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Only 1.5% of U.S. Consumers are Very Likely to Purchase a Smartwatch In 2016-17


  • Adidas
  • Fitbit
  • GoPro
  • MetaWatch
  • Pebble
  • Sony
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This report aims to show where the real market trends in wearable tech and other similar products are through primary research, and not by just making educated guesses or estimates. There have been multiple studies, articles and blogs written over the past few years about the growth and expected growth of wearable tech. Some have been somewhat correct, but many have incorrectly forecasted market segments and sub-segments, and few if any have done a comprehensive analysis of what consumers actually want.

Help our clients to make the right decisions regarding any product, whether new or already in the market. Even something as simple as the right color band on a watch or fitness band can make the difference between being successful right now or waiting months to start selling a product.

This market research analysis is not mere estimates of the market sizes and shares and estimated growth over the next number of years. Our intention is to describe to consumer electronics OEMs, research professionals such as financial analysts, industry professionals/consultants and many others what the wearable tech market is demanding right now from consumers in the United States. The U.S. was chosen as our focus market given that the bulk of wearable tech sales is said to at this point be in North America (~60%). However, this is changing as organic wearable tech growth in Asia is now said to be overtaking any other part of the world.

Products mentioned:

- Wearable technology
- Smartwatches
- Wearable fitness devices
- Virtual reality
- Wearable pet trackers
- Smart clothing
- Smartphones
- Wearable medical devices
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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  • Adidas
  • Fitbit
  • GoPro
  • MetaWatch
  • Pebble
  • Sony
  • MORE
About the publisher
Definition of a wearable device
Wearable tech companies (partial listing)
Consumer awareness of wearable tech


- Who owns a smartphone?
- Who is most likely to purchase a new smartphone soon?
- Are consumers going to keep purchasing smartphones? Which?
- Most common operating systems (OS) in smartphones


- Who owns a smartwatch now?
- Why do people buy smartwatches?
- Were they still using their smartwatches?
- Most important attributes in a smartwatch
- What is important in a smartwatch?
- What consumers like the most in a smartwatch?
- What consumers like the least in a smartwatch?
- Why are consumers not purchasing smartwatches
- Would consumer buy if smartwatch had these attributes?
- Would you buy a different smartwatch?
- How much will you pay for a smartwatch?
- Major influencers in smartwatch purchases
- What consumers want that they don’t have?
- Apps on smartwatches that consumers want
- Likelihood of buying a smartwatch next 12 months

Wearable fitness trackers

- Who owns wearable fitness trackers?
- How often do fitness tracker owners use their device?
- What is important to a fitness tracker owner?
- Media influences-wearable tech
- What consumers like about wearable fitness devices?
- What consumers don’t like about wearable fitness devices?
- Additional features desired in a wearable fitness tracker

Consumer concerns-wearable tech

- How likely a consumer is to purchase the same WFD?
- How likely a consumer is to purchase a different WFD?
- For which features is the consumer willing to pay

Who is into virtual reality?
Wearable medical devices
Wearable tech jewellery
Smart clothing
Consumer preference-band color
Companies consumers consider buying wearable tech
Examples of bugs in wearable tech products
Key demographic data
Final thoughts
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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- Adidas
- Alphabet, Inc.
- Apple, Inc.
- Caesars Interactive Entertainment, Inc.
- Facebook, Inc.
- Fitbit
- Garmin
- Glowdoggie
- GoPro
- Google
- Instagram
- Jawbone
- MetaWatch
- MetaWatch
- Microsoft
- Motorola Trademark Holdings LLC
- Oculus
- Pandora Media Inc.
- Pebble
- Pebble, Inc.
- Pinterest
- Samsung
- Sony
- Strava, Inc.
- World Series of Poker
- YouTube
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown