The Conscience of a Libertarian. Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold and Tax Cuts

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Praise for The Conscience of a Libertarian

"Wayne Allyn Root is the Ronald Reagan of the Libertarian movement: telegenic,articulate, and successful! Read his book and discover the virtues of freedom."
Mark Skousen, Founder & Producer, FreedomFest and Editor, Forecasts and Strategies

"This book is a must–read for libertarians, conservatives, disillusioned Republicans, independents, and anyone who wants to cut the size and scope of government dramatically, and return power to individuals. Instead of just criticisms, Wayne providescommonsense solutions for limited government, economic and personal freedom, andprotecting our Constitution. I can feel our Founding Fathers looking down and smiling."
Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, Fox News Channel, Senior Judicial Analyst; Host of FreedomWatch and "Brian & The Judge"

A Passionate and Controversial Case for a Dramatic Overhaul ofPolitics and Economics at All Levels of U.S. Government

In The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns,Gold & Tax Cuts, frontrunner for the 2012 Libertarian Party′s nomination for President and one of America′s leading Tea Party leaders, Wayne Allyn Root, presents Libertarian–conservative solutions to the political, social, economic, tax, and spending issues facing the United States. By adhering to the Constitution, and returning power to the people, he reveals how Americans can take back their country from big government, big unions, big corporations, corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers, and lobbyists. Root is a proud card–carrying member of A.A.R.P. (Americans Against RottenPoliticians) and V.E.T.O (Vote Everyone of Them Out!).

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Publisher′s Note.

Introduction: Citizen Politician Citizen Revolution.

Part One: A Revolution Is Brewing.

Chapter 1 It′s All Familiar: The Journey Begins with Barry Goldwater.

Chapter 2 The Libertarian Model: Meet the Original Rebels with Pitchforks.

Chapter 3 My Libertarian Awakening.

Chapter 4 Republicans and Democrats: Big and Bigger, Dumb and Dumber.

Chapter 5 The Battered Voter Syndrome.

Chapter 6 The Citizen Revolution: The Army of Rebels with Pitchforks.

Chapter 7 God and Government: Be Careful What You Wish For!

Part Two: Let′s Talk Money and Politics.

Chapter 8 The Nevada Model: Showing America How It′s Done!

Chapter 9 The Anti–Politician: Why We Need a Small Business Owner in the White House.

Chapter 10 The California Nightmare: Why California Leads the Nation in Defi cit, Debt, and Out–Migration.

Chapter 11 An Impending Disaster: A Toxic Brew of Big Government, Big Bureaucracy, Big Unions, and Lots of Lawyers!

Chapter 12 The Big Auto Bailout Adventure.

Chapter 13 Government Employee Unions Gone Wild.

Chapter 14 The PSTA Private Sector Taxpayers of America: Stoking the Citizen Revolution by Unionizing.

Part Three: Solutions for the Mess We Are In.

Chapter 15 The Ultimate Spending Solution: Constitutional Impoundment.

Chapter 16 Eliminating Federal Taxes and the IRS.

Chapter 17 Eradicating Capital Gains: Why do Liberal Politicians Want to Keep Older Americans Working Forever!

Chapter 18 Destroying the Fed Before the Fed Destroys Us.

Chapter 19 Term Limits: Stopping the Insanity.

Chapter 20 The Magnifi cent Seven (Times Two): Putting the Citizen Back in the "Citizen Legislature".

Chapter 21 Government in Rehab: Outing Our Little Addiction Problem.

Chapter 22 The Greatest Economic Stimulus Plan Ever!

Part Four: Protecting and Preserving our Inalienable Civil Liberties.

Chapter 23 Welcome to the Nanny States of America!

Chapter 24 Education: The Civil Rights (and Economic) Issue of the Twenty–First Century.

Chapter 25 The Answer to the Health Care Crisis: Less Government, More Freedom!

Chapter 26 The Audacity of Affirmative Action.

Chapter 27 Stop the Global Warming Insanity: Facing the Real Global Threat.

Chapter 28 The Commonsense Answer to the Energy Crisis: Less Government, More Entrepreneurship!

Chapter 29 The End of Prohibition: Why Gamblers Will Empower the Citizen Revolution.

Chapter 30 The Inalienable Right to Pursue Happiness: "If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me".

Parting Words: Relentless!

The Root Revolution.

About the Author.


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Wayne Allyn Root is a proud Reagan Libertarian. He is considered one of the most charismatic, passionate, fiery, and outspoken political personalities in America today. In 2008, Root was the Libertarian Party Vice Presidential nominee. Today, he serves as Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee and as an elected member of the Libertarian National Committee (LNC). Root is a frequent guest on Fox News, Fox Business, and hundreds of radio shows. He is a columnist for and theLas Vegas Review Journal. His Web sites include: [external URL] and [external URL]
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