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World Nuclear Medicine/Radiopharmaceuticals Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014 - 2022

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  • Report
  • Region: Global
  • 130 pages
  • Allied Analytics LLP
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  • Bayer AG
  • Bracco Imaging S.p.A
  • Cardinal Health, Inc.
  • General Electric Co.
  • IBA Group
  • Mallinckrodt plc.
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Radiopharmaceuticals are pharmaceutical formulations comprising radioactive isotopes that are used in diagnosis and therapeutics. They are simple and small substances that contain a radioactive substance that is used in the treatment of cancer and cardiac & neurological disorders. Cancer cells are killed by the radiation emitted from the isotope, which targets specific areas of the body that is subject to the drug intake. The conventional chemotherapy methods are being replaced by more convenient therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals for oncology and cancer treatment. Moreover, it not only helps physicians during diagnosis, but also works as a convenient and safer alternative for patients as compared to X-Rays and other external radiation imaging devices.

The world radiopharmaceuticals market is expected to generate a revenue of $8,207.5 million by 2022, the market is currently in its growth stage driven by increasing number of cancer cases and rising awareness about nuclear medicine. Convenience of the treatment with minimally invasive techniques attracts more patients towards radiopharmaceuticals mode of treatment as compared to chemotherapy. The factors that drive the market include increasing incidence of cardiac patients and adoption of clear imaging technique, with the help of diagnostic equipment such as PET and SPECT. The factors that restrain the growth of the market include supply shortages, logistical difficulties, and limited number of trained medical personnel.

The report segments the radiopharmaceuticals market on the basis of type, modality, application, end user, and geography. On the basis of type, the market is segmented into diagnostic, therapeutic, and research. Based on modality, the market is segregated into SPECT, PET, alpha emitters, beta emitters, and brachytherapy. According to application, the market is classified into oncology, cardiology, neurology, thyroid, and others. The geographic breakdown and deep analysis of each of the aforesaid segments is included for North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA. Asia-Pacific is the highest revenue generating region accounting for about 35.1% of the total market and is projected to grow at a high CAGR of 8.4% during the forecast period.

Comprehensive competitive analysis and profiles of major market players such as Mallinckrodt plc., General Electric Co. (healthcare division), Medtronic, Inc., Bayer AG, Cardinal Health, Inc., Lantheus Medical Imaging, Inc., and IBA Group is also provided in this report.


This report provides an extensive analysis of the current and emerging market trends and dynamics in the world radiopharmaceuticals market.
This report includes a detailed quantitative analysis of the current market and estimations from 2014 to 2022, which contribute in identifying the key market opportunities for growth.
Exhaustive analysis of the world radiopharmaceuticals market by type helps in understanding the types of radiopharmaceuticals that are currently being used along with the variants that would gain prominence in the future.
Competitive intelligence (of leading manufacturers of radiopharmaceuticals) helps in understanding the competitive scenario across the geographies.
Key market players within the radiopharmaceuticals market are profiled in this report and their strategies are analyzed thoroughly. This helps in understanding the competitive outlook of the global radiopharmaceuticals market


Radiopharmaceuticals Market - By Type


Radiopharmaceuticals Market - By Modality


Radiopharmaceuticals Market - By Application


Radiopharmaceutical Procedures - By Application

Central Nervous System

By End-user

Hospitals and diagnostic centers
Research institutes

By Geography

North America

Czech Republic
Rest of Europe

Rest of Asia-Pacific

South Africa
Rest of LAMEA

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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  • Bayer AG
  • Bracco Imaging S.p.A
  • Cardinal Health, Inc.
  • General Electric Co.
  • IBA Group
  • Mallinckrodt plc.
  • MORE

1.1 Report description
1.2 Key benefits
1.3 Key market segments
1.4 Research methodology

1.4.1 Secondary research
1.4.2 Primary research
1.4.3 Analyst tools and models


2.1 CXO perspective


3.1 Market definition and scope
3.2 Key findings

3.2.1 Top investment pockets
3.2.2 Top winning strategies

3.3 Porters five forces analysis
3.4 Clinical trials
3.5 Government regulations
3.6 Patent study
3.7 Market share analysis (2015)
3.8 Market dynamics

3.8.1 Drivers Increase in the number of new cancer cases Rising adoption of SPECT and PET Scans Increase in preference for radiotaion therapy for cancer treatment Developments in imaging technologies using radiopharmaceuticals

