2016 Asian Luxury Travel Consumer Report

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This report is based on findings from the Affluent Insights Luxury Travel Surveys which was fielded online in April/May 2016.

It Covers eight Asian markets:

- China
- India
- Hong Kong
- Singapore
- Malaysia
- South Korea
- Taiwan
- Japan

It features a total of 2,441 respondents (300+/market). All respondents were defined as affluent with annual household incomes.

Content is partially trended to 2015 to look at shifts in trends.

Key Implications to Brands:

Top destinations for planned trips in the next 12 months:

1. Tokyo
2. Osaka
3. Hong Kong
4. Singapore
5. Seoul
6. Paris
7. Bangkok
8. Taipei
9. London
10. Sydney

- We can expect travel to grow. Optimism is even higher than a year ago for affluent travelers in the region to increase their overseas leisure trips.

- You need to meet travelers expectations of luxury. The new traveller is seeking luxury in the way they travel - Indians are wanting to fly first class and stay in five star hotels. 7 in 10 Affluent Asians plan to travel more luxuriously.

- You should not focus only on the Chinese traveller. While China is the leading leisure travel source market, Singaporeans are the most frequent travelers, and while Tokyo is a top destination for the Chinese visitors, tourists across the region are now heading there.
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1. Introduction

2. Study methodology and sample

3. Executive summary of findings

4. Section A: Luxury Purchase Behaviour and Travel
- Agreement to statements on future outlook
- Agreement to statements on luxury
- Agreement to statements on motivators to buy luxury
- Luxury Purchase Motivations
- Luxury Purchase Preferences
- Luxury through Digital Channels

5. Section B: Luxury Consumption
- Categories purchased in the last 12 months
- Categories planning to purchase in next 12 months
- Next Big purchase for each market

6. Section C: Travel Destinations and Travel Brands
- Top 3 Holiday Destinations Abroad
- Top 3 Hotel Brands
- Top 3 Cruise lines
- Top 3 Airlines

7. Section D: Travel Behavior
- Number of Trips in the past 12 months - Leisure & Business
- Class of service for air travel
- Travel preferences
- "very influential" factors in destination choice
- Popular Travel Experiences and Activities
- Popular Destinations and Activities from Each Market

8. Section E: How Travel is Researched and Booked
- How Travel is Researched and Booked
- Websites Used to Research/Book Travel in Each Market

9. Section F: Right Media to Reach the Affluent
- Sources of Awareness: Top 3

10. Frequency of Use of Social Media Channels
- Appendix A: Details on Luxury Products Brands
- Appendix B: Details on Travel Destinations and Brands
- Appendix C: Details on Right Media to Reach the Affluent
- Appendix D: Profiling and Demographics
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