The Field Of Cell And Gene Therapy Manufacturing In Japan.
- Neostem Announces Expanded Cell Therapy Manufacturing Relationship With Kite Pharma
- Combimatrix Launches Buccal Swab Dna Collection As Alternative To Blood Draws For Postnatal Genetic Testing
- New Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer Offers Outstanding Sustainability And Sample Protection
- Neostem, Inc And Allcells, Llc To Collaborate With Mount Sinai As Part Of $8.8 Million Grant To Further Stem Cell Research
- Sysmex Inostics Announces Agreement With Indivutest To Offer Blood Based Mutation Testing
- Celgene To Acquire Quanticel Pharmaceuticals
- Cord Blood Registry® Uses Biolife Solutions Cryostor® Clinical Grade Freeze Media In The Storage Of Umbilical Cord Tissue Stem Cells
- Florida Hospital Cancer Institute Selects Stemsoft Clinic
- Genmab Achieves Usd 10 Million Milestones In Daratumumab Collaboration With Janssen
- Alvetex® 3D Cell Culture Platform Reaches New Heights With Project Aboard The International Space Station (Iss).
- Lonza Introduces Cytosmart™ System For Walk-Away Live Cell Imaging
- Brooks Automation Introduces Biostore Iii Cryo Automated Cryogenic Sample Management System
- Biocision And Brooks Joint Development Partnership To Unveil New Cryogenic Sample Handling And Transport Product
- Paml And Bloodworks Nw Sign Letter Of Intent To Collaborate On Innovation
- Brooks Automation Introduces Biostore Iii Cryo Automated Cryogenic Sample Management System
- Biotime’S Clinical Grade Stem Cells From Subsidiary Es Cell International To Be Used In Planned Cirm-Funded Preclinical Studies Of Huntington’S Disease
- Biotime Licenses Beckman Research Institute Of City Of Hope To Manufacture Clinical Grade Stem Cells
- Blood Center Affiliation Unveils New Name, Expanded Offerings To Healthcare Systems
- Lonza Introduces Cytosmart™ System For Walk-Away Live Cell Imaging
- Fujifilm Holdings To Acquire Cellular Dynamics International, Inc.
- Genvec And Therabiologics Form Collaboration To Develop Neural Stem Cell Mediated Cancer Therapies
- Cryo-Cell International, Inc., Cord Blood Banking Leader, Takes Significant Ownership Stake In Cord Blood America, Inc., And Encourages Cbai Shareholders To Vote Against Upcoming Share Authorization Proposal
- Combimatrix Selects Cryoport As Logistics Partner For The Distribution Of Its New Genetic Screening Service
- Bluechiip Tracking Solutions Executing Strategic Priorities In Biobanking
- Cordlife Partners With Leading Neurologist On Study In Child Autism Using Own Cord Blood Stem Cells
- Leica Em Cryo Clem Features The World’S First Cryo Clem Objective
- Partnership With Live Cell Imaging Company
- Astrazeneca To Collaborate With The Harvard Stem Cell Institute In Diabetes
- Handheld Wireless 1D / 2D Code Reader
- Biolife Solutions Cryostor® Cell Freeze Media Used In Mayo Clinic Safety And Feasibility Study Of Umbilical Cord Blood-Derived Cells For Pediatric Cardiac Regeneration
- Expiration Of The Option Of Teva Under The License Agreement With Cellcure Neurosciences
- University Of Illinois At Chicago Selects Stemsoft Clinic
- Esperite Pioneers First Treatment Worldwide Of Cerebral Palsy Using Two Types Of Stem Cells
- Greiner Bio-One Presents Innovative Cryo’S Biobanking Tubes
- Esi Bio - A Division Of Biotime, Inc., Announces Alliance Agreement With Pivotal Scientific Ltd For Distribution Of Stem Cell Products
- Puget Sound Blood Center Is Now Bloodworks Northwest
- Labcorp Completes Acquisition Of Covance
- Biolife Solutions Launches New Cell Thawing Media Products In Response To Worldwide Shortage Of Dextran Solutions
- Tigenix And Lonza Sign Agreement For The Manufacture Of Stem Cell-Based Treatment Of Complex Perianal Fistulas In Crohn’S Disease
- Epistem Announces The Successful Evaluation Of New Rna-Amp™ (Rna-Amplification) Technology
- Stemgent, A Reprocell Group Company And Transposagen Biopharmaceuticals Enter Into A Service Partnership Agreement Providing Genetically Engineered Stem Cells
- Tigenix And Lonza Sign Agreement For The Manufacture Of Stem Cell-Based Treatment Of Complex Perianal Fistulas In Crohn’S Disease
- International Stem Cell Corporation Announces Completion Of Cell Bank For Parkinson's Disease Clinical Trial
- Cellular Dynamics Manufactures Cgmp Hla “Superdonor” Stem Cell Lines To Enable Cell Therapy With Genetic Matching
- Vitro Biopharma Announces Advances In Clinical Application Of Stem Cell Therapy For Neurological Conditions
- New Healthy Ageing Biobank Milestone
- Alliqua Biomedical, Inc. To Acquire Celleration, Inc.
