Global Data Center Technical Furniture Market - Strategic Assessment and Forecast Till 2021

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A data center consists of core units and overhead units. Core units are those units which are essentials for the data center operations and directly influence the operation and performance of the data center service. For instance, Servers, cooling system, power equipment, and fiber optics network. Overhead units are those units, which support the data center operations. They don't directly influence the performance and efficiency of the data center.

However, upon used effectively they may enhance the performance and quality of supportive equipment of data center. For instance, servers are essential or core unit of the data center, but different types of racks are used to place them based on the output efficiency requirement. Similarly, a UPS or a cooling solution is a core unit of the data center, but rack level UPS or cooling equipment provide support on the failure of power or overheating of the servers at the rack level. These are overhead units along with the essential unit of UPS and cooling equipment.

Hence, Data center technical furniture can be defined as the overhead technical equipment used in a data center white space area for enhancing the performance and efficiency of the data center. The technical furniture provides a support service to the core units of the data center. They have been classified as Network Operation Furniture, Sever Support furniture, and General Construction furniture.

Types of Data Center Technical Furniture
1) Network Operation Furniture: Power distribution units (PDUs), Data Center Rack, Raw level UPS, and Rack level Fans and cooling systems
2) Server Supportive Furniture: Racks
3) General Construction Furniture: Seismic isolation platform, Fluid leak detection, and Lightening products

Geographic Segmentation
1) North America
3) Europe
4) Latin America
5) Middle East & Africa
6) ROW

Data Center Technical Furniture - Market Size and Dynamics

- Market research analysts, forecast the Worldwide Data Center Technical Furniture market to grow at a CAGR of around 14.1% during the forecast period. The global Data Center Technical Furniture market is expected to witness a significant increase in rack shipment, particularly in 42U and 48U rack segment which will enhance the overall revenue of the market.

- Worldwide Data Center Technical Furniture market can be segmented as Network Operation Furniture, Server Supportive Furniture, and General Construction Furniture. Server supportive furniture includes the Rack market which will be US$1.05 billion in 2015 and expected to be US$2.58 by 2021. Network Operation furniture segment is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 14% during the forecast period.

- The report also provides the Porter’s five forces analysis along with a description of each of the forces and its impact on the market.

Data Center Technical Furniture - Geographic Analysis

- Since 2012, the number of new data center construction in China, India, and South-east Asia is increasing due to investment by large global enterprises and SMEs. Also, most of the developed nation where data center construction growth has already peaked are undergoing renovation, in which they are adopting higher rack unit data center and racks having row level or rack-level PDU and cooling solutions. Hence, in APAC as well as in the developed regions the demand for data center furniture is increasing. APAC is expected to witness more than 15% growth in 2015-2021.

- Compare to APAC and Europe; the American market is witnessing a moderate growth. It is slow in the US but a surge in growth rate in Latin America. Construction of new Tier3 and 4 data center is Latin America, particularly in Brazil and Chile, is by global data center owners such as Google, Microsoft are driving the market.

Data Center Technical Furniture - Drivers, Restrains, and Trends

- This market research report provides a market overview of the factors driving and restraining the growth of the market. The report also outlines the key trends emerging in the market that will contribute to the growth of Worldwide Data Center Technical Furniture market during the forecast period. The factors driving the growth is the increase in white floor space due to the construction of Tier 3 and Tier 4 data center. The floors space of new data center construction is China, India, South-east Asia, and GCC is expected to increase in double digits in 2015-2018. For instance, in Saudi Arabia, the number of Tier 3 and Tier 4 data center in operation have increased from 10 in 2012 to almost 24 in 2015 and expected to reach 45 by 2018. Similarly, new construction white floor space in China was 7.2 million sq. ft. in 2012 and raised to 7.86 in 2014 end. It is expected to reach 8.58 million sq ft by 2018.

- Some of the significant restraints confronting the growth of the Data Center Technical Furniture market are compatibility among different vendor and increase in pressure to reduce add-on equipment to reduce OPEX. Data centers treat technical furniture as an add-on, not the primary equipment such as servers or cooling equipment. Due to this, they prefer to have the primary equipment from the best of the brands or vendors, irrespective of cost. However in the case of technical furniture, they prefer to go with local vendors or vendors who offer them at a lower price. Hence, they ignore the compatibility factor, for which they had to face several challenges in future. For instance, a server vendor is entirely different from a rack or Rack PDU vendor. This makes compatibility issues in server placements.

- One of the major trends witnessed in the Data Center Technical Furniture market includes the increasing use of higher cabinets rack particularly 45U and 47U rack. Most of the renovated data centers are upgrading their existing 36U and 42U rack into the 45U and 47U rack.

Data Center Technical Furniture - Market Share and Key Vendors

- The report Data Center Technical Furniture market also provides the competitive landscape of the key players. The report covers the players operating in the entire value chain of the market. The major players identified within the report are Blackbox Network Services, Eaton, Emerson Network Power, Rittal, Schneider Electric, and Tripp Lite.

- The report also covers the emerging vendors in the market such as Belden, Chatsworth, CyberPower Systems, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Pentair, Raritan, and Server Technology.

- It also covers other prominent vendors as AFCO Systems, AMCO Enclosures, AMS NETTECH, C&F Group, Cannon Technologies , Conteg, Crenlo/Emcor, Dataracks, Delta Group , Enlogic, Great Lakes Case & Cabinets, Hammond Manufacturing, Kendall Howard, Legrand, Martins International Enclosures, MFB, Midwest Computer Accessories, Minkels, Optical Cable, Orion, Panduit, PUSHi Telecommunication, Rack Solutions, Racktivity, Saifor, Sharkrack, Siemon , TSL Products, and Zanardo.
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- AFCO Systems
- AMCO Enclosures
- Belden
- Blackbox Network Services
- C&F Group
- Cannon Technologies
- Chatsworth
- Conteg
- Crenlo/Emcor
- CyberPower Systems
- Dataracks
- Dell
- Delta Group
- Eaton
- Emerson Network
- Enlogic
- Fujitsu
- Great Lakes Case & Cabinets
- HP
- Hammond Manufacturing
- Kendall Howard
- Legrand
- Martins International Enclosures
- Midwest Computer Accessories
- Minkels
- Optical Cable
- Orion
- PUSHi Telecommunication
- Panduit
- Pentair
- Rack Solutions
- Racktivity
- Raritan
- Rittal
- Saifor
- Schneider Electric
- Server Technology
- Sharkrack
- Siemon
- TSL Products
- Tripp Lite
- Zanardo
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown