Vladimir Putin and the Evolution of Russian Foreign Policy. Chatham House Papers

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Few world leaders of recent times have excited as much interest and speculation as Russian president Vladimir Putin. Emerging from virtual obscurity, he has become the symbol of a resurgent nation, committed to both positive engagement with the West and the vigorous pursuit of Russian interests. In this original and significant work, Bobo Lo explores the Putin foreign policy transformation and considers whether a fundamental shift has occurred in Moscow s approach towards the outside world.
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Acknowledgments vii

About the author ix

1 The Putin phenomenon 1

2 The inheritance 9

Identity and self–perception 11

The political context 18

The institutional context 21

The foreign policy panorama 23

Conclusion 29

3 The policy–making environment 31

A cast of thousands? 32

The primacy of the individual and the making (and breaking) of policy 42

All together now? 46

Conclusion 49

4 The economic agenda 51

The unaturalness of economics 51

Foreign policy and economic reform 53

The integration agenda and globalization 57

The profit motive 61

Geoeconomics and geopolitics 65

Economization and a balanced foreign policy 69

5 Security and geopolitics 72

The geopolitical mindset 72

Change and continuity in Russian strategic thinking 74

The evolution of threat perceptions 83

The future of security and geopolitics from anachronism to rebirth? 94

6 Identity, values and civilization 97

The burden of the past 98

Integration with the West 101

Identification with the West and the evolution of the

Russian world–view 109

Conclusion 113

7 11 September and after 115

Policy–making image and reality 117

The economic agenda Westernization with qualifications 121

A new conception of security? 123

The repackaging of identity 127

Strategic opportunism 129

Towards a sustainable foreign policy 130

Notes 133

Index 161

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"This is a particularly lucid, well–informed and sensible analysis of Putin′s approach to Russian foreign policy which professionals and laymen alike can read with pleasure as well as profit."Sir Rodric Braithwaite, former UK Ambassador to Russia

"A well written and vigorously argued book. It is the best overall assessment to date of Putin′s foreign policy." Dr Alex Pravda, Director, Russian and East European Centre, St Antony s College, University of Oxford

"Bobo Lo′s insight into the opaque world of Russian foreign policy is unique. The way perceptions and myths mix with pragmatism and cynicism to form Moscow′s outlook on the world is a fascinating read, which should remain a standard work in its field for a long time." Konstantin Eggert, BBC Russian Service Bureau Chief in Moscow

"This is a Chatham House Paper at its best: the analysis is very well informed, the argument is succinct and persuasive and the presentation is accessible. Bobo Lo′s examination of Russian foreign policy under Putin is the best work on the subject ... This work is not just a powerful contribution to the literature; it is likely to become the starting point for discussions of current Russian foreign policy ... his work sets the agenda." International Affairs

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