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Global Sensor Outlook 2016

  • ID: 3759155
  • Report
  • Region: Global
  • 217 Pages
  • Frost & Sullivan
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Sensors Move Towards Predictive and Control Space
Sensors are experiencing large-scale deployment in diverse end-user applications across all vertical markets. Sensors are used in multiple ways, such as standalone, integrated, combined, embedded, and, more recently, as wearable and ingestible. Sensors enable monitoring, tracking, and control through IoT connectivity in real time. Sensor technologies are becoming robust, highly sensitive, and highly accurate. Sensors are becoming intelligent and prognostic; therefore, ensuring safety. Sensors continue to be in the growth stage of life cycle and are estimated to grow at increasing annual revenue growth rate year after year.

Total Market and End-user Overview

- In 2015, global sensors market revenue generated $X billion, which is estimated to increase to $X billion in 2019, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of X% during 2015 to 2019.

- Sensors are used in almost all end-user markets. The key end-user markets in 2015 for sensors included chemicals & petrochemicals (C&P), oil & gas (O&G) (up/midstream), industrial process control, alternative energy, metals and mining, power generation, food & beverages (F&B), semiconductors, automotive, infrastructure and building automation, life sciences, and aerospace & defense (A&D). The largest revenue in 2015 was generated by APAC.

- While the base sensors market is expected to record a low CAGR of 6.6%, application sensors are expected to record a CAGR of X%, and emerging sensors are estimated to record a CAGR of X% during 2015 - 2019.

Growing Sensor Deployment

- Sensors are increasingly used in diverse applications. Sensor growth is exhibited through increases in applications, penetration into mechanical technologies, replacements, upgradation of existing systems, and combining of various sensors.

- Large investments are made by different companies into research and development (R&D) to develop new sensor technologies, sensor products, communication protocols, and increase sensing precision.

