Risk Based Decision Making in Quality Systems - Webinar

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Risk based decision making is an FDA requirement.-Regulated companies work very hard to incorporate risk management into daily company activities in pursuit of developing a true Quality Risk Management system.-This requires the development and use of systematic processes designed to coordinate, facilitate and improve science-based decision making with respect to risk.Such decision-making involves consideration of various questions including:

- What could go wrong?
- If it does, how will we know it?
- What tool can be used to determine the risk?
- What is the associated risk and is it above an acceptable level?
- What can be done to reduce, control or eliminate the risk?
- What is the appropriate balance among benefits, risks and resources?
- Are any new risks introduced as a result of the identified risks being controlled?

At the end of this webinar, participants will understand how risk-based decision-making:

- Facilitates better and more informed decisions throughout the organization
- Provides regulators with greater assurance of a company’s ability to deal with potential risks
- Affects the extent and level of direct regulatory oversight for the better

This webinar will reinforce your knowledge of risk management and the risk-based decision making process to enable more effective and consistent decisions across your organization.
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Damon Linder
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