- Agilent Technologies Introduces Oneseq To Streamline Cytogenetic Research
- Cancercare Manitoba Selects Stemsoft Lab
- Alliqua Biomedical Announces Group Purchasing Agreement With Premier, Inc.
- Valeant And Astrazeneca To Partner On Brodalumab
- Harvard Bioscience Acquires All Operations Of Heka Electronik
- Brooks Automation Announces Collaboration Agreement With Chart Industries
- Avita Medical Announces First Patient Enrollment In Us Pivotal Study Of Recell® For The Treatment Of Burns
- Neostem Receives Drug Manufacture License For Irvine Facility
- Neostem And Invetech Announce Agreement To Develop Closed Processing System For Cell Therapy Manufacturing
- Cord Blood Registry And Cellular Dynamics International Announce Collaboration To Reprogram Newborn Stem Cells Into Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
- Cord Blood Registry And China Cord Blood Corporation Enter Into Strategic Collaboration
- China Cord Blood Corporation And Cord Blood Registry Enter Into Strategic Collaboration
- Essential Pharmaceuticals Provides Solutions To Keep Cells And Organs Healthy
- Apollo Health And Lifestyle Ltd. Expands Its Footprint With The Acquisition Of Nova Specialty Hospitals
- Brooks Automation Announces Collaboration Agreement With Chart
- Selexis Generated Research Cell Banks Now Fully Sequenced Using Next-Generation Sequencing
- Symphogen A/S Licenses The Selexis Suretechnology Expression Platform And Cell Line
- Nyscf And The Cmta Enter Collaboration To Advance Neuropathies Research
- Leica Biosystems And Mayo Clinic Collaborate On Future Of Cytogenetics Imaging
- Biotime Subsidiary Es Cell International And Ge Healthcare Cross-License Patents In The Field Of Cell Assays For Drug Testing
- Takara Bio Inc. Will Take Over The Supply Of Sc Proven Products Formerly Supplied By Stem Cells Sciences
- Mr Solutions Announces The First Installations Of Its Second Generation Cryogen Free Magnet Technology For Increased Scientific Capabilities In Preclinical Mri
- Geron Announces Early Hsr Clearance For Global Strategic Collaboration With Janssen
- Cryofab Inc. (Nj) Acquisition Of Leading Cryogenic Valves Suppliers Cryocomp Inc. (Ca)
- Novadaq Appointed Exclusive Worldwide Distributor Of Lifenet Health’S Dermacell Tissue Products
- Toshiba Corporation Selects Affymetrix Axiom Platform For Its Newly Launched Genotyping Service In Japan
- Bloodcenter To Form Strategic Alliance With Indiana Blood Center
- Cytomedix Announces Corporate Name Change To Nuo Therapeutics, Inc.
- Irvine Scientific Introduces Dmso-Free, Chemically-Defined Cryopreservation Solution For Mesenchymal Stem Cells
- Bluechiip Signs International Agreement For Technology Integration
- Sigma-Aldrich Completes Acquisition Of Cell Marque
- Cellular Dynamics And Northwestern University Take First Steps Toward Rebuilding An Organ Using Manufactured Human Cells
- Baker Ruskinn Brand Promises New Tools For Cell Science
- Lifecell Corporation And Novadaq Technologies Agree To Early Transition Of Spy Elite® Intraoperativeperfusion Assessment System Business Back To Novadaq.
- Affymetrix Exclusively Licenses Technology From Peptide Groove Llp For Hla Typing From Genotyping Data
- Alliqua Biomedical Announces Expansion To Its Exclusive Licensing Agreement With Celgene Cellular Therapeutics
- New Blast Freezers Offer Rapid Freezing For Short And Long Term Cold Storage
- New Innovations Advance Upstream And Downstream Bioprocessing For Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers
- Osiris And Arthrex Announce An Exclusive Partnership For The Commercialization And Development Of Cartiform®
- Baker Introduces Cultivo™ Co2 Incubator
- Baker Ruskinn Brand Promises New Tools For Cell Science
- Brooks Automation Acquires Fluidx, A Leading Provider Of Consumables And Instruments Used For Biological Sample Storage
- Roslin Cells Working With Tokyo Electron On Developing New Smart Cell Processing Technologies
- Cesca Therapeutics Announces Agreement With New York Upstate Cord Blood Bank
- Roosterbio Selects Biolife Solutions Cryostor® To Commercialize Human Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells
- Reprocell Acquires The Ips Cell Business Unit Of Stemgent, Inc.
- Brainstorm Granted European Patent Covering Its Stem Cells For The Treatment Of Cns Diseases
- Biolife Solutions Forms Biologistex Ccmsm Joint Venture With Savsu® Technologies To Market Intelligent, Controlled Temperature Containers For Biologics
- Failure To Invest In Biobank ‘May Jeopardise Storage Of Vital Tissue Samples
- Labcorp Announces Agreement To Acquire Liposcience
- Irvine Scientific Introduces Serum-Free Differentiation Media To Its Cell Therapy Product Line
- Cryomagnetics Acquires R & D Tectonics
- Stem Cell Company Reprocell (Japan) Acquires 3D Cell Culture Company Reinnervate Ltd (Uk) And Human Tissue Supplier Bioserve (Usa)
- Fda Clears Mayo Clinic For Manufacture Of Nurown And Participation In Brainstorm’S Phase 2 Als Trial
- Vistagen Receives Notice Of Allowance For Canadian Patent Further Expanding Stem Cell Technology Platform
- Beckman Coulter Diagnostics And Copan Announce Expansion Of Distribution Agreement For Automated Sample Processing Systems And Digital Microbiology
- Biovision Introduces Industry's Most Simplified Cetp And Pltp Activity Assay Kits
- New Highly Sensitive Test To Screen Donors Of Blood, Tissues, And Organs For Hepatitis E Virus Receives Ce Mark
- Essential Pharmaceuticals Announces The Release Of Cell-Ess® Serum Replacement For Cell Culture
- Cellular Dynamics Awarded Patents Covering Derivation Of Pluripotent Stem Cells From Fresh Or Banked Human Blood Samples
- China Cord Blood Corporation And Cordlife Group Limitedannounce Collaboration To Aid Asia-Based Patientswith Cord Blood Stem Cell Therapy
- The Tecan Group (Six Swiss Exchange: Tecn) Today Announced The Acquisition Of Ibl International
- International Stem Cell Corporation Signs Agreement Including Certain Terms For A Definitive License Agreement With Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Of Japan
- Combimatrix Signs Contract With Stratose
- Cordlife Group Limited And China Cord Blood Corporation Announce Collaboration To Aid Asia-Based Patients With Cord Blood Stem Cell Therapy
- Lane Blood Center And Psbc Confirm Affiliation
- Precious Cells Biobank Acquires Stem Cell Technology Leader Pharmacells Group
- Biolife Solutions Announces Manufacturing Agreement With Somahlution Llc
- Geisinger And Indivumed Partner For Personalized Medicine Initiative In The Usa
- Rutgers’ Human Genetics Institute Lab Expands Into Clinical Testing
- Cord Blood America, Inc. Announces Mesenchymal Stem Cell Expanded Tissue Service Offering Positions Company To Participate In One Of The Fastest Growing Areas Of Stem Cell Research
- Tecan Unveils New Fluent™ Laboratory Automation Solutions
- Atcc Teams With Cdc And Thermo Fisher Scientific On Public Health Rt-Pcr Assay
- Beaumont, Botsford, Oakwood Reach Definitive Agreement To Create New, Not-For-Profit Health Organization
- Partner With Flow Cytometers Analyzers Company
- Cell Therapeutics, Inc. Announces Change Of Name To Cti Biopharma Corp. Seattle
- Cryoxtract Announces Integration Of Cxt750 System Into France's National Institute For Agricultural Research For Use In Important Human Gut Microbiome Research
- Cryoxtract Enters Into Distribution Agreements With Cambridge Bioscience Ltd. And Lbd Life Sciences Ltd.
- Alliqua Acquires Choice Therapeutics
- Cellcentric Receives Patent Grants For Gene Demethylation Technology
- Partner With Time-Lapse Cytometers Company
- Cellular Dynamics Announces Launch Of Icell(R) Dopaneurons, Neural Floor Plate-Derived Midbrain Dopaminergic Neurons
- Brooks Automation, The University Of Oxford And Uk Biocentre Announce Purchase Of Multiple Brooks Automated Sample Management Systems
- Roslin Cells To Manufacture Blood Cultured From Stem Cells
- Neostem Announces Definitive Agreement To Acquire California Stem Cell, Inc.
- Atcc Expands Its Portfolio Of Certified Reference Materials To Include Quantitative Mycoplasma Dna
- Alliqua Biomedical, Inc. To Acquire Celleration, Inc.
- Lonza And Biowa Sign Potelligent® Chok1Sv Cell Line Technology Licensing Agreement With Argen-X
- Combimatrix Announces Partnership With American Pathology Partners To Provide Products Of Conception Testing
- Takara Bio Obtains A Governmental Grant For Commercialization Of Its Tcr Gene Therapy Projects
- Brainstorm Granted Key Us Patent For Its Autologous Stem Cell Technology
- Lonza And Biowa Sign Potelligent® Chok1Sv Cell Line Technology Licensing Agreement With Argen-X
- Modular Vertical Freezer Rack For Biobanking Launched By Micronic
- Greiner Bio-One Presents Innovative Cryo.S Biobanking Tubes
- Thermo Fisher Scientific Completes Acquisition Of Life Technologies Corporation
- Biopta Announces Launch Of Industry’S First Catalogue Of In Vitro Human Tissue Assays
- Thermo Fisher Scientific Reaches Agreement To Sell Its Cell Culture, Gene Modulation And Magnetic Beads Businesses To Ge Healthcare
- Biomatrica And Sigma-Aldrich Sign Distribution Agreement
- Athersys Announces New Patents In Japan For Stem Cell And Regenerative Medicine Technology
- Cell Therapy's Heart Tissue Regeneration Hope
- Cellular Dynamics Signs Agreement With Nestle Institute Of Health Sciences To Supply Icell® And Mycell® Products For Nutritional Research
- Lifecell Corporation Acquires Advanced Adipose Tissue Injector
- Combimatrix Announces Contract With Galaxy Health Network
- Combimatrix Announces Partnership With Propath To Provide Products Of Conception Testing
- Stemsoft Software Inc. And Jaf Consulting, Inc. Announce Collaborative Partnership
- Thermo Fisher Scientific Reaches Agreement To Sell Its Cell Culture, Gene Modulation And Magnetic Beads Businesses To Ge Healthcare
- New Dmso-Resistant 1536 Well Storage Plate
- Bmg Labtech And Invivosciences, Inc. Initiate Market Collaboration To Accelerate Drug Discovery In Engineered 3D Tissues
- Low Profile Screw Caps Designed In Conjunction With The Hannover Unified Biobank Launched By Micronic
- Queensland Node Of Apcb Gain Access To Unique Samples
- Thermo Fisher Scientific Brings Several Innovations In Bioprocessing Technologies And Systems

E. Market Trends
- Groundbreaking Technology Collaboration To Optimize Medical Research
- First 300 Cell Lines To Support Autism, Heart, Liver, Lung And Eye Disease Research
- Towards ‘Engagement 2.0’: Insights From A Study Of Dynamic Consent With Biobank Participants
- Finding Biomarkers For Early Lung Cancer Diagnosis
- Biobanking Viable Immune Cells - Transportation Matters!