- The key trends include increasing use of non-contact technologies, remote connectivity through IoT revolution, development of 3-D printing, and improvement in 3-D vision sensing.
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1. Executive Summary
  • Transformational Change - Key Findings
  • Executive Summary - Key Findings
  • Global Sensors Market - Product: Technology Map
  • Market Segments
  • Global Sensor Revenue by Classification Segment - 2015 and 2016
  • Global Sensor Sales by Region in 2015 - A Snapshot
  • Market Engineering Measurements
  • Progression of Sensor Technology from 1990s to 2025
  • CEO 360 Perspective
  • Changing Sensors Marketplace - 2010 to 2020
2. Market Overview
  • Market Definitions and Research Scope
  • Overview - Assessment of Sensors Market
  • Key Questions this Study will Answer
3. Revenue Analysis and Trends
  • Revenue Forecast
  • Market Matrix
  • Base Sensors Market - Revenue Forecast
  • Application Sensors Market - Revenue Forecast
  • Emerging Sensors Market - Revenue Forecast
  • Key Sectors
  • Product Analysis
  • Growth Trends by Sensor Type
  • Emerging Sensors
  • Vertical Market Analysis
  • Geographic Region Revenue Analysis
  • Revenue Analysis by Geographic Region - 2015 and 2019
  • Emerging End-user Markets in Key Geographic Regions and Countries
4. Sensor Technology Product Mix and Analysis
  • Global Sensors Market - Product Technology Map
  • Analysis of Competing Technologies
  • Key Future Technologies
  • Sensors Technology Perspective and Life Cycle Expectation Trends
  • Market Structure and Life Cycle Relationship by End-user Segments
  • Sensors and Instruments Market - Competitive Perspective
  • Markets Offering Opportunities for Sensor Growth
5. Value Chain and Decision-Making Process
  • Sales Cycle, Selling Points, and Decision-making Process - Sensors
  • Sales Cycle, Selling Points, and Decision-making Process - Connectors and Terminals (Bulk Buying)
  • Organizational Chart for Procurement by Buyer - Typical Decision Making at the Top Level
6. Smart to Intelligent Sensors
  • Smart Sensors to Intelligent Sensors
  • Key Technology Markets - Smart Sensors
  • IEEE 1451 Family
  • Honeywell - Smart Position Sensor Based on 1451
  • Plug and Play Sensors - Key Advantages
  • Key Need and Benefits of Smart Sensors
  • Technology Trends - Diverse Applications
  • Technology Road Map
  • Emerging Applications
  • Recently Commercialized Applications
  • Technology Paradigm - Share Breakdown by Key Technologies for Smart Sensors in 2015
  • Emerging Market Trends in Smart to Intelligent Sensors
7. Emerging Optical Technology - Silicon Photonics
  • Silicon Photonics - Technology Basics
  • Silicon Photonics - Overview
  • Silicon Photonics - Technology Stimulators
  • Silicon Photonics - Technology Applications
  • Parameters of Key Silicon Photonics Devices
  • Silicon Photonics - Technology Roadmap
  • Silicon Photonics - Emerging Needs
  • Recent Patents - Optical Technology (Silicon Photonics)
8. Trends in 3-D Vision Technology
  • 3-D Vision Sensors - Key End Users
  • 3-D Vision Sensors - Value Chain Matrix
  • 3-D Vision Sensing
  • SWOT Analysis of 3-D Vision Sensor Technology
  • 3-D Vision Sensors - Classification of Data Acquisition Methods
  • 3-D Vision Sensors - Dynamism of Data Acquisition Methods
  • 3-D Vision Sensors - Key Applications
  • Key Trends for 3-D Vision
  • 3-D Vision Sensor Innovation Platform
  • Innovations - Industrial Automation
  • Innovations - Consumer Electronics & Gaming
  • Innovations - Automotive Safety
  • Innovations - Biometrics and Surveillance
  • Innovations - Aerospace and Defense
  • Recent Patents - 3-D Vision Technology
9. Global Biosensors Market Paradigm
  • Key Technology Markets - Biosensors
  • Biosensors - CEO’s 360 Degree Perspective
  • Biosensors - Key Vertical Markets
  • Biosensors - Technology Classification
  • Biosensor Detection Process
  • Biosensor Classification by Detection Techniques
  • Biosensors - Detection Methods
  • Biosensor Fabrication - Common Biological Elements and Transducers
  • List of Pathogens Tested by Biosensor Devices
  • Non-optical-based, Label-free Biosensors
  • Optical Technology-based, Label-free Biosensors
  • Biosensors Technology Roadmap
  • Biosensors - Market Share by Vertical End User
  • Existing Biosensor Technologies for Glucose Monitoring
  • Time Lag from Point to Design To Point of Market Introduction - Approval Process and Time Cycle
10. Wearable, Implantable, and Ingestible Sensors
  • Wearable Electronics
  • Wearable Sensors - Product Types and End-user Markets
  • Wearable Sensors - More Applications Emerge Through Collaborations
  • Wearable Sensors Key Applications
  • Ingestible Sensors
11. Energy Harvesters - Powering Sensors
  • Basic Design of Energy Harvester
  • Energy Harvesters - Key Stakeholders in the Value Chain
  • Energy Harvesters - Key Developments in Wireless Powered Networks
  • Energy Harvesting and Remote Powering for Implantable Sensors
12. Automotive - Sensors Enabling Intelligent Vehicles
  • Intelligent Vehicles - Safety Platform
  • Intelligent Vehicles - Enablers
  • Intelligent Vehicles - Communication Platforms
  • Intelligent Vehicles - Key Regulations in Europe
  • Intelligent Vehicles - Key Regulations in United States
  • Intelligent Vehicles - Key Regulations in Asia-Pacific
  • Intelligent Vehicles - Key Trends
13. Bulk Acoustic Wave and Surface Acoustic Wave
  • Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Sensors - Key Applications
  • Acoustic Wave Sensors
  • Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors
  • Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors - Technology Trends
  • Bulk Acoustic Wave - Potential Process and Non-process Applications
14. Infrastructure and Sensor Towers
  • Infrastructure and Smart Buildings Market - Overview
  • Infrastructure and Smart Buildings Market - Key Price Factors
  • Infrastructure Market Segment - Key Sensors Deployed
  • Smart Buildings Market - Key Sensors Deployed
  • Sensors in Infrastructure and Smart Buildings
15. Trends in Wireless Sensor Networks - Future of Connectivity
  • Key Wireless Sensor Network Protocols
  • Flow of Power and Data Transmission
  • Wireless Sensor Network Requirements and Convergence
  • Wireless Sensor Network Topologies
  • Clustering Model - Low-energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchical Topology
  • Low-energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy
  • Hierarchical Clustering Model - Threshold-sensitive, Energy-efficient Wireless Sensor Network Topology
  • Key Wireless Sensor Network Functional Application
16. Reality of IIoT Sensors
  • Sensor Coverage in IIoT
  • Basic Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Planks
  • Key Tasks Sensors Enable on Industrial Internet of Things Platform
  • Industrial Internet of Things Operational Architecture
  • Key Value at Edges
  • IIoT Platform Connectivity Reach - Thinking Beyond
  • Recently Developed IIoT Protocols
  • IIoT-enabled Impending Changes
  • Global Sensors in IIoT - High Growth Market
  • Executive Summary - Key Growth Market Opportunities to Target
  • Key Findings
17. Future of Sensors - Natural User Interface, Ubiquitous Computing, and Sensory Tracking
  • Types of Natural User Interface (NUI)
  • Evolution and Fundamentals of User Interaction
  • Ubicomp and NUI - Relationship and Open Frameworks
  • NUI - Taking the Physical World into the Digital
  • NUI - Reason and Challenges
  • Ubicomp - Future of Mobile Computing
  • Human-computer Interface and Sensor Applications
  • Natural User Interface
  • Ubiquitous Computing - Obtaining Context from User and Sensor Data
  • Ubiquitous Computing - Challenges Ahead
  • Sensory Tracking
18. Future Sensors Application Analysis - Future of Display Technology and Sensors
  • OLEDs - Enabling the Second Display Revolution and the Role of Sensors
  • OLED - How it Differs from LED
  • OLED Technology Innovation - From Concept to Commerce
  • Evolution of Displays
  • Transparent OLED and Augmented Reality
  • 20/20 Vision - Does it Make Sense to go Beyond Retina Displays?
  • Arc Minutes and DPI - Defining the Perfect HDPI for Humans
19. Growth of End-user Markets and Trends
  • End-user Market Opportunity Windows for Sensors - Organic Growth
  • Sensors and Instruments - Vertical End-user Segment Growth Trends
20. New Sensor Markets Poised for High Growth
  • New Sensor Markets Poised for High Growth
21. Distributions Trend Analysis
  • Distribution Channel Trends - 2015 to 2019
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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