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Names are our primary framework for organizing information on the living world. But how do we tie scientific names to a foundation so they provide stability and repeatability to otherwise fluid conceptual topics such as taxonomies? Biodiversity informatics aims to solve this issue, and its founding father was Charles Davies Sherborn. His magnum opus Index Animalium provided the bibliographic foundation for current zoological nomenclature. In the 43 years he spent working on this extraordinary resource, he anchored our understanding of animal diversity through the published scientific record. No work has equaled it and it is still in current, and critical, use.

This volume celebrates Sherborn, his contributions, context and the future for the discipline of biodiversity informatics. The papers in this volume fall into three general areas. Papers in the first section present facets of Sherborn as a man, scientist and bibliographer, and describe the historical context for taxonomic indexing from the 19th century to today. Papers in the second section discuss current tools and innovations for bringing legacy biodiversity information into the modern age. The final section tackles the future of biological nomenclature, including digital access, innovative publishing models and the changing tools and sociology needed for communicating taxonomy.
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1. Anchoring Biodiversity Information: From Sherborn to the 21st century and beyond
- Ellinor Michel

2. Sherborn - person, scientist, bibliographer and context

3. Charles Davies Sherborn and the "Indexer’s Club"
- Neal L. Evenhuis

4. A magpie with a card-index mind - Charles Davies Sherborn 1861-1942
- Karolyn Shindler

5. Naming and Necessity: Sherborn’s Context in the 19th Century
- Gordon McOuat

6. Sherborn’s foraminiferal studies and their influence on the collections at the Natural History Museum, London
- C. Giles Miller

7. ‘Where is the damned collection?’ Charles Davies Sherborn’s listing of named natural science collections and its successors
- Michael A. Taylor

8. Reinforcing the foundations of ornithological nomenclature: Filling the gaps in Sherborn’s and Richmond’s historical legacy of bibliographic exploration
- Edward C. Dickinson

9. Sherborn’s influence on Systema Dipterorum
- F. Christian Thompson, Thomas Pape

10. Current tools and innovations for bringing legacy information into the modern age

11. Unlocking Index Animalium: From paper slips to bytes and bits
- Suzanne C. Pilsk, Martin R. Kalfatovic, Joel M. Richard

12. Sherborn’s Index Animalium: New names, systematic errors and availability of names in the light of modern nomenclature
- Francisco Welter-Schultes, Angela Görlich, Alexandra Lutze

13. Digitising legacy zoological taxonomic literature: Processes, products and using the output
- Christopher H. C. Lyal

14. The use and limits of scientific names in biological informatics
- David Remsen

15. The List of Available Names (LAN): A new generation for stable taxonomic names in zoology?
- Miguel A. Alonso-Zarazaga, Daphne Gail Fautin, Ellinor Michel

16. The future of biological nomenclature

17. A common registration-to-publication automated pipeline for nomenclatural acts for higher plants (International Plant Names Index, IPNI), fungi (Index Fungorum, MycoBank) and animals (ZooBank)
- Lyubomir Penev, Alan Paton, Nicky Nicolson, Paul Kirk, Richard Pyle, Robert Whitton, Teodor Georgiev, Christine Barker, Christopher Hopkins, Ellinor Michel, Vincent Robert, Jordan Biserkov, Pavel Stoev

18. Surfacing the deep data of taxonomy
- Roderic D. M. Page

19. Towards a Global Names Architecture: The future of indexing scientific names
- Richard L. Pyle

20. Appendix

21. Manual for proposing a Part of the List of Available Names (LAN) in Zoology
- Miguel A. Alonso-Zarazaga, Philippe Bouchet, Richard L. Pyle, Nikita Kluge, Daphne Fautin

22. Index
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