Natural Gas Market in India: Forecast & Opportunities 2020

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Natural Gas has been projected as the fuel of 21st century and rightly so, driven by number of factors covering growing concerns and acceptance about global warming, technological advantages of gas use in power generation and other end use sectors, growing substitutability of liquid petroleum products by gas, more wider geographical distribution of gas reserves globally, advances made in scaling up LNG production and shipping capacities and, finally, emergence of new and unconventional gas resources as very credible supply sources over long term.

India’s natural gas sector primarily characterized by lower availability and widening demand, with 1.24 billion striving to improve their lifestyle will contribute further to the widening of this demand supply gap. Indian gas demand is met by increasing natural gas imports in the form of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) imports which are expected to rise significantly over the next five years.

There’s a compelling opportunity for gas in India, Government has taken several steps to enhance the availability of gas in the country, including intensification of domestic exploration and production activities, development of shale gas policy framework, import of LNG, exploration in the Mining Lease Area with certain conditions, announcement of new hydrocarbon exploration and licensing policy (HELP), liberalized gas price regime  and acquisition of overseas oil and gas assets.

As per the recent report by Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, India’s natural gas output will rise about 60 per cent in four years, sufficient for less than 30 per cent of the local gas demand. The local gas production is expected to rise to 146.87 million metric standard cubic metres per day (mmscmd) in 2018-19. The energy sector is getting the priority of policy makers and especially the conventional hydrocarbons, positive steps are being taken to incentivize Natural Gas business in the country.

What this report will provide:
1. The Market Size and Forecast of natural gas sector.
2. Demand Supply Position of Natural Gas in India
3. Consumption and Production Analysis
4. Policy & Regulatory Landscape
5. Market Trends & Emerging Opportunities
6. Company’s Analysis

Why You Should Buy This Report?
1. Gain an in-depth understanding of natural gas market in India
2. Identify the on-going trends
3. Anticipated growth in the next five years
4. Align your market-centric strategies, and add weight to your business decisions.

A Must Buy For:

- Ministries
- Regulatory Bodies
- Oil Gas Exploration Companies
- Gas Marketing Companies
- CGD companies
- Research and Consulting Firms
- Legal Firms
- Trader s
- Educational and Manangement Institutions
- Power Sector Companies
- Fertilizer Sector Companies etc..
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1. Key takeaways: Why Gas Sector is Important for India?
- History of natural gas in India
- Organization of Gas sector
- India’s Energy Scenario
- Role and Share of Natural Gas
- Demand-Supply Dynamics
- Key Trends
- Growth Drivers
- Upcoming Investments and Opportunities
- Issues and Concerns

2. Policy Initiatives for Natural Gas Sector
- New Hydrocarbon Exploration and Licensing Policy (HELP)
- Hydrocarbon Vision 2030 for North East India
- Marginal Fields Policy
- Revisions in Domestic Prices
- Grant of Extension to PSCs for Small and Medium-sized
- Discovered Fields

3. Recent Key Developments
- New Discoveries
- Analysis of RasGas LNG contract
- Auctions for Stranded Power Plants
- New Authorisations to CGD Players
- Overseas Asset Acquisitions

4. Global LNG Demand-Supply scenario
- LNG Imports by Country
- LNG Exports by Country
- Current Demand Analysis
- Global LNG Regasification Capacity
- Global LNG Liquefaction Capacity

5. Indian natural gas demand scenario
- Indian Gas Consumption Mix
- Analysis of Key Gas Consuming Sectors
- Power
- Fertilizers
- Sponge Iron
- Refineries and Petrochemicals
- Others

6. Indian natural gas supply scenario
- Domestic gas production: Current and Forecast
- By Volume
- By Company
- Unconventional Natural Gas Resources in India
- Shale Gas
- Transnational Gas Pipelines

7. Indian Domestic Gas/LNG pricing outlook
- Crude Oil Prices Forecast
- Indian SPOT LNG Prices Historical Trend & Forecast
- Long Term LNG Contracts Pricing Forecast
- Analysis of RasGas LNG Contract
- US and Gorgon LNG Prices for India
- Domestic gas pricing outlook

8. LNG Infrastructure in India
- Importance of LNG in Indian context
- Profiles of major LNG players in India
- LNG Terminals in India
- Planned LNG terminals in India

9. Natural gas pipelines in India
- Gas demand centers in India
- Existing gas pipelines in India
- Natural gas grid outlook

10. City gas distribution in India
- CGD business and Infrastructure in India
- Growth in the Last Five Years (2008-09 to 2013-14)
- Growth in Network - By State
- Growth in Network - By Operator
- Growth in PNG and CNG Segments
- Status of CGD Bidding Rounds
- Use of CNG in transport sector
- Challenges in city gas distribution in India
- Market Potential and Projections

11. Opportunities in Gas Market
- Urja Ganga - to boost the national grid
- Policy focus on the gas distribution sector

12. Competitive Landscape
- Indraprastha Gas Ltd
- Gujarat State Petronet Ltd
- Petronet LNG Ltd
- Gujarat Gas Ltd
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- Indraprastha Gas Ltd
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- Petronet LNG Ltd
- Gujarat Gas Ltd
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