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Smartwatches are Considered by Many to be Little More than ‘Toys’ for ‘Gadget Geeks’ and Certain ‘Early Adopters’ in the Product Life Cycle


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Smartwatches today are too expensive for today’s consumer. If an OEM is looking to retail a smartwatch for over $250 in North America, it probably will not sell very well. Ideally, it would retail for under $100. We believe the only people who will be buying anything above $250 really are the wealthier individuals; the rest of the population will shy away from expensive gadgets unless there is another element to them, such as jewelry, and even then, there is only a very select group who might buy these devices that are more expensive than $250 per smartwatch.

Smartwatches are considered by many to be little more than ‘toys’ for ‘gadget geeks’ and certain ‘early adopters’ in the product life cycle. The value they are perceived to add is negligible, such as being able to glance at their watch and quickly see an e-mail.

This report provides multiple data points regarding consumer preferences for smartwatches and how OEMs can best design products that meet current market needs and desires.
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1. Summary - Smartwatches - Key points
2. Who owns a smartwatch
3. Who is most likely to purchase another or a new smartwatch
4. Most common operating system-smartwatch
5. Who actually owns a smartwatch now
6. Why do people buy smartwatches now?
7. Are you still using your smartwatch?
8. Which attributes are most important in a smartwatch that don't exist now?
9. Is the following important to you on a smartwatch?
10. What do you like most about your smartwatch?
11. What do you like the least about your smartwatch?
12. Why would a consumer not purchase a smartwatch?
13. If a smartwatch had these attributes, would the consumer be convinced enough to buy one?
14. How likely is a consumer to purchase a different smartwatch that they own now?
15. How much are willing to pay for a smartwatch?
16. What influenced you to buy a smartwatch?
17. What do you desire in a smartwatch that you don't have right now?
18. What are the apps you would like to have on your smartwatch that you do not have now or do not exist?
19. How likely are you to purchase a smartwatch (or another smartwatch) over the next 12 months?
20. Color of a band
21. From which companies would you consider buying wearable devices?
22. What bugs have you encountered with your wearable device?
23. Key demographic data

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