3.8.2 Restraints Supply volatility, logistical challenges and stringent regulatory Policies Competition from conventional alternative diagnostic procedures

3.8.3 Opportunities Multilateral supply agreements between countries Advances in neurological applications


4.1 Overview

4.1.1 Market size and forecast

4.2 Diagnostics

4.2.1 Key market trends
4.2.2 Key growth factors and opportunities
4.2.3 Market size and forecast

4.3 Therapeutics

4.3.1 Key market trends
4.3.2 Key growth factors and opportunities
4.3.3 Market size and forecast

4.1 Biochemistry research

4.1.1 Key market trends
4.1.2 Key growth factors and opportunities
4.1.3 Market size and forecast


5.1 Overview

5.1.1 Market size and forecast

5.2 SPECT (Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography)

5.2.1 Market size and forecast Iodine 123 Technetium 99m Xenon 133 Thallium 201 Fluorine 18 Others

5.3 PET (Positron Emission Tomography)

5.3.1 Market size and forecast Rubidium 82 Fluorine 18 Others

5.4 Beta-emitters

5.4.1 Market size and forecast Phosphorus 32 Iodine 131 Strontium 89 Yttrium 90 Samarium 153 Rhenium 186/188 Others

5.5 Alpha-emitters

5.5.1 Market size and forecast Radium 223 Bismuth 213 Others

5.6 Brachytherapy

5.6.1 Market size and forecast Palladium 103 Iodine 125 Cesium 131 Others


6.1 Overview

6.1.1 Market size and forecast

6.2 Oncology

6.2.1 Market size and forecast

6.3 Cardiology

6.3.1 Market size and forecast

6.4 Thyroid

6.4.1 Market size and forecast

6.5 Neurology

6.5.1 Market size and forecast

6.6 Others

6.6.1 Market size and forecast


7.1 Overview

7.1.1 Market size and forecast

7.2 Hospitals and diagnostic centers

7.2.1 Market size and forecast

7.3 Research institutes

7.3.1 Market size and forecast


8.1 Overview

8.1.1 Market size and forecast

8.2 North America

8.2.1 Key market trends
8.2.2 Key growth factors and opportunities
8.2.3 Market size and forecast U.S. market size and forecast Canada market size and forecast Mexico market size and forecast

8.3 Europe

8.3.1 Key market trends
8.3.2 Key growth factors and opportunities
8.3.3 Market size and forecast Belarus market size and forecast Czech Republic market size and forecast Greece market size and forecast Hungary market size and forecast Rest of Europe market size and forecast

8.4 Asia-Pacific

8.4.1 Key market trends
8.4.2 Key growth factors and opportunities
8.4.3 Market size and forecast China market size and forecast India market size and forecast South Korea market size and forecast Pakistan market size and forecast Rest of Asia Pacific market size and forecast


8.5.1 Key market trends
8.5.2 Key growth factors and opportunities
8.5.3 Market size and forecast Brazil market size and forecast Argentina market size and forecast South Africa market size and forecast Rest of LAMEA market size and forecast


9.1 Mallinckrodt plc.

9.1.1 Company overview
9.1.2 Company snapshot
9.1.3 Operating business segments
9.1.4 Business performance
9.1.5 Key strategies and developments
9.1.6 SWOT analysis

9.2 General Electric Co.

9.2.1 Company overview
9.2.2 Company snapshot
9.2.3 Operating business segments
9.2.4 Business performance
9.2.5 Key strategies and developments
9.2.6 SWOT analysis

9.3 Medtronic, plc. (Covidien, acquired by Medtronic)

9.3.1 Company overview
9.3.2 Company snapshot
9.3.3 Operating business segments
9.3.4 Business performance
9.3.5 SWOT analysis
9.4 Bayer AG

9.4.1 Company overview
9.4.2 Company snapshot
9.4.3 Operating business segments
9.4.4 Business performance
9.4.5 Key strategies and developments
9.4.6 SWOT analysis

9.5 Cardinal Health, Inc.

9.5.1 Company overview
9.5.2 Company snapshot
9.5.3 Business performance
9.5.4 SWOT analysis

9.6 Lantheus Medical Imaging, Inc.

9.6.1 Company overview
9.6.2 Company snapshot
9.6.3 Business performance
9.6.4 Key strategies and developments
9.6.5 SWOT analysis

9.7 IBA Group

9.7.1 Company overview
9.7.2 Company snapshot
9.7.3 Operating business segments
9.7.4 Business performance
9.7.5 Key strategies and developments
9.7.6 SWOT analysis