- Cancer Biobank Informs Future Treatment
- World’S First T Cell-Qualified Serum Replacement Now Available
- Biobanking: A Vital Asset For Belgium Scientific Excellence
- Plasma Biobanking: Maximizing Patient Samples
- Bridging ‘Biobanking’ And Biomedical Research Across Europe And Africa: ‘B3Africa’ Launched In Cape Town
- Finding The Best Way To Process Gut Microbiome Samples
- Innovation In Biobanking: Pushing The Boundaries
- New Research Tool Tracks Real-Time Dna-Protein Binding In Cells
- Seoulin Bioscience To Distribute Cellular Dynamics’ Products In Korea
- Cryogenic Storage Solution Available In Europe
- A Next-Gen Biobank That’S Based On The Cloud
- Health Research Group Makes Recommendations On Eu Data Protection Reforms
- Genotyping Begins On Nida’S Biorepository Of Over 50,000 Samples - Affymetrix, Biorealm, And Rucdr Infinite Biologics Team Up To Help Study The Genetics Of Addiction
- Reg-Galapagos Licenses Organoid Technology From The Hub Foundation For Use In Cystic Fibrosis And Ibd Research
- Ccfa Launches Development Of World’S Largest Research Database For Crohn’S Disease And Ulcerative Colitis
- The Joint Venture Of Synovial Tissue Cryopreservation
- Antifreeze Polymer Protects Cells As They Thaw
- Australia’S First Comprehensive Skin Cancer Tissue Bank
- Awareness Of The Procure Biobank
- Biosamples And Cryopreservation: What Tube Should I Use?
- Ibbl Teaches The Ins And Outs Of Biobanking
- Nhlbi Next Gen Consortium Partners With Wicell To Distribute Over 1,500 Well-Characterized, Novel Cell Lines For Use In Disease Research
- Automated Pbmc Isolation For Biobanking With Tecan’S Freedom Evo®
- Biotek Expands In The United Kingdom
- Ecacc And Ds Pharma - 10 Years Supporting Cell Culture Science In Japan
- Dried Blood Spots: New Applications For Biobanking?
- Multicare, Bloodworks Nw Expand South Sound Cord Blood Collection
- New Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer Offers Outstanding Sustainability And Sample Protection
- Biobanking For Global Prostate Cancer Research Collaboration
- The Uk Has Joined The Biobanking And Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure - European Research Infrastructure Consortium (Bbmr-Eric) At Its General Assembly
- Biobanking Collaboration For Lung Cancer Research
- Long-Term Biobanking: How Long Can You Hold Samples?
- Controlling Sample Exposure To Temperature Variability
- Thl Obtained Permission To Transfer Old Sample Collections To Thl Biobank
- Choosing Collection Kits Versus Bulk Supplies
- Future Of Biobanking And Translational Research In China
- Uw To Sell Patient Tissue Samples To Support Research
- Msc From Cord Tissue Used To Treat Graft-Versus-Host Disease
- First Patient Successfully Transplanted With Cryopreserved (Frozen) Nicord® In Gamida Cell’S Ongoing Phase I/Ii Clinical Trial For Blood Cancers
- Store For 20 Million Bio-Samples Opens In Milton Keynes
- Pass The Tissue: Ua Creates Bio Repository To Share With Competing Universities
- Cold Storage: Deep-Freeze Unit Is Vital To Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation's Work
- New European Storage Bank For Stem Cell Studies Coming To Babraham Research Campus
- Stem Cells: First Therapy Approved By Eu
- National Biobank Symposium Strengthens Cooperation In The Biobank Research
- From Dried Cod To Tissue Sample Preservation
- Hematologic Cancers: Umbilical Cord Transplantation
- New Method To Multiply Stem Cells Makes Cord Blood Even More Valuable
- Bioheart Announces Partnership In Colombia
- Survey Of Biobanks 2014 In Australia
- Biobanks Cooperation Will Bring Opportunities To The Individual Treatment Of Patients Published
- Luxembourg’S Biobank Collaborates With Us National Cancer Institute
- Ibbl Is Central Biobank For A New European Cancer Research Programme
- Cord Blood Cure For Autism
- Research That Explores The Use Of Umbilical Cord Blood Cells
- New Distribution Partner For Biotissue In Germany, Austria And Switzerland
- Research That Explores The Use Of Umbilical Cord Blood Cells
- Two New Chordoma Cell Lines Developed, Heading To Repository
- Valley Medical Center And Psbc Partner In Cord Blood Program
- Could Premature Babies Benefit From Their Own Cord Blood Stem Cells
- Nci Biobank Survey
- Thl Biobank In Finland Receives License To Operate
- Familycord Introduces Familycord Venezuela
- Plasticell Signs Deal With Jcr Pharmaceuticals To Use Combicult ® Stem Cell Technology In Japan
- Ebisc - The First European Bank For Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
- Successful Release Of Sample To Treat Scid
- Wicell Expands Offerings For Researching Human Disease With Cell Lines Designed By Life Technologies For Fluorescent Protein Expression
- Biobanking From The Patient Perspective
- The Future Of Biobanking
- The Challenge: Recruit 500,000 Participants
- 2015 Eu Data Protection Regulation - Impact On Research Updates
- Latest Cryo-Cell International Developments
- Cord Blood Stem Cells Can Treat Over 80 Life-Threatening Diseases
- Enriching Datasets Through Norwegian Biobank Data From Lifandis As And The IMS Pygargus Methodology

F. Key Company Profiles
- North America
- Europe
- Asia-Pacific
- Rest Of World

Iv. Industry Company Database

V. Appendix
A. Research Focus
B. About
C. Disclaimer
D. Feedback
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- Abbott Laboratories
- Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.
