2016 Korea Luxury Travel Consumer Report

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This Korea market report is based on findings from the Affluent Insights Luxury Travel Survey which was fielded online in Korea in April/May 2016.

We interviewed 306 respondents, all of the respondents were defined as affluent with minimum annual household income.

All interviewed respondents have travelled internationally for leisure or business in the past 12 months.

Key Implications to Brands:

Top destinations for planned trips in the next 12 months for Korean travellers:

1. Hong Kong
2. Singapore
3. Paris
4. Tokyo
5. Hawaii
6. New York City
7. Los Angeles
8. Osaka
9. London
10. Sydney

- Koreans’ aspiration to travel is growing. 79% of Korean travellers plan to travel abroad in the future, as compared to 71% in 2015. Similar to last year, however, 2 in 5 Koreans plan to travel more luxuriously in the next 12 months, even when there has been a general trend of upgrading their airline ticket class.

- Superior quality remains the most attractive aspect of luxury brands, but recognition will also be key. 75% of Korean consumers agree that quality is key. Yet one thing to note: there’s an increase in the amount of Koreans who consider the significance of the brand’s recognition by others. Good quality is not enough without good reputation.
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1. Introduction

2. Study methodology and sample

3. Executive summary of findings

4. Section A: Luxury Purchase Behaviour and Travel
- Agreement to statements on future outlook
- Luxury Purchase Motivations
- Luxury Purchase Preferences
- Luxury through Digital Channels

5. Section B: Luxury Consumption
- Categories purchased in the last 12 months
- Categories planning to purchase in next 12 months
- Next Big purchase for market

6. Section C: Travel Destinations and Travel Brands
- Top 3 Holiday Destinations Abroad
- Top 3 Hotel Brands
- Top 3 Cruise lines
- Top 3 Airlines

7. Section D: Travel Behavior
- Number of Trips in the past 12 months - Leisure & Business
- Class of service for air travel
- Travel preferences
- "very influential" factors in destination choice
- Popular Travel Experiences and Activities
- Popular Destinations and Activities from Each Market

8. Section E: How Travel is Researched and Booked
- How Travel is Researched and Booked
- Websites Used to Research/Book Travel in Each Market

9. Section F: Right Media to Reach the Affluent
- Sources of Awareness: Top 3

10. Frequency of Use of Social Media Channels
- Appendix A: Details on Luxury Products Brands
- Appendix B: Details on Travel Destinations and Brands
- Appendix C: Details on Right Media to Reach the Affluent
- Appendix D: Profiling and Demographics
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