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OCUP 2 Certification Guide: Preparing for the OMG Certified UML 2.5 Professional 2 Foundation Exam both teaches UML® 2.5 and prepares candidates to become certified. UML® (Unified Modeling Language) is the most popular graphical language used by software analysts, designers, and developers to model, visualize, communicate, test, and document systems under development. UML® 2.5 has recently been released, and with it a new certification program for practitioners to enhance their current or future career opportunities. There are three exam levels: Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced. The exam covered in this book, Foundation, is a prerequisite for the higher levels.

Author Michael Jesse Chonoles is a lead participant in the current OCUP 2 program-not only in writing and reviewing all the questions, but also in designing the goals of the program. This book distills his experience in modeling, mentoring, and training. Because UML® is a sophisticated language, with 13 diagram types, capable of modeling any type of modern software system, it takes users some time to become proficient. This effective resource will explain the material in the Foundation exam and includes many practice questions for the candidate, including sample problems similar to those found in the exam, and detailed explanations of why correct answers are correct and why wrong answers are wrong.

  • Written to prepare candidates for the OCUP 2 Foundation level exam while they learn UML®
  • Illustrated with UML® diagrams to clarify every concept and technique
  • Offers hints for studying and test-taking based on the specific nature and structure of the Foundation Level exam
  • Includes practice exam material, sample questions and exercises, warnings, tips, and points to remember throughout

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  1. What is UML?
  2. What is OCUP?
  3. Questions for Chapter 2
  4. The Organization of UML
  5. Questions for Chapter 4
  6. Objects and Classes
  7. Questions for Chapter 6
  8. Packages and Namespaces
  9. Questions for Chapter 8
  10. Finishing the Static Model
  11. Questions for Chapter 10
  12. Use Cases
  13. Questions for Chapter 12
  14. Behavior: Sequence Diagrams
  15. Questions for Chapter 14
  16. Behavior: Activity Diagrams
  17. Questions for Chapter 16
  18. Behavior: State Machine Diagrams
  19. Questions for Chapter 18
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Chonoles, Michael Jesse
Michael Jesse Chonoles is an acknowledged expert in UML and SysML, with years of experience as a course developer, trainer, mentor, and consultant for leading corporations. Recently, he led the official OMG review team for UML 2.5 and worked on SysML at OMG, including the OMG Certification program for System Modeling Professionals (OCSMP). He recently retired from Lockheed Martin where he was a Chief Methodologist and directed internal standards across several large projects. Prior to that, he was Chief of Methodology and a Director of Lockheed Martin's externally focused Technology Transfer Arm, the Advanced Concept Center (ACC), where he specialized in UML, methodology, use cases, and requirement development. Michael's leadership continues in OMG's Analysis & Design Task Force (ADTF) as co-Chair, and in the UML and SysML Revision Task Forces; he is now taking a lead role in writing the exams for the latest OMG Certification for UML Professionals (OCUP2).
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