Fly Models of Human Diseases, Vol 121. Current Topics in Developmental Biology

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Fly Models of Human Diseases provides users with a comprehensive survey on fly models of human diseases in the field of developmental biology. It is ideal for researchers in animal and plant development, and for students and professionals working in a variety of fields related to the topic.

- Covers all aspects of fly models of human diseases- Includes contributions from an International board of authors- Provides a comprehensive set of reviews, covering such topics as cell proliferation, cell differentiation, and biological significance

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- Fly Models of Human Diseases: Drosophila as a Model for Understanding Human Mitochondrial Mutations and Disease

Aditya Sen and Rachel T. Cox

- Drosophila as a Model for Human Diseases
Focus on Innate Immunity in Barrier Epithelia

Peter Bergman, Shiva Seyedoleslami Esfahani and Ylva Engström

- Drosophila melanogaster as a Model of Muscle Degeneration Disorders

Rebecca E. Kreipke, Young V. Kwon, Halyna R. Shcherbata and Hannele Ruohola-Baker

- Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Pathogenesis Converges on Defects in Protein Homeostasis Associated with TDP-43 Mislocalization and Proteasome-Mediated Degradation Overload

Guang Lin, Dongxue Mao and Hugo J. Bellen

- Mechanisms of Parkinson's Disease: Lessons from Drosophila

Victoria L. Hewitt and Alexander J. Whitworth

- Neurotoxicity Pathways in Drosophila Models of the Polyglutamine Disorders

Megan Krench and J. Troy Littleton

- AxGxE: Using Flies to Interrogate the Complex Etiology of Neurodegenerative Disease

Christopher Burke, Kien Trinh, Vidya Nadar and Subhabrata Sanyal

- Unraveling the Neurobiology of Sleep and Sleep Disorders Using Drosophila

Leela Chakravarti, Emilia H. Moscato and Matthew S. Kayser

- Modeling Human Cancers in Drosophila

Masahiro Sonoshita and Ross L. Cagan

- Stem-Cell-Based Tumorigenesis in Adult Drosophila

Steven X. Hou and Shree Ram Singh

- The Drosophila Accessory Gland as a Model for Prostate Cancer and Other Pathologies

Clive Wilson, Aaron Leiblich, Deborah C. I. Goberdhan and Freddie Hamdy

- Drosophila melanogaster Models of Galactosemia

Jennifer M. I. Daenzer and Judith L Fridovich-Keil

- Drosophila as a Model for Diabetes and Diseases of Insulin Resistance Patricia Graham and Leslie Pick
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