- Affymetrix, Inc.
- Alpha Cord, Inc.
- Aqix
- Atgc Labs
- Autogen, Inc.
- B & C Group
- Babycell Egypt
- Barber Nichols
- Bbmri
- Beckman Coulter, Inc.
- Biobank Ireland Trust
- Biocision
- Biokryo Gmbh
- Biolife Solutions, Inc.
- Biological Specimen Inventory System
- Biomatrica, Inc.
- Biorep Srl P.Iva
- Biostorage Technologies, Inc.
- Biostorage, Llc.
- Boehringer Ingelheim, Gmbh
- Caladrius Biosciences, Inc.
- Cellerant Therapeutics, Inc.
- Cells4Life, Ltd.
- Cesca Therapeutics, Inc.
- Chart Industries, Inc.
- Charter Medical, Ltd.
- China Cord Blood Corporation
- Cole Parmer Instrument, Co.
- Corcell, Inc.
- Cord Blood Registry
- Cordlife Pte., Ltd.
- Core Dynamics (Usa), Inc.
- Cryo Bio System
- Cryo-Cell International, Inc.
- Cryo-Save, Ag
- Cryocord Sdn. Bhd.
- Cryolife, Inc.
- Cryologic Pty. Ltd.
- Cryomagnetics, Inc.
- Cryoplus, Inc.
- Cryoxtract
- Cti Biopharma Corp.
- Custom Biogenic Systems
- Dataworks Development, Inc.
- Decode Genetics
- Dna Genotek, Inc.
- Epistem Ltd.
- Epl Archieves, Inc.
- Eppendorf, Inc.
- Gamida Cell Ltd.
- Ge Healthcare Life Sciences
- Genesearch
- Genesisbps
- Genzyme Corp.
- Gilead Sciences, Inc.
- Hamilton Storage Technologies
- Highres Biosolutions
- Indivumed
- Labvantage Solutions, Inc.
- Labware, Inc.
- Lifegene
- Lifegene Biobank
- Lifelines Cohort And Biobank (Lifelines)
- Lifeline® Cell Technology
- Lifenet Health
- Linde Gas Cryoservices B.V.
- Mesoblast, Inc.
- Modul-Bio Sas
- Mts Cryostores Uk Ltd
- Noray Bioinformatics S.L.U.
- Novare Biologistics
- Ocimum Biosolutions
- Origen Biomedical, Inc.
- Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.
- Pacific Bio-Material Management, Inc.
- Panasonic Biomedical Sales Europe B.V
- Promeddx, Llc
- Provia Laboratories, Llc
- Qiagen Nv
- Rand Corporation
- Reliance Life Sciences
- Reneuron Group Plc
- Ruro
- Sanofi Aventis
- Scientific Instruments, Inc.
- Seracare Life Sciences
- Soventec Gmbh
- Sp Scientific
- Spectrocell, Inc.
- Steelgate, Inc.
- Stem Cells, Inc.
- Stemcell Technologies, Inc.
- Stirling Cryogenics & Refrigeration Bv
- Tecan
- Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
- Tissue Solutions
- Trans-Hit Biomarkers, Inc.
- Trillium Therapeutics, Inc.
- U.S. Stem Cell, Inc.
- Uk Stem Cell Bank
- Vaisala, Inc.
- Vericel Corporation
- Viacord
- Vital Therapies, Inc.
- Wheaton Science Products, Inc.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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