9.8 Bracco Imaging S.p.A

9.8.1 Company overview
9.8.2 Company snapshot
9.8.3 Operating business segments
9.8.4 Business performance
9.8.5 Key strategies and developments
9.8.6 SWOT analysis

9.9 NTP Radioisotopes SOC Ltd.

9.9.1 Company overview
9.9.2 Company snapshot
9.9.3 Operating business segments
9.9.4 Key strategies and developments
9.9.5 SWOT analysis

9.10 Advanced Accelerator Applications S.A.

9.10.1 Company overview
9.10.2 Company snapshot
9.10.3 Operating business segments
9.10.4 Key strategies and developments
9.10.5 SWOT analysis

List of Tables
Table 1 Clinical Trials For Radiopharmaceuticals
Table 2 World Radiopharmaceuticals Market, By Type, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 3 World Radiopharmaceuticals Market For Diagnostics, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 4 World Radiopharmaceuticals Market For Therapeutics, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 5 World Radiopharmaceuticals Market For Biochemistry Research, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 6 World Radiopharmaceuticals Market, By Modality, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 7 World Radiopharmaceuticals Market For Spect, By Geography, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 8 World Radiopharmaceuticals Market For Pet, By Geography, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 9 World Beta-Emitters Radiopharmaceuticals Market, By Geography, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 10 World Alpha-Emitters Radiopharmaceuticals Market, By Geography, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 11 World Brachytherapy Radiopharmaceuticals Market, By Geography, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 12 World Radiopharmaceuticals Market, By Number Of Procedures, 2014-2022
Table 13 World Radiopharmaceuticals Market, By Application, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 14 World Radiopharmaceuticals Market For Oncology, By Geography, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 15 World Radiopharmaceuticals Market For Cardiology, By Geography, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 16 World Radiopharmaceuticals Market For Thyroid, By Geography, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 17 World Radiopharmaceuticals Market For Neurology, By Geography, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 18 World Radiopharmaceuticals Market For Others, By Geography, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 19 World Radiopharmaceuticals Market, By End-Users, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 20 World Radiopharmaceuticals Market For Hospitals And Diagnostic Centers, By Geography, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 21 World Radiopharmaceuticals Market For Research Institutes, By Geography, 2014-2022 ($Million
Table 22 World Radiopharmaceuticals Market, By Geography, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 23 North America Radiopharmaceuticals Market, By Type, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 24 North America Radiopharmaceuticals Market, By Country, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 25 Europe Radiopharmaceuticals Market, By Type, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 26 Europe Radiopharmaceuticals Market, By Country, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 27 Asia Pacific Radiopharmaceuticals Market, By Type, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 28 Asia Pacific Radiopharmaceuticals Market, By Country, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 29 Lamea Radiopharmaceuticals Market, By Type, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 30 Lamea Radiopharmaceuticals Market, By Country, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Table 31 Mallinckrodt Plc: Company Snapshot
Table 32 Stratasys Ltd: Operating Segments
Table 33 General Electric: Company Snapshot
Table 34 Stratasys Ltd.: Operating Segments
Table 35 Medtronic Inc.: Company Snapshot
Table 36 Medtronic Inc.: Operating Segments
Table 37 Bayer : Company Snapshot
Table 38 Bayer: Operating Segments
Table 39 Cardinal Health, Inc.: Company Snapshot
Table 40 Lantheus: Company Snapshot
Table 41 Iba Group: Company Snapshot
Table 42 Iba Group: Operating Segments
Table 43 Bracco Imaging: Company Snapshot
Table 44 Bracco Imaging: Operating Segments
Table 45 Ntp Radioisotopes: Company Snapshot
Table 46 Ntp Radioisotopes: Operating Segments
Table 47 Advanced Accelerator: Company Snapshot
Table 48 Ntp Radioisotopes: Operating Segments

List of Figures
Fig. 1 Top Investment Pockets In World Radiopharmaceuticals Market
Fig. 2 Top Winning Strategies: Percentage Distribution, (2013 2016)
Fig. 3 Porters Five Force Analysis
Fig. 4 Top Factors Impacting World Radiopharmaceuticals Market, 2014-2022
Fig. 5 Present And Estimated Number Of Cancer Patients Worldwide
Fig. 6 Most Common Cancers, Men (Incidence 2012)
Fig. 7 Most Common Cancers, Women (Incidence 2012)
Fig. 8 U.S. Radiopharmaceuticals Market, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Fig. 9 Canada Radiopharmaceuticals Market, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Fig. 10 Mexico Radiopharmaceuticals Market, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Fig. 11 Belarus Radiopharmaceuticals Market, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Fig. 12 Czech Republic Radiopharmaceuticals Market, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Fig. 13 Greece Radiopharmaceuticals Market, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Fig. 14 Hungary Radiopharmaceuticals Market, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Fig. 15 Rest Of Europe Radiopharmaceuticals Market, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Fig. 16 China Radiopharmaceuticals Market, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Fig. 17 India Radiopharmaceuticals Market, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Fig. 18 South Korea Radiopharmaceuticals Market, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Fig. 19 Pakistan Radiopharmaceuticals Market, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Fig. 20 Rest Of Asia Pacific Radiopharmaceuticals Market, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Fig. 21 Brazil Radiopharmaceuticals Market, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Fig. 22 Argentina Radiopharmaceuticals Market, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Fig. 23 South Africa Radiopharmaceuticals Market, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Fig. 24 Rest Of Lamea Radiopharmaceuticals Market, 2014-2022 ($Million)
Fig. 25 Mallinckrodt Plc: Revenue, 2013-2015 ($Million)
Fig. 26 Mallinckrodt Plc: Revenue, By Business Segments, 2015 (%)
Fig. 27 Mallinckrodt Plc: Revenue, By Geography, 2015 (%)
Fig. 28 Mallinckrodt Plc.: Swot Analysis
Fig. 29 General Electric: Revenue, 2013-2015 ($Million)
Fig. 30 General Electric: Revenue, By Business Segments, 2015 (%)
Fig. 31 General Electric: Revenue, By Geography, 2015(%)
Fig. 32 General Electric: Swot Analysis
Fig. 33 Medtronic: Revenue, 2013-2015 ($Million)
Fig. 34 Medtronic: Revenue, By Geography, 2015 (%)
Fig. 35 Medtronic: Revenue, By Business Segments, 2015 (%)
Fig. 36 Medtronic: Swot Analysis
Fig. 37 Bayer: Revenue, 2013-2015 ($Million)
Fig. 38 Bayer: Revenue, By Segments, 2015 (%)
Fig. 39 Bayer: Revenue, By Geography, 2015 (%)
Fig. 40 Bayer: Swot Analysis
Fig. 41 Cardinal Health Inc.: Revenue, 2013-2015 ($Million)
Fig. 42 Cardinal Health Inc.: Revenue, By Segments, 2015 (%)
Fig. 43 Cardinal Health Inc: Revenue, By Geography, 2015 (%)
Fig. 44 Cardinal Health, Inc.: Swot Analysis
Fig. 45 Lantheus: Revenue, 2013-2015 ($Million)
Fig. 46 Lantheus: Swot Analysis
Fig. 47 Iba Group: Revenue, 2013-2015 ($Million)
Fig. 48 Iba Group: Revenue, By Business Segments, 2015 (%)
Fig. 49 Iba Group: Swot Analysis
Fig. 50 Bracco Imaging: Revenue, By Business Segments, 2015 (%)
Fig. 51 Bracco Imaging: Revenue, By Geography 2015 (%)
Fig. 52 Bracco Imaging: Swot Analysis
Fig. 53 Ntp Radioisotopes: Swot Analysis
Fig. 54 Advanced Accelerator: Swot Analysis

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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- Advanced Accelerator Applications S.A.
- Bayer AG
- Bracco Imaging S.p.A
- Cardinal Health, Inc.
- General Electric Co.
- IBA Group
- Lantheus Medical Imaging, Inc.
- Mallinckrodt plc.
- Medtronic, plc. (Covidien, acquired by Medtronic)
- NTP Radioisot
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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The analyst offers exhaustive research and analysis based on a wide variety of factual inputs, which largely include interviews with industry participants, reliable statistics, and regional intelligence. The in-house industry experts play an instrumental role in designing analytic tools and models, tailored to the requirements of a particular industry segment. The primary research efforts include reaching out participants through mail, tele-conversations, referrals, professional networks, and face-to-face interactions.

They are also in professional corporate relations with various companies that allow them greater flexibility for reaching out to industry participants and commentators for interviews and discussions.

They also refer to a broad array of industry sources for their secondary research, which typically include; however, not limited to:

  • Company SEC filings, annual reports, company websites, broker & financial reports, and investor presentations for competitive scenario and shape of the industry
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  • Regional government and statistical databases for macro analysis
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