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The Best N.A. Commercial Vehicle Equipment Forecast in the Industry
Anyone who has been in the commercial vehicle market knows that it endures large swings in production. Knowing how to understand and manage this risk is essential for suppliers preparations. This subscription doesn't just give you the most up-to-date numbers, but also provides independent analysis to help you understand the risks and opportunities available in the market.

This Truck & Trailer Outlook service gives you the best N.A. commercial vehicle equipment forecast in the industry. Each report covers specific detail and forecasts for North American Class 8 Truck, Trailers by type, Medium Duty (Classes 4-7), and the overall trucking environment. This service gives you expanded coverage of transportation & logistics issues, freight segmentation, commodity & modal analysis, truck productivity and capacity utilization.

Evidence-Based Outcomes:

The special forecasting model, Freight-cast, is based on hard evidence and dynamic economic variables providing the most disciplined reporting and analysis. Likewise, the Truck & Trailer Outlook provides subscribers the industry’s most reliable and accurate commercial vehicle service year after year.

Ease of Use:

These reports are better organized with detailed graphs and straightforward commentary leaving no room for confusion or doubt. We collect and publish commercial vehicle and trailer data in order to promote better understanding of the full transportation industry. By working directly with commercial vehicle manufacturers, they provide a comprehensive look at the industry’s past, present and future performance.

Gain an Advantage:

Find commercial vehicle solutions with clear and hard hitting analysis on topics you need to support your own internal forecasting and planning. This detail allows you to gain advantage by understanding all freight movement, all modes, giving you a clearer overview of the entire industry.

Every Issue Contains:

- Industry leading freight forecast
- Detailed unit forecast for classes 4-8 trucks and trailers
- 5 Year Forecast with near term quarterly breakdowns
- Stay up-to-date on key trends and insights on the truck markets
- In-depth report with easy to digest analysis

Databases / Graphs / Tables

- Main database includes all data contained within the Truck & Trailer Outlook. Database includes both history and forecast.

- Access to extensive graphs and tables packages (both historical and current). Graphs package in PowerPoint format. Tables package in Excel format.

- Monthly OEM class 8 & trailer market indicators databases. The monthly market indicators are collected from all the major N.A. OEMs and publishes this information between the 16th & 18th of each month
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1. Truck Equipment
- Class 8: January orders topped 30,000 for the second straight month, the first time that has happened since 2006. OEMs are watching incoming orders closely to see if current Q2 build plans are adequate. There is still ample capacity yet to be booked in Q2, therefore we are holding the 2014 forecast at 268,000.
- Trailers: January orders were very strong again. However, plant shutdowns due to bad weather restricted production in January. Production rates will increase soon in most segments leading to a very solid year for trailer production. The forecast remains at 240,000; however, some segment forecasts were adjusted.
- Medium Duty CL. 4-7: Orders stay much higher than last year. Build is still very close to last year. The Medium Duty market's slow, steady growth is expected to continue throughout the year. The 2014 forecast remains the same.

2. Freight: Industrial production declined in January. Activity in the housing industry slowed after two strong months, possibly due to severe weather. Freight declines in January were concentrated in the flatbed segment.

3. Trucking Environment: Incoming rate data continues to suggest tightening capacity. We may be nearing a real turning point.

4. Economy: The economy is mixed with upside potential in 2014 and downside exposures thereafter. Bad winter weather may depress 2014Q1 stats.

5. Commentary: Bad winter weather has pushed capacity near the breaking point. Plus, why it is important to be keeping a close eye on the Class 8 forecast.
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown