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In this report we have carried out detailed analysis of the PVC market in accordance with the MRC internal standards. Before starting the preparation of the Report we studied numerous researches conducted earlier on the PVC market by other companies and discovered several common gaps that had not allowed obtaining objective assessment of the Russian PVC market before.

We have added general data about PVC shipments to Belarus. The common mistake in many researches is that the overall PVC consumption in Russia was frequently calculated without taking into account exports to this Republic. Russian customs officers do not take account of imports/exports from/to Belarus, considering it to be domestic trade.

We have tried to estimate the capacity of the Russian PVC market, reducing the consumption of the all known compounds based on unmixed PVC, in accordance with the formulae of rigid, soft compounds as well as PVC-paste, regarding consumption volume of unmixed PVC. Thus, general reduced capacity of the PVC market is calculated as consumption of unmixed PVC and consumption of unmixed PVC in compounds. Contrariwise: we have also estimated the capacity of PVC compounds market by converting unmixed PVC consumption indices into domestic output of PVC compounds in Russia.

If you take the statistics of the domestic output as the basis for goods made of polyvinyl chloride in the Russian Federation, then, unfortunately, your assessments of some PVC processing sectors would be basically incorrect. Thus, the Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation takes into account processing volumes of only two dozens of PVC converters. At the same time, the Federal State Statistics Service doesn't take into account production statistics in the largest consumption sectors (particularly, in the official statistics you will not find any data on production of window and door profiles, windowsills or panels), though today there are more than 500 KTa of PVC are being converted in these sectors. So, the leader of domestic PVC processing, Profine Rus, submit statistics only on «rigid compounds production». Corporate standards of this group suppose reporting to the statistics service of the country, where Profiine works, but nevertheless there is no code “profile-linear goods” in our statistics.

We have taken into account processing volumes of more than 400 processors, including 200 consumers of rigid PVC grades used to produce profile goods and 70 consumers of soft PVC grades for film and elastron production. That is why our PVC consumption volume estimations for the processors significantly differ from official statistical estimations.

We studied PVC traders’ sales and tried to focus on end PVC converters. To achieve this we used more than 10 information sources, including detailed statistics on financial indices and domestic services in the Russian Federation. We collected PVC sales statistics on each converter, using data on transportation by rail and road along with expert assessments.

We have also collected PVC supplies statistics on all producers in the market of the Russian Federation in the context of each PVC grade. We analyzed all 500 PVC grades that have been sold in the Russian market. If the analytics of imported grades supplies can be collected in the market itself, the grade range of the Russian PVC producers can only be found in our annual report. Only having collected summarized sales data on some certain PVC grades, we managed to determine PVC consumption volumes in each processing sector.

We also got higher estimation of profile goods, than it used to be considered before the preparation of the report. We managed to distribute C7068(59)M grade, produced by all PVC producers in Russia, more correctly. In accordance with the European standards, this grade is not used in production of window profiles, siding, wall panels, etc. However, according to our data, Russian profile producers very often blend this grade with PVC-S grade 5868Zh or with any other grades with K-63, 64, completing compositions up to necessary characteristics.

We carried out in-depth analysis of every PVC processing equipment supplies. In our analytical report each converter was referred to one or another processing sector, which, in its turn, was regarded to a PVC grade. The rating of the most significant investments made by converters has been prepared for each sector. Consequently, using the obtained dynamics of capital investments into equipment we can judge about objective perspectives for further growth in each PVC processing sector.

Basing on the PVC processing investment data as well as using domestic service statistics in Russia, we got an authentic view of PVC processing development in each region of Russia.

The data on PVC consumption and investments into processing do not provide us with the full view about Russian market potential. Deliveries of finished PVC goods start to play more important role. Over the last years imports of PVC goods into Russia exceeded 300 thousand tons. That was why we analyzed imports of finished goods over the period of 2007-2015 and made more precise assumptions about the nature and development of every processing sector as well as about the potential of Russian producers in view of the potential import substitution.

Producers’ ratings were compiled on the basis of our own estimations of PVC consumption, as well as ratings of sales of each PVC grade in each sector. That was done for you to get a clear picture which PVC grades are in greatest demand today as well as to define your grades mix for the future.

We analyzed price fluctuations during 2007-2015, using the data of ICIS and Platts, as well as our own weekly prices.

One of the results of the unprejudiced analysis are our own assumptions about which projects on expansion of PVC capacities are going to be the most popular in the Russian market before 2015, and which are most likely going to remain on paper.
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1. Russian Economic Performance Analysis and Forecast

2. Russian PVC market
2.1 Current market situation and outlook
2.2 Domestic PVC production
2.3. Investments in PVC processing
2.4. PVC processing by technologies
2.4.1. Profile extrusion W indow profile Panels W indowsills Siding Cable ducting
2.4.2. Flooring, wallpaper and linings Linoleum Vinyl wallpaper
2.4.3 Pipe extrusion
2.4.4 Film extrusion
2.4.5 PVC compounds Cable compounds Footwear compounds Rigid compounds

PVC: General market indicators
Unblended PVC: General market indicators
PVC-S: General market indicators
PVC-E: General market indicators
Rigid compound: General market indicators
Soft compounds: General market indicators
PVC-paste: General market indicators
Profile extrusion: PVC consumption analysis
Coating: PVC consumption analysis
Coating (Linoleum): PVC consumption analysis
Coating (Imitation leather): PVC consumption analysis
Coating (Vinyl wallpapers): PVC consumption analysis
Film extrusion: PVC consumption analysis
Pipe extrusion: PVC consumption analysis
Cable extrusion: PVC consumption analysis
Other extrusion: PVC consumption analysis
PVC production anlysis
PVC imports analysis
PVC exports analysis
PVC producers rating
PVC grades rating
PVC converters rating
Analysis of operations of the largest pvc suppliers
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